A toast to the Legends!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jun 7, 2018.

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    I actually got my copy of it
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    Highly doubt this.
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    There is Patreon so lots of peaple may fund new game but I don't think that old, outdated and buggy Poxnora should exist in 2018.
    Forge new team of developers, give new ideas and let the thing happen. I think that many of players would gladly help with testing and balancing game.
    Instead of whinning and all you better tell what you expect from new game. For me new poxnora is 2D but maybe some of you want 3d.
    I would like to see more animations, and some of you want static units that looks more like pawns in chess. I want more choice in upgrades like
    T1STATS/T2SKILLS/T3RACE or something like that. I want just 4 factions KF/IS and UD/FW. No faction bonuses just fonts: GRASS/ROCK/LAVA/SHADOW. I want more SIMPLE and BALANCED game than with HUGE AMOUNT OF EVERYTHING and BUGGY.
  4. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    i'm curious what would people change about pox's game play cycle to improve it?

    no font's?, stage hazards? all card revealed? more runes? less runes? assume skies the limit.

    personally, I'd implement side boards.

    the concept would be you'd see the opposing shrine and player and be able to swap in a number of runes from your side board before the match starts.

    I feel gimmick bg's get a bad rep only because players don't have the option to run counter runes like in most competitive format tcgs.

    nobody runs that global detect spell in IS but if you end up against a shrine rush deck I bet that would get sided in every time....facing frost amp maybe swap in some frost immune champs.
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    I made Poxnora 2 thread i General Discussion so you guys can share your thoughts about that.
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    Believe it.
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    Nobody remembers me. RIP. That's what I get for not playing for so long.

    RIP Dorigon.
  8. Karmavore


    No I remember you, mostly for negative reasons, but I remember.

    Just to clarify tho your level of villanism hasn't yet reached the likes of mmrv/mw24.
  9. Karmavore


    And I'm just going to come out and say it, someone is already making pox from scratch for the inevitable shut down. He's moving along quite well and should be ready by Christmas for play testing. Check the poxnora discord under "design" if you don't believe.. We as a community really need to rally behind @Capitulator

    I'd also like to say don't expect mass scale production but that's what he told me and i wont be holding him too it since he is doing it by himself for now; and quite frankly it's a lot to do. So be patient.
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  10. Gnomes

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    ya i saw, and not to be mean, but while it might not be laggy like pox or there will be less bugs. its not really a step forward from what i saw of what sprites he wants to include. i mean a game is not all graphics but going from this Half 3d model of what we have now too two bit sprites is meh. i rather see LongSword style graphics and map, but with the pox characters and world.
  11. calisk

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    this is why I haven't bothered to try, to be quite honest I want to recreate the pox system, but when it comes to art and music i'd simply hit the wall, you guys would be playing pox with stick figures lol
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  12. Karmavore


    Well this is what I mean people who can help him with those features should. If we care to have something in the future we should help him in any way possible.
    Too bad andralexis isn't around anymore I know his art was phenomenal.

    Plus if there's promise of a strong community backing he was saying there's potential for longevity and future things like rune releases which obviously would require some sort of staff, the potential is there. Im very excited for what can/could be done from him. I mean it's basically limitless if there's enough support. Everything we've ever wanted for this game could become a reality.. and I can't stress this enough he needs to have us behind him, otherwise theres really no point for him to be putting in all the free time he can devote to preserving this game.
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  13. Capitulator

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    Just to clarify, by December I aim to have a working proof of concept with placeholder art. The sprites I suggested are what I'd use so that alpha/beta testers could log on and distinuish units enough to play. If all this works (and is bug free, not laggy etc) then an art and map upgrade could be made.

    Changing a client skin to use different sprites, render a 3D terrain etc. is almost entirely artist time. It's the last step in the process.
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  14. Gnomes

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    Thats great to hear. Could you give an example of what kind of end goal of art / style you are looking at? would it be 3d? where you can swivel the camera around your characters?

    something like shardbound/longsword/XCOM but with bigger maps and the whole shrine/font idea? or more like duelyst ect?

    I mean ill support your game no matter what because the pox universe is my highest rated selling point. But immersion is my second and biggest selling point after that, just like in most other games for me. Can i feel like im an army of cyclops that are whacking the Bane Shift out of your puny ass ferran? And things being 3d and having attack animations and stuff really help with that. Thats why the longsword game to me had so many nice selling points like the map builder and turn based strategy the moving camera. But the pedestals and the board that kinda just drops off into a nice background panorama takes away from the fantasy.
  15. Capitulator

    Capitulator I need me some PIE!

    I'm deferring the decision until there is a fully functioning client (and game). Drawing sprites and developing a 3D view aren't my area of expertise so it will be contracted out to a third party.

    For reference, my background in coming to Pox was when I was looking for a modern alternative to Dark Legions (showing my age a bit there). So I'm all about seeing real creatures stomping around maps:
  16. Bondman007

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    NICE...I loved Dark Legions. Cool game, nice strategy (although illusionists and summoners were OP). Silicon Knights were by far my favorite Devs back then.
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    Dam they had me beat too?
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    Bumping this thread JUST CUZ. Miss you guys.
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    Who are you?
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    This is a pretty bittersweet nostalgia trip. Sitting here on a Sunday night.

    I decide to to click on that book mark that has been in my toolbar since around mid 2007(Maybe 2008 I'm unsure) and check the forums, something I haven't done since the end of summer at least.
    I see this post and all the names of some of the old Vets of Pox and how the game is literally on it's deathbed. I'd like to mention some others though I'm unsure how many will remember them.

    @goldmonkee Easily one of the best Savage tundra players I'd ever seen in my time.

    @TheRavager usually had enjoyable games

    @BurnPyro The guy I watched for SL tips and helped me improve my game, pleasure to watch.

    @Axeraiser again, another pleasure to watch

    Definitely more I'm not remembering, most of these guys were active in the forums, active in game chat and were always good for putting on great games, my friends and I would jump in a few times and watch these titans
    battle it out. And that's another thing I played this game with a few friends, some of them I haven't spoken to in years and another I'm living with, PoxNora was always a talking point for us, always talking about BattleGroup ideas (i should mention we were still in our first years of high school so like 12-13? This game brought us together from the first time we played it.

    My first game happened shortly after I arrived at my friends house he said "You gotta check out this game" so I did and spent about an hour fighting for my honor with the now very old UnderDepths starter group and loved the Nefari dragon (i like dragons sue me). I was hooked, shortly after I decided I like the savage tundra, read the short stories that came out, eventually convinced my dad to buy my first runes and this was back when 30 packs (I think it was 30) I rolled a blinding recollection and Tracker Gnark) and lemme tell you for a kid getting those exotics was pretty hype. I did eventually switch to the sundered lands but again.DRAGON.PEOPLE.

    Through the years we continued playing, having a blast and just being teenage guys, till we started getting busier as all folks do. stopped playing but kept coming back every so often, lurking on the forums. Even now me and my Room mate still talk about this game and memorable matches we had, how stoked I was getting to rank 218 after a successful morning of ranked and then never touched ranked again till my rank went down (I wasn't a fantastic player).

    I'm assuming literally all of you are wondering "Who the hell is this dude?" or maybe you're using another adjective who knows, I wasn't outspoken, more of a lurker, rarely posted here, didn't make a fuss or start crap with anyone nor was I an amazing player, definitely average maybe worse who knows. Just wanna say thanks Pox and the community for being genuinely amazing and I'll make sure to get one last game before it goes dark.
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