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Discussion in 'Sundered Lands' started by DeScyther, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. DeScyther

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    Hey guys, I've played this game a little bit in the past and have come back with the move to ps4 and hopefully the revival of a community. I have always had an affinity toward Draksar Battlegroups and I really want to begin building a BG to fit in with the current meta. Any Deck Ideas/Suggestions/Advice/Etc. are much appreciated! I know I should typically post a picture of the BG I'm working with but I honestly don't even know where to begin. Price is not an issue as I typically enjoy playing some of the more expensive BGs and Champions. Thanks!
  2. Kampel

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    What do you already have in your collection?
    If you are just starting i would advice to aim for versatility runes first, whatever high rarity rune which does something that common/uncommon runes cant, for example Flagellum of Chains and Draksar Morph for legendarys because even if they are not the most eficient for their role they enable different subthemes inside the draksars and have very different yet useful builds so you wont get bored with them and they will allow you to test the most bg itterations
  3. DeScyther

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    Hey sorry for the late reply but right now I have some of the more staple Draksar legendaries as well as two legionnaires and one draksar psion. By staple legendaries I mean: 1 Blackscale Centurion, 1 Serpentor Ardent, 1 Draksar High Priest (I heard sermon was good), 1 Flagellum, 1 High Marshal, and I also have a Draksar Forerunner (exo I know). I didn't want to expand without knowing exactly what I should run next, maybe pursuers? Any help would be appreciated and I have a pretty high budget for this deck so if I need more legendaries let me know! Thanks
  4. Noware13

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    This is what I run.

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  5. dillyia

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    Mind explaining why Dustdevils are there? I've been away for a long time.
  6. Noware13

    Noware13 I need me some PIE!

    I was just trying them out. I yanked them for Rip Demons. Run them cause they're awesome.
  7. Zidiana

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    I would definitely consider
    Judge Torien for defensive strike/punish and general coolness
    D. Pursuer for leap 3 for certain maps and detection
    Legionnaire or Valdaci Shieldwarden for hold the line
    D. Lord and Morph also worth a mention

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