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  1. Geressen

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    so do I

    socialism will triumph
  2. Geressen

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    hah, good one. ( it is a joke right?)

    have you considered that it is your abhorrent and **** backwrds views I take issue with?
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  3. profhulk

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    Socialism is the little brother of Communism. Communism fails because it is based on "forced equality" produced by extreme jealousy of those that have skill, inspire and invent and exist on a higher level of a structured hierarchy. To quote page 24 of "The Fall of Western Man" by Mark Collett - "Communism is a product of the failed superego based on jealousy and the lack of ideal self. It plays on the minds of the jealous, who, instead of striving for the ideal self and wishing to improve themselves, wish to pull down others in order to make themselves feel better." (end quote)

    I know some will attack capitalism now as they will suppose I am a supporter of this system. Capitalism also fails, but for different reasons. Capitalism fails, because money and material have a higher priority than the good of the people. In capitalism the worker is worked as hard as possible with the smallest financial incentive in order to benefit the individual that sits at the top of this system.

    What is the solution to this? What is the best system?

    Productive Enterprise. In productive enterprise those at the bottom push up those at the top and those at the top pull up those at the bottom.

    A good example of this would be the Norwegian industrialist Johan Throne Holst who was the founder of Marabou chocolate and CEO of Freia chocolate. Johan's chocolate company Freia was the first company in Norway to establish a 48 hour work week and had their own health care policy for their workers. In this model we can see those at the bottom helping those at the top and vice versa.

    I do not know whether Communism or Capitalism will win. I hope neither wins. Let us hope instead for Productive Enterprises to emerge.
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  4. chickenpox2

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    Let's face only reason people don't like socialism is because all of the leaders are dictators of there were not that then people be ok with it
  5. profhulk

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    I believe you are missing the essence of what socialism is. It is the unjust involuntary theft of the labor and resources of others diverted and given to those who have done nothing to deserve what they are given. By doing this you destroy any motivation individuals might have had to innovate invent and uplift society.

    For an example of this please view the history of Venezuela.
  6. chickenpox2

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    What we need a split between both systems to make it fair
  7. profhulk

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    Yes chickenpox2 that is what "Productive Enterprise" is. If you read post #83 I mention it. If you want a thorough explanation of what it is I highly recommend reading "The Fall of Western Man" by Mark Collett.
  8. Markus422

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    Yeahhhhhhh I'm honestly too rich to care but capitalism seems ****ed up
  9. profhulk

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    I hope your assets are diversified. The next ten years could be rough.
  10. Geressen

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    are we ignoring capitalist dictators?


    why is socialism the little brother when it is far older than communism?
  11. Geressen

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    I think perhaps you should look at the history of venezuela. cause you did not and grabbed what capitalists and your mainstream media and goverment wanted you to believe and ran with it when the truth is far more complex and includes a lot of corruption, big businesses and a lot of capitalism.

    Chavism ( that name makes me laugh every time) is also pretty different from core socialism but since you define socialism as 'taxation of large companies that take resources from the country+ spending that tax money on social programs = theft' you're clearly not interrested in actually exploring these topics,

    we were discussing your
    "you need to be part of 3 religious extremist fringes and do something that due to geographical reasons is a lot easier to do in the US and also Firk foreign people close the borders and Firk personal freedom to be a good person oh btw I am not christian taliban"

    I made my own cola syrup today btw, it's missing something though.
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  12. newsbuff

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    damn everyone on this thread crazy but me
  13. Extinctshun

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    Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I hope all of you accept Him before you last breath.
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  14. Markus422

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  15. Geressen

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    you should accept jezus,
    je ( your) zus ( sister)
    be a good brother.
    even if it is only je halfzus
    even if it is only je geadopteerde zus
    even if it is only je stiefzus
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  16. calisk

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    Hmmm....are you guys really arguing about which extreme of the socialist/capitalist spectrum is better?

    If it helpes, capitalist dictators and socilist theft of resources are both terrible, the best form of government we currently have is a mild balance of many forms of government philosophy mostly built around socialism, nationalism, libertarianism and capitalism, none brought to extreme and none left without checks or done in exclusion

    Any of the 4 taken to it's extremes or run in exclusion will always be terrible for the people.

    Good luck pissing into the wind if you want to try to debate otherwise, but there are plenty of examples of where extremes lead in all cases, and theres no such thing as a perfect governing body made in history yet, only limited examples of periods of prosperity followed be persiods of decline, which the form of that decline shows up in many forms, be it a dictators, famine, financial collapse, social revolt, military rule, global seclusion, being conquered, or worse.
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  17. profhulk

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    Capitalism vs Communism is a trap. Both are bad. There is a better option.
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  18. Geressen

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    yes, socialism.
    but not to the extreme where you violently take control of the state to try and force it through radically opressive authoritarianism ( communism) and end up with something more akin to state capitalism.
  19. newsbuff

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    there is a word for state capitalism, it's corporatism and it's not the same thing as communism or authoritarian socialism
  20. profhulk

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    I know Geressen you would like a utopian system. This will not be allowed to happen, because the group of people that owns the banks will always corrupt every form of government monetary policy until it ends up as a plutocracy run by oligarchs. China might be the exception, because they do not bow to the balogney that these grabblers are peddling presently.

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