Apparently there is no free speech in Europe.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Ragic, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Ragic

    Ragic I need me some PIE!

    Congratulations. I hope you pack of fascists are proud of yourselves.
  2. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    well europe has never had free speech. not in the way america does in their constitution

    i mean not really.

    but it's a shame to see what little they did have die. don't worry though this train doesn't stop until it starts to effect the rich, then you'll see it come to a stop real fast.
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  3. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    that's the UK, they are ... special... I oncy accidentally brought a knife into the UK, then they didn't let me take it out of the UK. they probably gave it to some chav prick.
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  4. Dagda

    Dagda Forum Royalty

    ridiculously poor taste, sure; jailable offense seems like a bit of a stretch though
  5. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    Doesn't even seem to be in that bad of taste.

    He's not supporting ****'s or promoting them or anything, in the video in question he saying they are the worst
  6. Ragic

    Ragic I need me some PIE!

    Ever wonder what the bottom of a slippery slope looks like?

  7. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    the swedish political correctness thread is the other one.

    also where do you find these absolutely unreliable and unlikeable people

    ah okay got it, infowars.
    hes against the friggin frogs turning gay then.
  8. Ragic

    Ragic I need me some PIE!

    heres another wrong thinker for you.
  9. Ragic

    Ragic I need me some PIE!

    it does not surprise me that you see no connection to freedom of speech.
  10. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    sure theres a connection but Swedes are nuts for pol-correctness. and they have their own thread so why not go there? the norwegian/danish guy who made that thread is a lot more trustworthy than some guy who alt-right whines for a living.
  11. Ragic

    Ragic I need me some PIE!

    oh. so youre just blowing smoke. k
  12. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    no you fools need to make ut your mind about what exactly you want.
    one day you are screaming the EU is too powerfull the next you are pretending the actions of a couple of countries ( without EU backing or support or input) are EU directives.
  13. ProR2D2

    ProR2D2 I need me some PIE!

    If you support Free speech, please first learn what Free speech actually is: LoL

    Free speech

    1. What it is? The limitation on the government or government entities that pervents them from censoring information or people's communication. If you believe that the government should have this barrier/responsiblity, first you have to understand that defending free speech is defending right of people to express any view, including those you dislike (see video). It starts with you, because the government mission is to serve the society.

    2. The only exception to free speech are direct threats of violence (ex. "I'm going to kill you tomorrow"), so actually you can't joke about everything. I think is important to mention this exception because leaving it out is one of the main reasons people from both sides feels tingly, and some could argue rightfully so."Offenses" that are not direct threats are free speech and have no place in government.

    3. Private companies (like Poxnora) can engage in the censorship all they want, and sometimes IS NECESSARY because insults and spam can make it impossible to have a good environment for conversation anyways. Just ask @Sokolov's mods :). But remember that shutting someone up because you disagree with it is censorship, and censorship is for losers.
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  14. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    and racism or calls for others ( like religious followers of your cult) to violence.

    or yelling fire in a crowded theather or anything that causes a panic like that which can potentially result in harm to bystanders.

    I think you need to rethink the word only.
  15. ProR2D2

    ProR2D2 I need me some PIE!

    Lol what? No. Under the law you can be racist, white supremcist, gender supremacist, etc (whatever you call it). They are all thoughts. Otherwise it is an attack on free speech.

    If it's an "act" of racism, that would be called discrimination and it has special clauses. But we got it, you're against free speech.
    Yelling randomly has to do more with public disturbance than speech, because it has to do more with time, place, and manner of your actions.
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  16. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    Yeah I get it you like asterisks and pretend it;s something different. same bullshit different topic.
    as long as you can pretend I am different from you while you spout the same ( and many times worse) things.

    you're a good* person.

    * sarcasm, you're not actually a good person.
  17. Ragic

    Ragic I need me some PIE!

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  18. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    actually the joke is the UK.
  19. badgerale

    badgerale Warchief of Wrath

    I've heard a lot of disgust about this from the leftwing as well as the right. David Baddeil (leftwing, jewish) has been on the news saying it is ****ed up.

    In this case, it's hard to disagree.
  20. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    Hmmm....the left wing are the people doing it, the more moderate lefts would be the ones condemning it

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