All good things must come to an end

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    Heya guys, this is going to be a long(ish) post, full of a bunch of personal crap that very few people are going to care about, so if you want the tl;dr just skip to the last paragraph or so.

    As a gamer I've always been drawn to strategy and I cut my teeth on games like Warcraft 2, StarCraft: Brood War, Age of Empires, and Chess. But by far the most unique and lasting experience, the love of my gamer life, has been Pox Nora. Like many of you (I assume), I found it almost completely by chance in my early teens, and at first it was just a way to kill some time on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

    I didn't think much of it then, but somehow along the way I made friends, formed connections, and became a part of the community - a community that functioned (at times) like a large, raucous and dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless. It sustained me through my high school and early college years, when I had nothing and no one, but a dingy university dormitory and a six pack of Mountain Dew.

    Hopping online and firing up a match was something of a cure-all. It soothed me when I received a less than exemplary grade on a test (and was probably actually responsible for a few of them.. sue me), and the precious friendships I had gained kept me from killing myself on those empty nights when I felt so desperately alone. I was never a particular prominent member of the community, but I nevertheless became immersed in the culture and found myself a relatively permanent fixture here.

    This isn't something I ever could have articulated back in those good old days, mostly because back then I suffered from the foulest and most common of mental ailments - youth. As such, it has taken me many years to properly formulate my feelings on the matter, but for the sake of brevity I'll give you the cliff notes: Pox Nora was far more than a game. It was belonging. It was enlightening. Most importantly, it was fun.

    Nearly my entire life I've been plagued with a certain loneliness. This kind of loneliness comes only when a boy has no tribe. No dreams. In its beloved quirky way, Pox Nora gave me both.

    Still, somehow it seems that I've lost track of time. I got old, dudes. Yesterday I was a pimple-faced teenager arguing with ZacMystro about the OPness of Centaur Archer, butI woke up today a grown man, with a serious relationship, a business, and all the trappings of a man preparing to embark on the next stage of his life. Geeze, would you look at that..... what happened to the time?

    Out of all the ways Pox Nora could have potentially died, I never would have guessed it would perish quite like this. At the risk of sounding equal parts sentimental and cliché, it broke my heart. Even though I haven't been as active as usual over the last few years, I've never quite been able to bring myself to hang it up entirely - until now. I can't stand to watch this happen anymore, but I also could never disappear without saying goodbye.

    So this is my salutation. My parting words to all my brothers who laughed and cried with me all those countless nights and early mornings so many years ago, if there are indeed any of you left. Mostly, though, this is just my private reverie to a game that helped a confused, scared boy find his way.

    And now for the part that most of you will care about. I'm relinquishing my r00n3z. Below, you'll find a screencap of everything in my collection. It's all free, even down to the Sixul that cost me two weeks pay, in the days before every faction had a lim.

    Here's the only difference: To get the runes you want, post here with a fond memory you have of someone or something you experienced in-game. Doesn't have to be all fancy, just something that makes you smile.

    My special shout-outs go to the perpetually good-natured @Karmavore (The Watchmen!!!), @xaznsoulx (my brother from another mother), @nepyonisdead (you are batshit crazy my dude, but I love you), @Etherielin (we'll always have Paris), and @kthx, the bro I met really late in my pox career but still one of the coolest dudes you'll ever find. Cya later, bros.
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    Well said. :)
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    - Something something... same.

    - New games don't promote communities like this did anymore. RIP
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    Great post, Holmes. I agree that it is dying an agonizing death. But, it will be out of its misery soon. Good luck out there man.
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    peace be upon you!
    hopefuly you find something else to fill the void.
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    I feel like most of us have grown up on this game. The amount of people who have been around for 10+ years is insane considering the playerbase. I remember being a 12 year old kid setting my alarm for the rank reset so I could check to see if I was top 100 the first time I hit it. I wanted that blue name so bad ahaha. I’m trying to throw together a psy build so if you could spare and Jellebrium or Firk (namely Jellebrium Exitspicer, Nexus, Overmind, Firk Soultheif and Voidmage) I would be grateful. Best of luck!!
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    Sure, man. You're the only one out of everyone who asked me for runes to actually follow the instructions and post a memory haha. Trade here:
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    Seriously though give me all your runes.
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    One of my fondest memories is when I came back to the game after leaving while Occupi owned it. I honestly thought i was gunna be tossed aside and taken advantage of but what i found was a large group of players who played back when i did who were willing to show me the ropes again. From there i made it a goal to help atleast one new player everytime i logged in, whether it be tips on deck building, better stragedies with some of the metas or even trying to help track down that last rune to complete the battlegroup. It's sad to see a game like this waste away but i wouldnt trade the experience and the people i met for anything. Personally i am just looking UD and IS runes; im showing my daughter how to play and i wanna get her rolling so that she'll atleast have the runes to keep up.

    But regardless of whether i get the runes, thank you for being apart of the community that made me stick it out for so long. Good luck in future endeavors!!

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