A Constructive Guide to Spare Parts

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    I'll be updating this more as I go, I'm working on a couple other themes to discuss that I like to play. I've eluded to a few of them and since I really like Rock Defiance I thought it best to start with Constructs since they can be an obscure approach to playing Rock Defiance.

    With a lot of the techniques figured out with Spare Parts the playstyle lends itself to many other modules to be built in. Either as a main option or a supporting module; Nora Gem, Ravish, Phylactery, and factions with racial manipulation are great for Spare Parts.

    Technically speaking IS/X split faction has a Rock Defiance Module that each split can have worked into. Spare Parts is not always the source of Rock Defiance however. Since Spare Parts is an IS spell I decided to go from here and work my way out to other modules that can replace or work alongside Spare Parts to grant Rock Defiance to other units.

    While Spare Parts can be cast on any Construct and Rock Defiance is only on two, it happens to be that the two units with Rock Defiance (Groble & Earth Golem) are great examples of how to spread an ability or abilities via Spare Parts. It helps with the example that both have the same ability but on different upgrade lines. Many Constructs have similar abilities on either U1 or U2 and so the example of Rock Defiance can be applied to those units as well, however those abilities such as Resistance: Physical are more widespread and can be applied by more units.

    Spare Parts(25): AE3: Friendly Constructs gain Bestow

    Bestow: When this champion is Destroyed, the closest friendly champion gains this units first upgrade ability. If that champion shares a race with this one, that Champion gains the second Upgrade ability as well.

    Rock Defiance: When this unit is successfully attacked, this unit and other friendly units within 5 spaces with this ability has +1 DMG for 3 turns and gains 1 MAX HP permanently.​

    It takes a bit of time to weigh out which runes should be in your bg and it really comes down to play style. At the end of the day most won't play Rock Defiance and so I can't speak for the power level that other bgs may have, however not relying on only Rock Defiance and being less obvious for the opponent will play into your favor more than only trying to Bestow Rock Defiance with Groble or Earth Golem.

    If played in a FF bg or with more Constructs than other units Spare Parts should easily be able to Bestow upgrades from one Construct to the next. If you control the tide of the battle more often then not it is very easy to Super Champ and create big waves that the opponent can't get back from.

    Spare Parts playstyle is very much like waves in the water. Advancing only to have those units be destroyed so that the next advancing units enter with more abilities and have a larger presence on the field. Even when you advance a unit for it to Super Champ the tide of the battle quickly slingshots forward when you have a Super Champ unit surrounded by so many constructs with Bestow.

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    I'd like to add that this is also from the perspective of Spare Parts and so I have weighed the Constructs not expecting any one bg to auto a Dwarf/Tinkerer. In some cases when replacing a Construct with another unit it becomes ineffective when running Spare Parts. Unless those units directly enhance Spare Parts (most likely sources of Destruction, occasionally gift units) it is not worth to replace a Construct for another raced unit.

    The Synergy from Dwarves/Tinkers and Constructs is already built into their kit (sometimes) and so it is easier to justify replacing a Construct with one of those units than say a Salaman. That same kind of thinking needs to be applied when looking at units from other factions that are not Constructs, since they make controlling the tide of battle easier.

    Ravish, Consume are great examples of abilities that would be worth while to have in Spare Parts. In the case of Ravish it makes controlling when a Construct dies and also boosts those Ravish units even if they don't receive the Upgrades. Consume units on the other hand are great for creating Super Champs on the field because of the placement Consume puts those units in. Any mechanic that can control where a Construct Bestows it's upgrades is a rune of value.

    Necro Hex, Horrific Mutation, Taint, and Vinetouch Pedestal (maybe Identity Crisis?) are all runes worth playing however they have very apparent drawbacks once put into a bg. Spare Parts is not a set in stone deck mainly because there is no absolute way of controlling Bestow and a lot of the time it won't be cast due to poor placement on the field. In those circumstances Spare Parts leaves a player very vulnerable to other bgs because unless directly built in it has no space for counters. The player needs to rely heavily on their champions and their ability to consistently threaten the opponents Font Zone while also deploying a champion or two each turn.

