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    I am sure he is just bad at English, like many native speakers are.
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    I disagree that "Irregularities are unique to 2016" is a valid conclusion. Comparing 2 data points and saying "this one is 'irregular'" is highly suspect methodology.

    In either case, underlying data follows:


    I will look into this more later, it is pretty interesting.
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    @Comissar @badgerale

    The thing is we are in the EU. So for me, the burden is on the people to explain why we should leave. So far I have heard these arguments:

    1: Rule Britania
    2: Two world wars
    3: Proud to be British
    4: Get rid of Johnny Foreigner

    None of those things appeal to me, so I will be voting Remain.
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    I hope you stay but on the other hand English tourists are the worst.

    Rich English people travel from their class soceity to a more egalitarian Netherlands get treated as equals by innkeepers, stereotype the Dutch as rude for hundreds of years.
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    "Why don't you treat me with respect I haven't earned?!" ~ Mantra of the Rich and Powerful Since Dawn of Time
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    But let's all focus on those mass shootings and terrorists attacks, amirite?
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    Didnt you hear that if you give up your gun three times, a US official will appear and enslave you?
  10. Geressen

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    why is police and mass shooting counted as 'other' ?

    why is all poisoning suicide?
  11. BurnPyro

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    Don't ever smarten up, Trump supporters
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  12. BurnPyro

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    oh you frauding DNC bastards


    Also: Clinton mails have been leaked twice (?) now by some hacker fella. Showing clearly how the DNC is assisting the Clinton campaign, even before she officially was running.
    American politics is so corrupt, it's mindblowing.
  13. Ohmin

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    I think Lewandowski was fired this Monday, actually. So good job on them for that at least.
  14. BurnPyro

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    yeah he was recently, either monday or this weekend, can't remember exactly

    from what I gathered, Trumps kids didn't like him following ol big T around everywhere and making him do everything improvised. Doubt improvising everything works for a general, it does in a republican primary.

    lets see how things unfold
  15. BurnPyro

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    Because while as much as a corrupt ***** she is, at least she's competent.

    Trump is both corrupt and incompetent.

    I mean, if you want change neither will give it to you. If you want to mess up stuff though
  16. BurnPyro

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    One has been involved in politics for what, half her life?

    The other is a brander, who has bankrupted every company that tried to create something himself. The only thing hes good at selling is his name. Which is why he can get votes, but wont be capable in office
  17. BurnPyro

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    Still, it's unrealistic to say that HC wouldn't be more familiar with the system. She knows everyone and everything there.

    Sure thats bad for some. But if were going off purely who would most likely be more competent, its probably HC. Even though she'd set up private servers etc.

    Trump is equally scumbaggy with Trump University etc.

    Id rather not vote for either, but if I had to..
  18. Dagda

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    if it weren't for the potential supreme court vacancies i doubt i'd care that much about this election
  19. BurnPyro

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    but you supposed to care bout your right to partake in democracy!!!1111???!!111!!!!!8888
  20. BurnPyro

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    that's what I thought, apparently the Trump name has such value among some that they were willing to risk it

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