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    Let's be clear, we talking the first half of Death Note, yes?
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    How terrible did it get? I lost interest about 2/3 of the way through and never finished it.
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    If by "first half" you mean everything up until L died, then yes. The show got quite a bit worse after that, I admit, though it wasn't entirely unwatchable. I finished the whole thing mostly because I had spent so much time watching it already that I was too invested in the story. But when they took out L, I was pretty bummed, since he was by far my favorite character. Near didn't live up to his predecessor's reputation, and I found his competition with Mello to crowd out the main storyline.
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    Guess I'm rather late to this thread think I read all the posts and I'm rather suprised by the fact no body brought up bakemonogatari, or maybe I just missed it. The show has some truely great scenes and dialogue, plus one of the most frightening ( and wonderful ) tsundere ever.

    Also no love for paprika seems unusual, for people that want stories with symbolism and deeper meanings it is based off of a book written by a psychiatrist that wanted to try and mix psychoanalysis and a book together. If nothing else it is worth watching for some of the visuals during the dreams, so much color and I love the music. I realized it has some darker themes in it when I watched a second and third time.

    I really like oran high, it is very silly but from time to time actually has some decent story plus the characters are pretty fun even if they are kind of cliche ( pointedly so in some ways ). I didn't see anyone talk about excel saga, it is a giant ball of crazy and spoofs all the classic anime genres from giant mecha to sports, to high school romances and many more. Plus the main character kills the creator of the series in the first few minutes of the show, and there is a man with a giant afro running around for no aparrent reason. As long as you can embrace the crazy and don't think to hard it is a great ride.

    Some others that I found good but didn't see ( in no particular order ) are dual, it came out after evangelion did ( atleast in the us not sure on actual creation ) so a lot of people dismissed it as a cheap knock off but it is a much lighter series. most the miyazaki stuff, my favorite is probably porco roso but they are all good or great ( I have a wall scroll of the bus stop scene from totoro hanging in my room ). full metal panic, first season was good, second was a great comedy, third not so great. Patlabor, giant mecha meets keystone cops almost describes it. Ah my goddess, it is a classic and far to sweet of a show but belldandy will always be one of my favorites. Slayers did zany fantasy for three seasons and a couple of movies and did it well. I really like please teacher, but hated the follow up series please twins or something like that. I my me strawberry eggs had some fun scenes and the reverse sexism was a great commentary on the situation irl. Lastly el hazard ( the ova not the tv series ) gets a special note, it is a decent show but mainly because it had my first anime crush in it. I think I've been watching anime for longer than a lot of people in the thread so some of these may seem old just fyi. Also sorry for the wall of text.
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    It hasn't?
    I am fully certain it was. Maybe we used to have an old anime thread and it was mentioned there?
    But yeah, Bakemonogatari is my favorite anime.
    There is a reason I am using this profile picture afterall.
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    Maybe it was, 19 pages is a lot to go over so I may very well have missed it. And the show is good enough to be talked about again even if it has.
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    Is it wrong to pick up a girl in a dungeon?
  8. newsbuff

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    I'm a big otaku.

    For the most part, if an anime has some mixture of fantasy/sci fi theme, fanservice, and/or pettanko I will be all over it.

    My top ten favorite animes are:

    1. Rosario+Vampire
    2. Familiar of Zero
    3. Strike Witches
    4. Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari
    5. Madoka Magica
    6. My Little Sister Can't be this Cute
    7. Lotte no Omacha!
    8. Popotan
    9. Ano Hana / The Flower We Saw that Day
    10. Moetan

    Favorite Mangas:

    1. Negima! magister Negi Magi
    2. Dance in the Vampire Bund
    3. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? / Is This a Zombie?
    4. Welcome to the NHK!
    5. Sundome

    yes: Ecchi/DFC/Fantasy/Sci Fi
    no: sports/slice of life/giant boobs/shounen

    proof: my in my house covered in wallscrolls, wearing my waifu jacket:
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    it's funny but now it has started bleeding into reality:

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Mmm Mizure. Still sad we didn't get the scene were Tsukune was taken to the yuki onna village to be wed.

    Also, Toradora! sounds like it was made for you.

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Welll spoken.
  12. newsbuff

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    I love toradora! and pretty much every tsundere voiced by Rie Kugimiya
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  13. Boozha

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    Found this. Am oddly intrigued.
  14. newsbuff

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    This pic of me recently went viral on the tubes:

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    I approve of this.
    -steals your Hachikuji figurine-
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    New feedback:

    Rokka: Braves of six flowers: sucks, it looked awesome and all but the story is redundant and guessable. It's so slow that i don't even know why im still watching that.. bad episode endings, instead of making you guessing what is next you are like "OH FOR F* SAKE JUST SKIP THIS ALREADY"
    Prison School: hilarious af. recomended
    Charlotte: actually good story and character development. recomended
    Overlord: Bit too slow, takes 3 episodes to let you know the main character misses his buddys and stuff, story takes for ever to reach nowhere, totally unnessesary. I still watch this because of fantacy world and Bane Shift.
    Log Horizon: very cool world development, i love the strategic/economic part but in both 24episode seasons at least half of them are fillers full of noisy girly bullshit
    Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought there: impressed by this one, having fun with the great world and story development and minimal girly bs. recomended.
    Ushio & Tora: Bad.
    Ranpo Kitan: 85% noisy girly bullshit, 15% gore. not worth it.
    God Eater: bad.

    anyone knows how its called that noisy girly bs?

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