10-second knee jerk cursory reaction to new web client

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LoserSlick, May 25, 2017.

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    lol was ducking this thing for as long as could... however, since i apparently now don't have a choice, here are my initial common sense criticisms to improve it. most of them are pretty minor

    *some of this may have already been mentioned*

    1. pinning the 'current deck + edit' window is fine - but you've sort of nullified the convenience by making us to have to click two buttons to actually change bgs (and then one more to get back to where you wanted to queue up). so it makes no sense not to also pin the rune manager to the same window. having a rune manager navigation button on both the pin and the main menu will not come off as goofy or convoluted (i promise).

    2. please move the navigation buttons--specifically the 'back' button--closer together. i understand you want a fresh and aesthetically pleasing new look - but i think this can be done without making us constantly move up, down, and diagonal in order to navigate through it. in fact, i'd like it best if the back button was made unnecessary altogether (unless you can bind it to right-click or something)

    3. similarly, i think there is more than enough space on the main menu for us not to now have to click two tiny little dots in order to filter between daily and heroic quests.

    4. again, i think there's more than enough space to simply put the stats/quests/feats/etc. bar right above '1v1 and 2v2' buttons. i do appreciate the added features though not when i have to click all the way across the screen and then back again in order to utilize them.

    5. dude. put the live/active rank hierarchy window back on the main queue page. do i even really need to make an argument for this?? once more, there is plenty of space for it

    the list could go on like this (and i'll likely edit in more to this post over time) but all in all i think this thing's far from settling in. it's not like the sky is falling here, but i definitely wouldn't call the current client anything close to an improvement - even with the added features. i wholeheartedly appreciate the time and effort that went into this thing (and it does look pretty). but if you'll pardon my candor, i really do not care about how it looks; i care about ergonomics and functionality. and with the amount of time required to fully enjoy this game, so should you.

    so it looks like you guys had a little too much focus on the console. fortunately, i don't see how fixing any and all of the above criticisms would in any way compromise that focus.

    i could understand how any one of these criticisms by themselves could come across as minute - but, together, they are not minute. and there seem to be a whole lot of them.

    not to sound hyper-critical but the client at its current state is not yet even an acquired taste. i think we can do better
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    ugh - where'd the dailyz go?? lol c'mon man...

    6. enjoy the click-journey to the dailyz... (daily)

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    in-battle criticisms:

    - move AP box from the bottom to the top of attack/ability icons. your eyes refer to them through the course of the game more than they do to the actual abilities (the ability icons are already bigger to begin with). also change the red color of ap value to something lighter so you don't have to squint to see them. i didn't have problems reading it on the old client.

    - the red highlight disappears from the attack range grid when you mouse over the champion... because?

    - i do like the new equip box on top of the rune art - however, especially depending on the art, it is considerably easier to glance over than the former equip logo. move the equip logo to the upper right corner instead and have about a third of it overlapping into the battle screen just under the nora globe with the runes cost.
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    i like the new border around the equips - think you solved that problem.

    in lieu of making an entire new thread, could you guys go over some of the items listed above?

    specifically, is there any way i could convince you guys to move the ap circle from the center of the rune to just under the nora globe in the upper right-hand corner? in any case, it needs to be closer to the ability boxes and respective ap costs - speaking of which, again, the contrast with the dark red ap text (under the ability boxes) against the dark grey background are still a strain on the eyes to make out clearly.
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    also, in-game champion navigation is still a little wonky. i feel like you guys sort of reinvented the wheel with a few things and this is definitely one of them. i think you guys should try to directly mimic the old client's champion navigation - the new updated range and movement graphics will still be there. if anything, i think the only the you should have changed/improved in this regard is maybe finding an easier way to deselect champions
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    also, it looks kinda silly to have the fullscreen desert owl games graphic upon the load-up only to immediately revert back to windowed when you're logging in. food for thought :)
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    today's dailies:

    - it takes two off-clicks to deselect a champion (EDIT: i'd say this happens at least 80% of the time... possibly also due to lag/latency?)

    - the lag/latency constantly causes mistaken champion movements. this has been happening, on average, at least 2-3 times per game
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    i still don't understand why this decision was made. the target highlight should at least comparatively contrast with the red highlight. you do get used to it after a time, i suppose - but that doesn't mean that an uncommitted new player will appreciate it. #It'sAllAboutTheLittleThings #EspeciallyWhenThereAreManyLittleThings
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    both ATK and ability hotkeys have randomly been unresponsive on at least one champion per match since the new client. ultimately, you end up having to click your way through it

    there are dozens of hotkey problems... :mad:

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