Armed robbery backfires when women pulls gun on robber

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by profhulk, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Oh, are we doing the thing where we pretend the government is taking everyone's guns again?
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    One could also argue that the guy might not have tried to rob her if he didn't have a gun.
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    true but as the article says

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    No doing the thing where I promote gun ownership as self defense in large cities with disproportionate violent crime being under reported, and the victims relatively unknown to the public. The same large cities with an overgrown welfare oriented democratic government that are doing harm to the rest of the population with their ineffective democratic policies which have been failing for decades.
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    The same large cities that have the strongest gun control laws in the country, but for some reason people are still dying from all manner of violence. the news under reports these crimes or won't report them at all, because the news is so politically correct they can't realistically report which portion of the population is committing a disproportionate amount of the crime. Progressive Liberalism is destroying freedom and the people, and it is good to call it like it is every once in a while. I decided to whistle into the echo chamber.
  7. JazzMan1221

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    As far as I'm aware, there are only three countries in the world where citizens have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms: the USA, Mexico, and Guatemala. Two of those three countries, the USA and Guatemala, are ranked in the top 10 for highest number of gun-related deaths across multiple years, with Mexico not far behind at #16 (source: Coincidence? Possibly; and I was actually quite surprised to see the US clock in at only #10. But it's also important to consider that the vast majority of homicides in the US are the result of gun violence, unlike in other countries where guns aren't so common.
    (Note: the figures are a little out of date, but believe me when I say the more recent ones are no better)

    So what's the deal here? You might be inclined to take the pro-gun stance and say "Well if more ordinary citizens owned guns, these figures would be lower because criminals would be less willing to commit crimes if they knew they might get shot at." But this argument is a bit like saying "If we just had harsher punishments, people would be too afraid to commit crimes", which history has shown time and again to be incorrect. Even in medieval Europe when almost every crime was punishable by mutilation or death, crime rates were relatively high. Harsh punishments do not deter crime, because no criminal thinks they're going to get caught. And the threat of returned violence will never in itself deter violence.

    Now, it IS true that violent crimes in urban areas are significantly under-reported, however it's also true that similarly significant numbers of gun-related homicides are linked with gang activity and drug abuse (source: The article is a bit dense, so I'll just pick out a few key points.

    - "This report found that gang homicides were more likely to occur with firearms and in public places, which suggests that gang homicides are quick, retaliatory reactions to ongoing gang-related conflict"
    - "Whereas 27%–42% of the gang homicide victims were aged 15–19 years, only 9%–14% of the nongang homicide victims were in this age group"
    - "More than 90% of gang homicide incidents involved firearms in each city. For nongang homicides, firearms were involved in 57%–86% of the incidents"

    So we see that gang homicides are quick, retaliatory, and reactionary, often related to ongoing gang conflicts. This suggests (and is later confirmed by the article) that gun-related violence as committed by gangs is often over too quickly for witnesses and surveillance systems to provide accurate suspect identification, which would definitely lead to difficulties in prosecuting a case. Witnesses, upon hearing that the committed crime involved a gang, would likely be intimidated at the prospect of coming forward, fearing for their own lives. Also, consider basic gang psychology: loyalty is taken very seriously, and initiation often involves acts of violence upon rival gangs. It's highly unlikely that gang members would report violent crime of any sort, even if doing so might somehow hurt a rival gang. To them, the police are just as much an enemy as the other gangs are. So that leaves eyewitness testimony, which is notoriously unreliable, even more so when witnesses are terrified of coming forward.

    So to summarize, the problem here is that urban areas are hotbeds for gang activity, and gang activity contributes heavily to gun-related crime. Gangs will never report crimes, and witnesses will rarely report gang-related crime.
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    does the country have internal secured borders? does it have illegal gun factories where these illegal guns are being made for the illegal gun markets?

    you have never yet answered my question where all of those illegal black market guns are coming from. see y theory is that they are coming from *gasp* INSIDE the COUNTRY.
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    I think American gunlaws are bad, but I also think the US would be better off it it focused more on levelling inequalities, and improved mental health, and cleaned up its police departments. Heck. Who wouldn't want a gun with the latter being as untrustworthy as it is.
  10. Geressen

