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  1. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    There was a parade or something and somehow a liberal told a loyal republican to drive full speed in his 400horse power death machine.
    It killed a white lady.
    Then the president said there was bad things on both sides.

    So I ask this question like my 9 year old cousin asked me: who did the other thing on the other side? Did it kill anyone too?

    #defendyourside #pleaseiwanttoseeyoudoit #inerdtoknowwhy
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    They were there to peacefully and legally (with a permit) protest the erasure of American history and destruction of a monument to Robert E. Lee, a good man by all accounts, including those of the North who desperately tried to recruit him to their side (if not for his loyalty to his home state Virginia, he would have fought for the North).

    The Alt-Left, outnumbered the peaceful demonstration 1,000:1, came armed with all kinds of weapons including explosives, flamethrower, clubs, rocks, etc. and were there to lynch the other side.

    The police were commanded (by the mayor and chief of police) to stand down, then commanded to push the permit-holding protesters into the wild, illegal Alt-Left mob, engineering a riot. There are many videos online of protesters being clubbed in the head and beaten or having fire shot at them by the Alt-Left.

    Having their constitutional right to assemble taken away, having the police fail to protect them and even harm them, being attacked and beset by marauding Alt-Left, and fleeing for their lives - that one of these fools then chose to take revenge and drive headlong into their gloating victory celebration that is blocking traffic doesn't surprise me in the least, and part of me thinks they deserved it.

    There weren't bad people on both sides; one side, despite having some bad ideas, were there to peacefully and legally hold a demonstration as is their constitutional right as Americans. The other side, the Alt-Left, were there to lynch and riot and take away our rights. The only side that should be condemned is the Alt-Left terrorists who instigated the entire event and the mayor who used the police to create chaos instead of order. And the murderer who was pushed over the edge.
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  3. newsbuff

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    Also here is the full quote and context of the "both sides" myth, where Trump had already repeatedly condemned nazis, but rightfully drew attention to the violent Alt-Left who started the riot:
  4. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    First off gimme some of those sources you got this information so I can see the credit towards your opinion.

    What I didn’t ask for was an explanation of the events. Even though you provide a pretty picture of sympathy for Nazis and KukuKu who were there. I don’t need your analysis for the situation.
    But here is an article for armed with “flamethrower” that you had the nerve to throw in there...

    He also spent 20 days in jail for it.

    However that was off topic and detailing the original point I was asking about....

    What I’m asking is why does someone seek “revenge “ (your words ) for something? You say flame throwers? Was someone scarred burned or torched to death? I think I would have heard of that on a Fox News segment. Did they have a monster truck rally after to smash every **** in sight providing this perfect picture to remain victimless? Did they grab guns and legit have a war after that death machine was gunned down an alleyway?

    Your alt facts run surprisingly dry after that... but feel free to enlighten me. This is just healthy discussion of facts.

    3 people died 1 was a white woman who was marching for the “removal of the white history” the other two were police who died in a helicopter crash. No deaths reported from the right side.

    I see all this about police and I can’t help to think about how the police have treated black people over the historicalcourse of American protests and gatherings, if not just neglecting the lack of public justice... so when you say the police “didn’t do their job” I take that as a grain of salt. They never do their job because they have always let bad Bane Shift happen when it comes to these things. Not belittling your opinion on this cause Firk the police in general, but we can leave that as a neutral ground.

    However the quote I highlighted shed an immense light on people who think like you. And if so that is not only pathetic but detrimental to global society. I’m not angry it’s a white woman that died. I’m just ashamed that I became a Veteran and defend this mindset in my homeland. Personally I don’t know how you were raised, but for me to kill a stranger...