    When playing in a Race manipulation deck it quickly becomes tight for slots and in-game the play style can be very nora deficient. Sometimes the best move is to cast Spare Parts now so that you can still benefit from a units death. In those circumstances 25 nora can be a huge hit when only placed on one unit that may or may not Bestow properly. Spare Parts can be used either as a utility rune to force Upgrades to spread, in which the playstyle needs to heavily revolve around controlling when your units die. Or as a tide changer so that if you focus on placement and deploying champion after champion sooner or later Bestow will find its way to several good units so that you can make some game changing plays.
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    Battle Groups


    There are a lot of Spells that can be used in a Spare Parts bg. It is not necessary to have a whole lot since having more Champions on the field to be within the AE of Spare Parts is more ideal than delaying another deploy by casting a Spell. Spells are easier to justify than most other runes because of the guarantee of dmg they posses so replacing a Construct for a Spell is often times more justifiable than replacing a Construct for another rune. Occasionally though, because Spells can be such High Nora cost without much field presence they hinder a Spare Parts bg more than the dmg they deal. At the end of the turn you want units that will Bestow to other units, and if you spend 2-3 turns casting spells you will quickly lose momentum.


    IS has some pretty good relics although Valdaci fill that role pretty well and are also Champion units. A unit with AP is better than a relic unit that cannot be moved. Relocate: Relic and other relic abilities are quite strong but for the Nora cost these runes don’t exactly see a place in Spare Parts. It is better to have Ruin or Absorb Relic than relocate: Relic when weighing out rune/upgrade options. Holy Light has great synergy with Relics and even more so with Valdaci, in that case less Relic runes would be ideal so that you can quickly degen Valdaci units that have Bestow and also not waste Nora by destroying a relic you invested in. Overall you can run a bg without any relics and replace them for x2 of prefered Spells or throw in an extra Champion or Equipment rune.


    Similar place as Relics. There are enough units to generate Equipment for free or by degen(which plays into Spare Parts) that you can run an equipment free bg. Of course spot cleanse is always good. If you’re playing it, Stonearm Sash is good for Rock Defiance, so that right when a unit gets Rock Defiance from Groble or Earthmover, they also have Calcify. Equipment are the least justifiable runes to put in a bg but also add a lot of flavor to a playstyle. It is hard to say if an Equipment is worth a slot or more although they do help identify which unit you want to keep investing in. A lot of IS Equips help sustain units while also amplifying their stats so that plays well into the Super Champing that Spare Parts accomplishes.


    I would go and pick every Construct that has an appealing U1. From there I would find what runes I want to play. If you know what runes you want to play you can gauge how many runes will be tied to a Spare Parts Module. In some cases it is better to use Constructs, however other times, the unit(s) that would replace a Construct may make Spare Parts more efficient than without that non-Construct rune.
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    great work. Can't wait for the BG
  5. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    I'm trying to figure how to approach battlegroup making. Most likely will make a FF and show how to replace runes/modules with others. From there I'll prolly make a guide on creating a module and finding it's hidden potential, 6-7 rune modules so that they can be doubled up or mixed in with a FF or Split bg.

    And Thanks!
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    FF IS - I intend to make a bg for each IS construct, some will have more than others. This way I can actively re-evaluate the runes ***** value and give a more micro look into what I was thinking.

    In no particular order of power level
    IS/SP - Everyone will want to run Clay Form after I show you what Take Form can do
    IS/ST - Not as abusive as SP take form but ST has some nice runes anyway so there can be a lot of personal choice runes in these bgs
    IS/FW - I've been playing this all year, I think this has the most possibilities of any other split, however it's pretty tight for slots
    IS/SL - Because of Valdaci there are a lot of possibilities, Mimic is a pseudo Spare Parts and so it amplifies the bg even more; a lot of possibilities with plenty of space for personal choice runes
    IS/FS - Very little comes off the top of my head with this Faction. Possibly Collective worthy, unfortunately this split is only U1 since it has no race manipulation
    IS/UD - Goblin King has the same amount of Entropy as Spare Parts and so I think a lot of players will find themselves splitting with UD for sheer fun. Access to Stitched and Vampyres means there's a nice FW feel
    So I think I'm going to start with SP. FF IS will be a longer process but in FF I can demonstrate some of the finer points Spare Parts requires a player to know. In some Splits it is very easy to make a good deck and have Spare Parts as a second or third module in the BG. 25nora for a rune that if you were already running a few Constructs in anyway is a pretty solid investment. Especially when your opponent would have no way of expecting Spare Parts if you were running other races.

