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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DarkJello, Feb 2, 2016.

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    I don't know, I think if I had to choose between two corrupt people, I'd rather choose the one that is less likely to succeed at their real goals (of Firking everyone for their own benefit) than the one that is more likely to succeed.
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    there's something to that, maybe.

    the reason i'd vote for clinton over trump is (putting the court noms aside) is that i see her as a fairly entrenched politician, someone who will do or say what she thinks she's supposed to to meet her goals.

    while i'm not entirely sold that she's acting first for her own benefit, i do think that she wouldn't be satisfied with just 1 term. add to that how much she's getting slammed for untruths she's already spread(ing), and i'd hope that she realizes that it's decently likely she has to keep her act straight to have a hope of re-election.

    basically, the one goal i feel fairly certain that she has is to not only be elected, but to maintain the office for as long as she can. given that, i think she'll do largely what i'd want a president to do. much more than trump, at the least.

    not the cleanest way to explain it, but yeah.
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    It is, generally, much harder to out an incumbent President (for several reasons, and not limited to just Presidents of course) even if/when they've proven to be more dishonest than when they were campaigning to get in initially.

    While there is undoubtedly an effort of sorts made (especially nearing the end of the first term) to keep that tendency alive... it doesn't always mean much in practical terms.

    That said, I can respect that you feel:
    Even if I don't necessarily agree.

    I do think it'll be interesting to see how and if her campaign changes going into the General election, see if it "straightens up"... though again personally I don't think that would really be an indicator that she'd actually do the right things as I see them once in office.
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    With all the racist Bane Shift Trump says I know all of it is just BS and he is doing it to win. Trump isn't stupid he is actually very smart his supporters are just dumb, he used the dumbest people in the country to get this far. However obviously that's not the way it should have been done he is unpredictable. But at the sametime does anyone actually trust Hillary?
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    To bad it's not a prank but a reality...
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    I think trump and this whole election is just an elaborate tool to start a race war in America while all the wonderful sheeple are distracted. Looks like its been a success so far.
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    stabbed and shot twice but expected to survive, texan idiots must be horrible shots.
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    just say type 2 diabetes ( that is the diabetes where you worn out your pancreas trough age and overuse)

    I have type 1 ( the one where your immune system goes full SS on the islets inside the pancreas and the cells of the islets are forced into hiding or killed)
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    Honestly if you ask me the higher ups/ elites are corrupt. I think Donald Trump started out as a joke that caught on fire and now he is out of there control.. Hillary however I don't trust at all it almost feels like they want us to vote for her...
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    This seems like a very optimistic point of view.

    Clintons are without a doubt the most powerful in washington in recent years. They were probably smart enough to anticipate things. Bribes, connectiond, etc. Just look at the lenghts the DNC went to sabotage Sanders. There's nothing "fair" about this election.

    If only politics was as honest/pure as you make it out to be.
  13. jeeperz2

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    I don't think they are gonna make her drop out of the race I think she will be just fine honestly, and a lot of things are gonna come to light by the end of this year more then what you probably wanna hear. Honestly some of the things Donald Trump says makes sense to me reaching beyond the racism and bull crap he is spewing out so republicans vote for him. At this point I don't trust the democratic party, a good amount republicans are coco people and they aren't exactly organized anymore and on the other hand you have the democrats who are super organized with everything but they seem to be after something else entirely.
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    I don't trust any of you to make the right choice concerning politics.
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