    I know how to kill... from both movies(war and action movies), TV shows(any CSI show), video games(GTA) and from the organization I volunteered to work for, the US Army. With that said I remember a lesson only being an actual soldier, and not a member of a private militia, can teach you. I remember my drill instructor from the moment in training I fired blanks on people walking down the street during a graded field simulation drill as squad leader because they were holding Ak47s. He told me and I quote him word for word: “so what if he has an Ak47, everyone has an Ak47 over there, it’s as common as a cellphone in America over there”
    I was demoted from squad leader(spent 3 days as one) for it. I took the demotion into my soul not because of the loss of my position of power, but because I had lost my humanity to fear... For treating something with xenophobia; something foreign instantly as a threat ready to be neutralized. To this day I know for a fact I made the wrong choice to pull my trigger on those fake people and have held onto that demotion as a eye opener. My drill instructor even asked me and my squad if We had any questions on why I was demoted but none were asked because we just instantaneously knew. We were men of honor, and I disgraced the uniform by acting not of valor, but out of fear.

    My question in direct message to your quote is: Do you truly think it’s Valor worthy to let your fear, anger, and resentment take full control of your actions? To let those action reap irreversible consequences? To kill someone because of them being a perceived threat and not an actual threat? What if in reality, outside of what you think in your mind, they were not a threat at all?

    To reiterate, this is not a personal attack. I honestly didn’t expect a single person to reply seriously to this thread much less with the insight of actual objective points, but if America Civil War 2 is to be prevented... these conversations must take place.
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    Was the alt-left not also acting out of fear? Bursting onto the scene of a legal, Constitutionally-justified, peaceful demonstration with the intention of doing violence to those they perceived as enemies based solely on a difference of opinion?

    Obviously there's plenty of blame to throw around here, but Americans have been acting out of fear rather than valor since 9/11. This isn't anything new. You know how it goes: people fear what they don't understand. And rarely do people seek to understand those with differing ideals, especially in an age where panic-culture is on the rise and everything that could possibly be taken as a threat is taken as the start of WW3. Hell, you've expressed some fear yourself in this very post; it's a pretty large leap of logic to assume that the only people who might have objections to this statue's removal are Nazis and Klansmen. Blowing things out of proportion like this is part of the reason America is so ruled by fear right now.
  6. newsbuff

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    Driving your car into a crowd of people isn't valorous, nor is it ethically justified, it's murder/assault.

    That said, I can understand why the guy did it. It certainly wasn't unprovoked.
  7. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    The only fear I expressed in my post was that of a young boy who knew nothing about the actual mind of a soldier, who If was down range could have killed someone for no reason other than having a means to protect themselves in a dangerous environment. That is a true recount of my training as an American Solider. With an M-16/4in your hand you are taught that you can accomplish any mission. My fear was that of using my weapon on a person who once you strip away my rank and uniform, is , in a nutshell, me. I found myself a murderer for a stupid reason. A feeling that man who Rammed his Dart into a crowd of people at full speed back and forth. “They are our indiscriminate enemy” type of mindset. The rest is just expression of my thoughts but please highlight the fear I have outside of this.

    Speaking of ramming... now that You are taking part in convoluting the story That ol’ massah people and the “peaceful part” of the alt-right was provoked into killing/ defending themselves... but this is far from the case. The huge majority of alt-right folks showed up in “intimidation gear” with helmets, clubs, and shields and their chants weren’t exactly “peaceful” There were even “fight club” factions of people at that rally of the alt-right literal people who went there exclusively to be that one hockey player who you know is a terrible player, but is on the team for one reason: when the fighting starts they dive in headfirst. Their name is literally RAM or Rise Above Movement But they aren’t rising above anything they are literally getting away with assault and battery. Search “alt-right Ram/ DIY(Die?)” and you will understand what I mean. I want the “alt-left” version of these people and if you can come up with articles then power to you. When you say “innocent bystanders” I think of the guy in that article I highlighted in my post. He just came to see the scene and was targeted and ended up getting an actual punishment for it. do peaceful protesters target the audience for criticizing them? I know white people never had an MLK but damn... at least take notes from Ghandi https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vo...nite-the-right-dc-free-speech-first-amendment

    Moving onto your question about fear: I do not believe fear had anything to do with them gathering, i believe, and this is my opinion ,can be right or wrong. But if I saw some Nazis and their supporters walking down the street, I’d join the Bernie Sanders looking ass folks and march with them solely because they are championing a part of america that is beautiful. Those folks were filled with Valor to let the other side know how messed up their point of view is. If tiki torching a night up is peaceful then he’ll yeah their views are jacked up to the max white power.

