1:1 core exo - legendary trades

Discussion in 'Rune Trading' started by Burcho, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Here is my trade, just bid any rune you got, the rest are donations. Link: https://www.poxnora.com/trader/viewtrade.do?id=3810935
    Elder Gau x2
    K'lzik x1
    Menalaus x1
    G'hern Tyrant x1
    Tracker Gnark x1
    Grimlic x1
    Kartch, Finlord x1
    Woodland Diplomat x2
    Mark of Sheoul x2
    Pride of K'thir x1
    Spirit Altar x1

    Forge Hammer x1
    Divine Dispersal x1
    Draksar Shifter x1
    Skeezick General x1
    Elven Strategist x2
    Retribution x1
    Yeti Berserker x1
    Crown of Corruption x1
    Jakei Frost Queen x1
    Draksar Consulate x1
    Thorn Collection x1
    Spectral Emissary x1
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    I'm Looking for Salaman...
    Ambassador Berkchani, Salaman Commando, Salaman Elite, Salaman Privateer, Katchi Salaman Soldier and Slick and Buzz.

    Somebody Help me?

    Pride of K'thir
    Spirit Altar
    2 Kartch, Finlord
    Tide Master
    Divine Dispersal
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    Those are not core runes you are looking for... This is an exchange for core runes. Core = the oldest 6 expansions
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    Awesome! Nice to meet you and thanks for doing this. I didn't see any rules other than what was in the first sticky post so I hope I am doing this right.

    Here is my trade link:

    Requesting Leg Diplomats and others Out:
    1 - Draksar Consulate
    1 - Nefari Messenger
    2 - Octopi Helm

    Legs In:
    2 - Woodland Diplomat
    1 - Ironfist Minister
    1 - Thorn Collection

    Thanks again!
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    Here are my requests for 1:1 exotics

    Requested Exo Out:
    1 - Blinding Reflection
    1 - Draksar Shifter
    1 - Drown (assuming I can get the one lollapaloozafork is putting up. If not, I could substitute a second Tracker Gnark instead)
    1 - Helm of Chaos
    1 - Ironfist Paladin
    1 - Jakei Elder
    1 - Kartch, Finlord
    1 - Lich King
    1 - Nora Freeze
    1 - Strength in Numbers
    1 - Vindrax
    11 Total

    Exo In:
    1-Demolition Team
    1-Divine Dispersal
    1-Elder Garu
    2-Elven Strategist
    1-G'hern Tyrant
    2-Grimlic’s Mirror
    2-Spirit Singer
    1-Talgar Ironfist
    11 Total

    Link here:

    Thanks again, Burcho!
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    You lost on value here as you bid one legendary and one exo for 2 exo.

    I don't have diplomats to spare, so you'd better take Qucas' offer.
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  17. NevrGonaGivUup

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    1x Elven Strategist
    1x Forbidden fruit
    1x Aquatic Talisman
    1x Drown
    1x Strength in Numbers

    1x Mindslicer Obelisk
    2x Helm of Chaos
    1x Dwarven King
    1x Ethereal Priestess

    The inventory thread is outdated so I just requested what I wanted. Thanks for doing this!


    EDIT: Thanks a lot man!
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