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    What follows is my position on fonts and a suggested change I have. Sok himself has said he plans on fixing fonts problems by splitting fonts into Nora and deployment this is just another solution I came up with. I apologize in advance for the long post.

    What is a font and how does it affect the game?

    Fonts are structures that provide nora and deployment. They serve as strategic goals in the game and help direct the flow of battle.

    Why is change needed?

    Currently the combination of nora and deployment that fonts provide such a big bonus that losing mid font gives a huge advantage that is extremely hard to come back from. This restricts most of the game to a giant battle over mid and unbalances all fast early deploys while shoeboxing all slow early deploys. Also it just feels wrong to me that something so central to this game is so high risk high reward.

    Possible Solution:
    Give the following abilities to all fonts:

    Improve HP: This font gains 15 Max HP. This ability initially cost X Nora and the cost increases by Y nora per activation. (capped at 100hp)

    Improve Nora: This font gains 1 rank of Nora Miner. This ability initially cost X Nora and the cost increases by Y nora per activation. (capped at 4 ranks)

    New Rules will apply to fonts:

    Opposing fonts must have 0 HP before they can be contested.

    When a font is contested or captured it reverts back to a normal font.

    Essentially these changes do two things. Puts a cost on Nora gen for fonts and provides a easy way to defend fonts. Now because fonts have to be invested in to provide nora It is no longer necessary to rush middle. If youre opponent ruishes mid They will be forced to invest heavily in font hp and champions to defend said font before they would dare to invest in Nora gen. This gives you time to do other things like buildup a strong army, Invest in your side font, etc. Simpily put now every battle doesn't have to be over a font. You are free to make other choices without destroying your chances of winning.

    Arguments against this solution:

    This Change Makes the Game to Complex:

    Is this more complex than the current system in place? Yes. However I would argue it makes the game easier to understand. This change would make fonts a clear defensive position that you always know you can fall back to. In addition you wouldn't have to constantly count sqaures or be worried of some crazy rush your opponent can make to take your font. Now the focous is on what you want to do. Not what you have to do.

    This Change would servely lenthy the time it takes to play a game:

    No I don't think it would. Actually quite contary to this I believe this change would shorten games. Now that rushing the opponents fonts is no longer forced you can focous on th real goal of this game. Destroying the opposing shrine which is a lot less time consuming than destroying the opponents fonts/army and then attacking the shrine. On maps like Ironfist Pass where capturing the font is forced this change would defiantly increase the difficulty of taking mid font. However only in certain scnerios where the opponent has taken and reinforced midfont for a while and constantly improved it with hp ugrades will this become a problem. In addition the opponent would have invested so much nora into the font at that your army should be stronger than theirs.

    This change would unequally benefit certain font bonuses and worsen others:

    Since this change is theoretical and none of it has been implemented I don't know how it would effect the current bonuses. I would specalate however that it does unequally benifet certain bonouses however are all faction bonouses even = currently? ask any ST player. No they are not.

    Is This the only solution to the current font problem?

    No. There are many other solutions that can be made to fix the problem.

    What abillities, spells, and mechanics does this change effect?

    In all cases I think this change has either a positive or no effect on the abillities, Font blessing, Font defender, Secure Fonts, Font eruption, Stronghold, and Shattered fonts. However Consume Resources would certainly have to be changed.

    Thnxs for reading. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
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  2. claydude5

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    Or just make mid fonts a special kind of font that is deploy only. This will still give it strategic use to fight over but make snowballing less. All other fonts can be called nora fonts and look different.

    Another possibility is just make mid font take 2 uncontested rounds to cap.
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  3. Woffleet

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    Ok so here is a expansion of my idea. In this chart the letters represent abillities and the numbers represent ranks. The idea is to have two different upgrade trees for fonts and the player chooses which one they want to use. Ideally you would pay nora for each abillity which would then unlock the next abillity further down the tree.