    Since you are able to recount these things I am asking you all not to just spill blatant statements on your keyboard but to back them up. I searched and searched for that “flamethrower” and that is all I could come up with. Where are the alt-right DeAndre Harris like people who were mob beaten within an inch of death? Does that encourage anyone to challenge their beliefs? Where are the charges/publications of these people? Can I get organizations with links and arrest so I can know who is tarnishing the name of the left similar to how the right is getting tarnished by Nazis and KuKuKus/white nationalists.

    As for fear in America, that has been the sole driver for a corrupt organization like the NRA to make brink trucks worth’s of money. From propaganda like “our guns are going to be snatched from us” to The fear of the negro seeking revenge, gaining political power and gaining economic freedom fueled many many injustices against Black people in America. If anything guns were snatched from a black mans hands due to The idealism that stoked a lot of hate and fear for the black panther society.If fear is anyone’s enemy in America, it’s the Black persons. Not because we are scared but because people are terrified of us. From police to a naive white woman who moved into a gentrified area. Fear of losing a certain “status in society ” was the exact reason of the rise of all those “historical statues” during a specific point in America’s timeline. So if you want to talk about fear please understand the context of the fear And true horror I have come to understand. If that’s the fear you are talking about then I’m sorry but find a way to convince me that these same people somehow are victims to the alt-left?

    I understand you not blatantly endorsing for violence, but to have sympathy for what you just described, is like saying I sympathize with a monster.

    This is one of the most divisive things that has ever happened In recent American History. It’s like the OJ trial on designer pills.
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    Dre Harris was filmed chasing after the lawful right wing protesters (who were fleeing ot their vehicles in a parking garage) for a full 5 minutes before he and his friends knocked out one of the right wing cold with a bat to the face, instigating the fight. He was beat up only AFTER engaging in mob violence and attempted lynching and got exactly what he deserved.

  9. newsbuff

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    13% of the population commits over 50% of violent crime. Statistically speaking, it's naive NOT to fear black people, especially young black men. If you don't watch your back, you're just playing with fire.
  10. Geressen

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    fixed it for ya.
  11. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    thee is no peacefull alt- right. they are nazis, if left unchecked they will murder everyone in order of how impure they perceive us to be.
  12. newsbuff

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    OK, well once you amend the bill of rights to erase the First Amendment, you can start persecuting people you disagree with for saying stuff that offends you. Until then, foh with that fascist, unamerican BS. ALL Americans have the right to speech and assembly, even for so-called hate speech. Don't like it? Vote and change the laws.
  13. Geressen

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    when you choose not oppose evil you have not remained neutral, you have chosen evil, good people to do nothing and all that.
    fascism is a rebirth of nationalism.
    make america great again.
    carrying the flag of the american national socialst organisation?
    well good try trying to play an uno reverse card on me but this isn't kindergarten.

    america is too important to leave to americans to govern, but if i were to vote to change that I would have to break several of your laws first.