    I think I will try to make a bg for each Construct, in FF. If some lend themselves to Splits more than others I will save those for the respective split faction I think they do best in. There are some runes, constructs and others, from different Factions that if you wanted to play those you could. Some of those runes make running Spare Parts more comfortable as a second or third module and can actually make the deck better for it. A lot of the time I find myself not playing Spare Parts even when I have a deck I would think requires me to cast it. The better you play without casting spells the better you will play in Spare Parts because often times the best deploy is another rune so that you can keep the tide of battle moving forward.

    I'm not sure how I'm going to handle runes from other factions, SP has more Construct/Tinkerers than other factions so that is why I am going to do that first. Take Form in both IS/SP and IS/ST is extremely strong because of the control one can get from those units. I will absolutely go into the finer points of Take form, as with Chasm walker which the two abilities if more runes receive them will be problematic.

    I may make some more videos, my Alpha console needs to get worked on so I might not be able to make any videos for a while. I have some videos here and I plan to make more. For now I was just recording and uploading to get a feel for it.
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    I added some new modules;

    - Spare Parts
    - Sound Deprivation (Sonic Amp; PC: Mechanized Band)
    - Split Form (PC: Trolls, that goes for any Take Form bg I make; IS/ST)

    - Clone Defiance (which I usually play along side Spare Parts modules I like at the time) PC: Lodestone Builder)

    These are very small 4-8 mini modules I like to run, since this is focused on Spare Parts I don't list the other runes I use often with those modules, because those are Personal Choice and if there is enough interest I will discuss those bgs further. Since FW has so many possibilities and it has been the faction I've split with most 2016, ST was what I would split 2015, I will be making a lot of modules on that to discuss Spare Parts further.

    FW's access to Sources of Destruction (SoD) far exceeds any other faction, however Ravish and Drain, are the only abilities I can think of that other factions are pretty much lacking. Even still whenever I discuss IS/FW I always mention how tight it is for slots and that is because when you start relying on runes to be what controls when your units die, rather than positioning correctly and casting Spare Parts when a unit will die next turn, you will be very tight for slots. A better player knows when their runes will die, especially now when everything is expected to die in 1 turn, Spare Parts is very forgiving if your opponent somehow fails to destroy your unit on one of their power turns, whereas other runes only last for a few turns, Bestow is granted permanently.
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    can you post a bg plz
  9. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    Ive culled some of the bgs I used to play so there are some bgs I cant post an assembled pic of.

    Ill work on some text lists of bgs, Ill have some with 2/3/4 modules. This way I can show some modules with x1 rune and others with x2 to compare how some modules do better with others.

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    Any suggestions for which Constructs to start building modules for? Otherwise I can start from Legendary - Common since along the way Commons will most likely be best utilized in other bgs/modules. That way those runes, such as Groble(although that is a one trick pony so the example is said and done for) just a good U1 example rune), can be placed in other bgs and I can discuss those as a whole further. That's what I can do for FF and IS/X deck theory.

    As for Splits which are really to get a control of Race and SoD, I can start explaining those in the order I best know. Consume/Ravish are really the best examples and anything else such as Flame Siphon or Drain is a lot of theory. Bgs that don't have modules to outright destroy an allied champion are still great because most likely Spare Parts would be a supporting module rather than the main focus of the bg.

    I mostly run Rock Defiance, so if there's something that anyone is hoping I will post or talk about, it'd be better to just ask. I prefer what I do, but that doesn't mean I haven't taken a look at other possibilities.

    Conscripted Warrior is another great rune, as is Retreat and a lot of other redeploy mechanics. Those all have a solid place in Spare Parts because you need to be able to have control of what you're trying to accomplish. CW has been changed and I'm not adjusted to the new CD, a few bgs that I made for Spare Parts that ran Conscripted Warrior are shot but that just leaves me open to discuss other bgs.
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    aseryen I need me some PIE!



