Anyone in/served in the US Army or Airforce?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Cydna, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Cydna

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    I'm trying to hear your experience in either branch. I plan on talking to a recruiter soon, but from what I've heard is that recruiters are somewhat untrustworthy (sorry if that's false).

    So please do, feel free to share your experiences if you served in either branch or even if you were in the Navy/Marines, feel free to share your opinion.

    P.S. Stay away Boozha -_-
  2. HannibalFee

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    I've heard some stories about the recruiters giving false info which hopefully is just an isolated case.(warning that they're all pretty much just salesmen). I'm sure they don't all just go around and lie just to drag some poor kid into BS.

    They will try their best to bring you in and be your buddy so don't really go for one unless you're absolutely certain you are in for what you want. Do you're homework.

    edit: have you decided what kind of job you want to do yet? badass right? won't really find that in the chairforce
  3. JazzMan1221

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    You're not nearly buff enough to join the US army. They'll laugh you right out the door.
  4. Cydna

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    If you're serious, which I think you aren't, you seem misinformed. I've seen a lot of people around my size in the Army when my brother went to Basic.

    Now if I tried to join the Marines... QQ

    My brother was originally going to join the Navy but he found out the recruiter was lying to him. He was lying about pay, jobs, and something else, but my brother pretty much said F*** the Navy and joined the Army instead. I believe he got 80ish on the ASVAP and they tried to offer him a s*** job.
  5. KingJad

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    43% of Americans are not physically capable of being in the U.S. Armed Forces.
    This statistic is untrue but is believable
  6. Boozha

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  7. KingJad

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    It's all good because I'm American.
  8. sokotra

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    Just be sure of what job (mos) you want and don't let them talk you into doing something else that you have no interest in or won't help you out in the future when you are done with the military.
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  9. Ragic

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    boozha and gressen jump in here to call y'all baby killers yet? ah well im sure its coming.
  10. Boozha

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    I was told not to. Besides, most soldiers don't kill babies. Some do though; best course of action in that case is to shoot them in the back of the head three seconds prior.
  11. Baskitkase

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    Here's my advice on recruiters: If you do not have it in writing, it will not happen.

    What does this mean to you? Recruiters do not have a clue about how most of their service works, as far as specific jobs and their descriptions. You need to figure out what YOU want to do.

    A good question to ask is: What do you want to do AFTER the armed services? With that answer I can help alot more.

    Regardless, once you figure out what you want to do I'd ask the recruiters to get you in touch with someone in that job field. BEFORE you enlist.

    Once you sign, they're going to be done with you. You have leverage until you sign.

    Their job is to procure belly buttons. They don't care how its done or what you end up doing, as long as they can get you to sign they'll say anything.

    "That job in intell, sure you'll get it, lets sign you up to make sure we have the best chance at getting you in after bootcamp" Um... no.

    Remember, these guys have rank on their shoulders, but you'll never see them again. Don't get sold.

    That doesn't mean they are all bad. They are doing the best they can to fill the rank with able bodies, thats their job and they work hard at it. You can appreciate that and still get a win for yourself as well.

    You're not cut out for the Army/Marines? I'm 6"1" 215 (haha, probably more like 220 now, fatty). I'm a big guy, I work out, but those skinny guys ran circles around me in bootcamp. Bodies are better set up for energy conservation and such. But it's 99% mental and 1% physical. If you believe you can do it, you can do it.

    But don't join the Marines unless you want to see action. You will have an incredibly good chance at putting your life on the line. You need to decide if you are a careerist or a warrior. Both are necessary but both will absolutely hate being in the wrong job.

    As for the Airforce, I spent a couple years on an Airforce base and the life is quite nice. Lots of liberty and free time. Chow halls are like Luby's (a good cafe).

    I need to know what your motivations for joining are, and what your plans are after you get out, then we can talk more.
  12. Boozha

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    Warrior, *chortle*

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    ******, *chortle*
  14. Boozha

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    Until soldier is actually one of the most dangerous occupations I won't be able to help laughing at this martialic nonsense. Wanna put your life on the line? Become a firefighter.
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    and not be able to fight in battle? pfft. it's not about being suicidal
  16. Boozha

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    Battle against fire, an enemy far more dangerous than all terrorists put together.

    If you want to kill humans, though, well ... Become a soldier alright

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    or a serial killer, but my mom already has one drug head for a son so...
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    How was Thanksgiving in your household?

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    fun actually, not many people is all

    thanks for asking
  20. Cydna

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    Thank you for all that insight. At the moment my motivations for joining are: it's been a childhood dream, it seems like a good experience, and because I want to start the military trend in my family (I'll end up making my kids join, sorry future kids).

    My plans once I get out of the military depend. I feel like i'm not ready for the "Real World". By that I mean, I still feel like a 12 year old little kid. Some possible options I've been considering are Police Officer, something in the Criminal Justice area, something in the Med Field (Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist), or possibly something for the Government.

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