    The Idea is to help mold a faction identiy into each font that is more complex than the current single abillity. Each ugrade tree represents a different aspect of a faction and the original abilities represent a overview of the faction. The wrath factions will be more offensive while the Protecerate factions are more defensive. All Fonts will be given Strenth of body so they can use some of there offensive tools.

    A = cleanse, B = Choking Aura, C = Water front(Consecutive ranks would improve the range by 1), D = heal mass

    A = Natures Balance, B = Ressurect, C = Jungle Front(Consecutive ranks would improve the range by 1), D = Natures Blessing

    A = Ritoughs shield, B = Cleansing Aura, C = Heal champion( Starts at 16 HP, 20 HP, then 24HP), D = Battlemaster

    A = starshine, B = Crystalize, C = Ice front(Consecutive ranks would improve the range by 1), D = Force Barrier

    A = dread, B = soul collection, C= Descret zone 4/5/6, D = Frightful Aura

    A = Desert Front, B= Divine Wellspring , C = Violence Charged, D= Supercharged

    A = Weaken spells, B =Rebuke rank 3, C = Lightning Storm Rank 3, D= Shifting ground wihin 3/4/5 spaces

    A = Lava Storm, B = flame strike, C = Fire bomb, D= Searing Aura 4/5/6

    Obviously all these bonuses arn't balanced however I think this is a cool idea. As always any thoughts, comments, ideas, or suggestions are welcome.
  4. Sokolov

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    I think if fonts change, it has to be a fairly simple distinction.

    You spawn into the map and you know "this Font is X" and "that font is Y"

    Or maybe they aren't called fonts.

    I think letting Fonts have upgrades and other things are things we can do via spells/relics.
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  5. Markoth

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    Fonts and Forts!
    Fonts generate nora.
    Forts deploy champs.
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  6. Ragic

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    let fonts have levels. lvl 1 : neutral, lvl 2: nora only, lvl 3: nora + deploy. can only cap or contest 1 lvl per turn.
  7. Woffleet

    Woffleet I need me some PIE!

    Can the forts have Upgrade trees Plz? I seriously like that idea
  8. limone1981

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    Having different kind of font/fort will be really awesome....think about the tactical and strategiacl opportunities related to all of this!! I totally support an idea like this, maybe w/out the upgrades but just a distinction btw font=nora and fort=deploy
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  9. Woffleet

    Woffleet I need me some PIE!

    The player should still get the chance to choose what they want. Fort or font it shouldn't be forced
  10. Sealer0

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    I actually like the idea of choosing whether you want a deployment zone or money.

    Although that would slow the game though quite a bit, and UD would probably not win as much as it does now.
  11. Woffleet

    Woffleet I need me some PIE!

    I still like the idea of investing in your font/fort
    Font you invest in Nora
    Fort you invst in HP
  12. chickenpox2

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    what about maps with 4 or more fonts how many will be nora and deploy
  13. OriginalG1

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    sounds like it will buff all no font nora generation. In turn backlash might be stable for non-nora gen bg's.

    I really have no idea what the point is to changing the game so much. Balance in pox is like world _ _ _ _ _, just a idea.
  14. Ragic

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    is there an R?
  15. Woffleet

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    back on topic:

    So Fonts and forts:
    Forts: deployment only
    Fonts: nora

    what else should they do? should the player have a choice to choose what they want?
  16. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    no: R

    World _ _ _ _ _
  17. claydude5

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  18. Markoth

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    It would likely be easier to balance maps with separate font/forts. Forts would likely be what people fight over and placement on the map will dictate where people move the majority of their troops. Fonts however are important and players would have to balance capturing fonts (which would be to the side of maps) with progressing their push.
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  19. SPiEkY

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    is there a 7?
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  20. Woffleet

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    This is a good analysis however. The current functioning of fonts is still to fragile. HP Investment in forts would solve this issue.
    and still having fonts instant gen 12 nora per turn makes draws restricted because no player in the right mind would give the opponent a 12nora advantage by deploying a slower champ.

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