    Cyclops Symbiot
    Dwarven Martar Crew
    Flamebreath Ballista
    Lodestone Megalith
    Silverclan Cavalier
    Valdaci Shieldwarden
    Whitestone Fargoyle

    Dragon Engine
    Groble Dervish
    Groble Rock Eater
    Metallic Slag
    Rugolth's Revenge
    Silverclan Protector
    Silverclan Purger
    Valdaci guardian

    Clay Form
    Clockwork Swarm
    Cyclopean Firecase
    Dwarven Catapult
    Groble Pile Driver
    Reticulated Splinehawk
    Silverclan Hoplite
    Stone Collossus
    Stone Dragon
    Turret Team
    Valdaci Bolter
    Valdaci Sweeper

    Cyclopean Warcart
    Earth Golem
    Ice Golem
    Lodestone Builder
    Lodestone Construct
    Overcharged Golem
    War-Enchanted Groble

    Animated Armor
    Calcified Lurker
    Crystal Golem
    Cyclopalypse Cannon
    Cyclopean Boltcase
    Dwaven Mogaslicer
    Ironfist Glider
    Lodestone Armory
    Magnetic Rover
    Mechanized Band
    Motion Sensor
    Sentinel of Ailur
    tomb Sentinel
    Valdaci Needlewing
    Valdaci Sentry

    I'll go down the list and just make bg's for each rune. There will be a lot of overlap since Spare Parts works on Constructs.
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    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    I'll put links here and or specific modules that I find myself repeating.

    SP Constructs

    Calcified Lurker *
    Shatter - Kind of Lack luster for Bestow
    Snatch - Potentially interesting with all the Valdaci units/anti enemy equips
    Unstoppable - I would say pretty good to pass on to some potential Cyclops/Constructs
    Hunter: Equipped - Would make running anti equips more efficient
    Defender - pretty good, although I try not to stack Def due to Render and the like
    Clay Form ***
    Stat Bonus: Deff r1/2 - Rock Defiance would be better
    Stat Bonus: Health rr1/2 not going to have Clay Form as Clay Form so no need to worry
    Cyclopaplyse Cannon *****
    Aim - Great for any unit, really good U1
    Preparation - Also great for any unit
    Fearsome Hunter -compared to U1 not that impressive, works best if U1 and U2 are bestowed
    Lay Trap: Fire r3 - Lack luster, potentially some use in a Trap/Fire bg.
    Cyclopean Boltcase
    Sole Purpose - Interesting Mechanic but bad to Bestow, maybe?
    Short Lived r1/2 - Potentially a good way to pace Bestow
    Lightning Blast - Would be good for on a couple units, SP can spread Blast around a bit
    Death Nova: Electricity r2 - Can get a proc from Boltcase and from the Bestowed champion
    Cyclopean Firecase
    Turtle - Good for pacing
    Defensive Turtle - better for Spare Parts Pacing
    Death Nova: Lava r3 - nice to have on U1
    Immunity: Fire - Nice to pass immunities
    Fire Eater - Good to pass Hp gen
    Damage Shiled: Fire r2 - Nice because it reduces Firecases Nora cost
    Cyclopean Warcart
    Domain: Rock - IS has macadamize so the other upgrades are better, nice for the low cost
    Manic - This is what Warcart would be in a bg for. Rev 'Em Up on all races
    Heavy Charger - least optimal choice
    Immunit: Fire - Nice to pass immunities
    Trample - Would be cool on a couple units, not exactly worthwhile though
    Charge - Not that great of a Bestow
    Cyclops Symbiot
    Trample - Nice for U1
    Sonic Roar - Good in a Rock Defiance/ Sonic Amp bg
    Damage Aura - poor Bestow
    Tough - Solid defensive ability
    Regeneration r3 - good if you can get it
    Metallic Slag
    Restraining Aura - nice utility ability
    Fascinate - good for the bgs that need this kind of relocation
    Forge Hammer - Best T1 for Spare Parts besides Rock Defiance
    Hallucinogenic - Interesting to bestow
    Magic Blast - Can potentially stack a few Blast abilities
    Turtle - Keeps Metallic slags cost low other than that its nice
    Overcharged Golem
    Paralytic Strike - Good if with a Paralyze deck
    Death Nova: Electricity r3 - Deathnova's on U1 are great
    Electricity Aura r3 - Not a fan
    Spark Charge - Good for Electricity bgs
    Sabotage: Electricity - Not sure if it works when Bestowed, but could be cool
    Electricity Eater -Nice alt dmg regen