  14. newsbuff

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    Euro-poors have been claiming this since literally before we even existed, which is why we had a revolution and put up our middle finger to Europe and chose Liberty above all else.
  15. profhulk

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    You sound like some paranoid euro guy drunk on fear porn and UN propaganda.
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  16. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    you sound like you think nazis are very okay people.

    which is ****ed up lad.
    you had a revolution because england needed to pay for the war with france they fought over the Ohio valley.
    you want to be US world police you got to be smart about it.

    you are not smart about it like how you keep overthrowing democracies to install right wing dictators in sout america, oh or when you armed iran against the russians after installing a dictator, then when he got overthrown you armed another dictator this time the one in Iraq to fight the iranians. or when you armed some afganis against the russians, or when you let saudi arabia exporter of extremist islam be your close ally.

    tell me how it's working out so far? I give it a 9/11
  17. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    “Violent Crime” has been blown out of proportion historically and unfairly skewed. It’s pretty intense to subjugate and exploit a whole race of people solely because you label them as property, and then turn around when they are rebuilding themselves to label them as savages and monsters needing of control. Your mindset is a relic of decades of brainwashing. The over exaggerated need for “law and order” is unnecessary when most of these crimes are actually just social issues.

    That said I hope I am wrong when I say It seems you have had very few actual interaction with intelligent and intellectual black people. Black men account for 6.5 of the American population but make up to 70-85% of the American prison population.

    I was shown this documentary by my mother and the main reason she shows it to me was because a White man created it to show the truth to everyone. He is proof that if enough research is done, you can draw conclusions on what is the real causes of how you feel about black people and the fear you harbor from them. It’s a Netflix movie but somehow is free on YouTube. I’d suggest anyone who has time to watch how there is a correlation between prison population and the fear of the everyday negro.
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  18. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    While I appreciate you participation and enthusiasm, I will please ask that these types of things be removed from further discussion. This isn’t an argument and there is no judge. The point of this entire thread is education. One side comprehending the other is my result, not final word fighting.

    If I can understand why newsbuff thinks all black men are super predators, then he should be able to see why I believe that this was a label peddled to the population for economic reasons.

    You make very good points but still there should be a level of empathy and civility
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  19. JazzMan1221

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    It's fear-mongering to label anyone with strong conservative values a ****. It's certainly possible that some, or even most, of the alt-right protesters were **** sympathizers or white supremacists, but ostracizing an entire group of people because a portion of them are dangerous is immoral and unjust. It's also extremely hypocritical if you're also going to say "hey, stop condemning all black people just because some of them are criminals", as you did in your documentary post. Don't you see a problem with that? You're basically doing the same thing to white alt-right members as white alt-right members are doing to black people. And if you're planning on objecting along the lines of "white people did much worse to blacks back in the ol' days", forget about it, because that has no relevance to the topic at hand. It always seems like black people are the only ones who want to keep reminding everyone that slavery and racism used to be serious problems; the vast majority of white people would prefer to keep the past in the past and focus on what can be done in the present to improve the lives of black people. You can argue "it's an important part of our history", but doing so would also validate those who want to fly Confederate flags because "it's an important part of white history". And obviously no one wants that. Yes, slavery and the general subjugation of the black race was a terrible scar on American history..........key-word: WAS. Racism will exist as long as humans continue to exist. There's no eliminating it entirely, only a gradual lessening of its presence over time. But the more blacks of today keep trying to remind white people that their ancestors from 10 generations ago were terrible people, we will never be able to move forward.

    And if you're curious what the alt-left equivalent of these people would look like, may I direct your attention to literally any news story involving SJWs and their activities. Such people are just as much a blight on their cause as Nazis are to conservatives.
  20. newsbuff

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    Imagine You were building a pox battlegroup, and you had a choice between a rune that would deal 40 damage to your shrine 5% of the time when deployed and another rune that would do this 35% of the time. Which rune would you choose? Would it matter if I said the 35% rune didn't ALWAYS deal 40 dmg to your shrine? Well no, it doesn't always do it, it's just far more likely to do it. So which rune do you pick?

    And even when you keep nerfing the 5% rune with affirmative action, welfare, and mass propaganda efforts to promote the 35% rune, the 35% rune never gets better.

    The biggest victims of black violence and murder are blacks. If you really don't think it's a problem, you're only hurting your own communities.

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