    In an IS/SP bg Bestow can work from a few of the Cyclops, Constructs although in most IS/SP Cyclops/Construct bgs Bestow will most often grant U1 depending on how you have your runes slotted.


    Chaos Brave
    Cyclops Rockshaper
    Cyclops Stonecaller
    Cyclops Symbiot
    Cyclops Warwizard

    Corrupted Guardian
    Cyclops Artificer
    Cyclops Blastmage
    Cyclops Chieftain
    Cyclops Hurler
    Zeventrech the Last

    Cyclops Shaman
    Cyclops Stormcaller

    Alpine Cyclops
    Cyclopean Warcart
    Cyclops Battlefiend
    Cyclops Mauler
    Cyclops Ritualist
    Cyclops Seer
    Drudge Cyclops

    Cyclopalypse Cannon
    Cyclops Earthshaker
    Cyclops Hauler
    Cyclops Lurker
    Cyclops Nemesis
    Cyclops Primal
    Cyclops Runt
    Cyclops Wardrummer
    Cyclops Warsmith
    Cyclops Youth
    Eager Cyclops
    Vengeful Cyclops

    Spells/Relics/Equips will come with each specific bg. I'm can only think of Necro Hex, Horrific Mutation, Taint and Vinetouch Pedestal as other runes that directly benefit Spare Parts. I'm unsure of Identity Crisis and how that interacts so I can't say until I test that for myself. If it works I still need to gauge how to play it.
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    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    Anything specific you're looking for? I'm still just going down the list until I find anything more I want to expand on. FW and SL have a lot of options as with KF so I can start on those after SP. FS will be last unless otherwise specifically asked for cause that is unfortunately only a U1 Faction, I really want to start an UD split but that's my least played faction and so I don't have much perspective on those runes, Minos seem fun but Goblin King is the rune to revolve a Spare Parts bg around. ST and IS are the factions I have the most experience with and so I'll leave those till the absolute last to talk about.

    SP - SL - KF - UD - FS - FW -ST - IS

    I think I'll set it up this way, so that after SP I can discuss racial manipulation, I'll give myself a break and make the UD bg that I want to try out, then go back to Racial Manipulation and then end with ST and IS. I have no clue what I'm going to write for ST or IS mainly because there are better people to speak for FF IS and my IS/ST bg are more gimmicky than the rest of the Spare Parts bgs.
  14. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    Been sick and my brother is visiting while he's on winter break so haven't been entirely focused on pumping out bg breakdowns.

    Although, I've been entirely oblivious to Mirror Trap and actually think it may have some great use in Spare Parts. Transplant on Wood Elemental would be great to destroy mirror clones, I know it won't destroy the opponents champion, however it prevents Transplant from destroying one of your own champions due to poor positioning.

    I'm not sure but I believe Mirror Trap would be really good on a Ranged champion since you would be able to play carelessly and upfront with the Clone while allowing for better positioning to pull off a Bestow Combo. If you can take the aggression off Groble/Earth Golem or other Units that have Bestow that would be ideal for field control, also if you get a good spread of ranged units from your own bg and the opponents you should be able to have zero gaps in range as you advance forward.

    With KF's Magic Amp I'd really think that having Grintmaw Shaman and Lodestone Megalith with Magic Eater would be great for the bg, add in 1-2 Dread units and LM can bestow Magic Eater to the rest of your champions for some extra healing. Holy Light is really great imo for Magic bgs and I've been playing it more and more.

    I am going to be working on some bgs tonight so if there's anything I should keep an eye out for in any faction just let me know.
  15. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    So I'm not sure if this can be Bestowed, and at which point it is a dead ability on U1 for Whitestone and Blackstone Gragoyle in Spare Parts however, @Sokolov can a unit be outright destroyed with Perseverance? I'm not sure if Ravish would kill the unit or not, by the wording of it idt it does, jw.

    Spare Parts
    Blood Crest
    Mason's Spire
    Whitestone Gargoyle - Perseverance
    Blackstone Gargoyle - Perseverance
    Lodestone Builder - Mason's Spire
    Ravish unit

    Also what are your thoughts on

    Spare Parts
    Whitestone Gargoyle - Perseverance
    Blackstone Gargoyle - Reverie: Drakon
    Clockwork Swarm
    Ravish unit

    I'd rather make more Gargoyle runes instead of having an army of Gargoyles this way.
  16. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!


    Something I threw together to test out G'hern Jugglers Grant: Death Nova: Fire, I really like consume on all the Ghern and how they play so well into Spare Parts; Ghern General is an absolute monster in a lot of bgs imo. There are a lot of damaging Spells and I've come to really enjoy those runes in IS, Elemental Vortex is something I've wanted to try for a while and I'm not disappointed yet (I usually hate auras)

    If you wanted to run Highlander I'm all for it, however I like the consistent deploys that SP faction bonus offers my IS runes (Groble/Lodestones) since those are the units I will be casting Spare Parts and then Consuming/positioning for Bestow.

    Grintmaw Bouncer would be great to Improve: Range all of the Ghern, Rock Defiance on base gives it more bang for it's buck in this bg since Gherns will easily get Rock Defiance from Groble/Earth Golem; add in that Bouncer will most likely be Flagbearer to further boost all your units.

    A Moga or two could be pretty helpful in this bg, I'm still fiddling around with it. Voil King would be a good addition, although that's maybe the only Split Hero I use and so I leave it out every now and again to mix things up for myself. That just goes to show there are a lot of possibilities, and removing one or two runes from a module here or there means you can better support another one that didn't have enough slots before.

    I'm excited for Identity Crisis to get looked at, hopefully it's not too troublesome and can really benefit IS/SP Spare Parts. I'm not sure of other uses for it and idt I've ever had it work so really it's an open rune. If it gets reworked, perhaps having it play in with Grimlic's Mirror.
  17. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff The King of Potatoes

    Thanks for this guide, made me beat a few campaigns easier. Spare part spell is very useful against the AI in legendary campaigns.
    it feels like a bug though that bestow do work on none-constructs, but guess it is intended, could see a Bastion the avenger with split/a few immunities
    Now is it powerful enough to use in normal play, not sure yet, havent tested mixing things up so much as you have described above, still thanks alot

    do you have a list of all upgrades the race construct can have from FF IS? :)
  18. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    Thank you, glad this could help someone out. I have a pdf file in the original post that has a more detailed breakdown for Spare Parts as with a list of every Construct, by rarity, and their upgrades. Let me know if there is anything else I can help out with. It's been a while since I've played but I'm always around.
  19. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff The King of Potatoes

    annoying-construct.JPG So after playing around with constructs, grintmaws, rockdefiance+spare parts i bought 2 goblin kings and made an IS/UD split, crazy powerful. sure the goblin kings can only get upgrade1 from spare parts, but its so fun seeing them get an ability from constructs when i deploy. sadly they refuse to get rock defiance so far. but after playing FF IS trolls, the is/ud deck is silly OP. sacrifice spell is just the thing spare part deck needs, go into combat get hurt a little, position right, sacrifice and deploy something new fun.
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  20. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    I only have one GK so didn't test it enough to comment on its power with Spare Parts. Been testing Consume more and it is crazy good too, gobble grobles lol, and in FW having NecroHex it's easy to maximize Spare Parts with Constructs/Undead.

    I'm excited for Goblin Queen and if she will be worth the slot. Do you have a preferred champion to deploy after GK or does the play style not lend itself to that kind of structured deploy; Kingmaker or Reticulated Spline Hawk, GK, Groble, Kingmaker/Reticulated Splinehawk, Groble...that's what I would expect to be one of the better deploy options but idk

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