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    but the latter might be untrustworthy and quick on the trigger because they are more likely to be shot because of the sheer number of guns...

    it's a self sustaining cycle.

    like a bicycle that builds its own replacement parts.
  11. MBasse

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    Probably doesn't help, but there are clear examples of deescalation courses helping some departments lower their kill-rate significantly, unfortunately those courses are voluntary. There is also plenty of examples of deepseated corruption and/or racism at play, where the only proven solution is to purge the departments entirely from top to down.
  12. Geressen

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    americans will never vote for the anti-police candidates though :)
  13. super71

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    My favorite thing is when I hear, governments aren't taking away people's guns lol. They have been doing it for centuries, look no further than Russia, China, Hitler's Germany, the Middle East to understand fully what happens when guns are removed form citizens hands.

    Their are thousands of gun free-zones, with the highest crime rates, and thousands of gun laws.

    You think when a robber enters a store and sees a sign that says no guns allowed, he goes well better try the next one. Such childish idiotic thinking, it is well known throughout the animal kingdom, and modern day criminals that they have a predator instinct. A lion doesn't go for a fight with another lion, a lion goes after the weak gazelle, same rule applies for people, except those gazelles have guns.

    Please stop with the dumb gun control debate, Americans won't give up their guns, or change our laws, don't like it tough luck move the Firk out to China or Russia, or the Middle east, or Europe.

    As for the more blacks are killed nonsense, ****, it's been statistically proven time and time again that it's blatantly false.

    Well white people are more of the population, sure, but black people commit more of the crimes..... Nothing to do with race, and more to do with fathler less homes, poor economic backgrounds, worse education system. You want a better life for African American communities, stop voting for Democratic policies that have failed the black community, and start asking the communities to stop pointing fingers and start changing their ways. Sure you can blame some of this on white people, but when white people try and move into neighborhoods and create small businesses it's considered racist and gentrification. Personal responsibility goes a very long way, I never hear other minority communities complaining.

    Cities with the most homicide

    61-Suffox County, New York- Democrat
    60- Fairfax, Virginia- Democrat
    59- Montgomery County, Maryland- Democrat
    58- San Diego, California- Democrat
    57- Austin,Texas- Republican, but right on the border with Mexico.
    56- El Paso, Texas- Republican, but right on the border with Mexico.
    55- San Jose, California- Democrat
    54- Virginia Beach, Virginia- Democrat
    53- New York, New York- Democrat
    52- Portland, Oregon- Democrat
    51- Seattle, Washington- Democrat
    50- Mesa, Arizona- Republican, on the border with Mexico.
    49- Long Beach, California- Democrat
    48- Arlington, Texas- Republican, on the border with Mexico.
    47- Salt Lake City, Utah- Republican
    46- San Francisco, California- Democrat
    45- Omaha, Nebraska- Republican
    44- Los Angeles, California- Democrat
    43- Honolulu, Hawaii- Democrat
    42- Fort Worth, Texas- Republican, border with Mexico.
    41- Aurora, Colorado- Democrat, which sorta surprised me.
    40- Orlando, Florida- Democrat
    39- San Antonio, Texas- Republican, border with Mexico.
    38- Boston, Massachusetts- Democrat
    37- Denver, Colorado- Democrat
    36- Tucson, Arizona- Republican, border state.
    35- Prince George's county, Maryland- Democrat
    34- Wichita, Kansas- Republicans
    33- Minneapolis, Minnesota- Democrat
    32- Phoenix, Arizona- Republican, border state.
    31- Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina- Republican
    30-Tampa, Florida- Democrat
    29. Fresno, California- Democrat
    28- Houston, Texas- Republican, Border state.
    27- Dekalb County, Georgia- Republican
    26- Dallas, Texas- Republican, border state.
    25- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- Republican
    24- Albuquerque, New Mexico- Democrat
    23- Jacksonville, Florida- Democrat
    22- Nashville, Tennessee- Republican
    21- Columbus, Ohio- Republican
    20- Atlanta, Georgia- Republican
    19- Washington, D.C.- Democrat
    18-Oakland, California- Democrat
    17-Louisville, Kentucky- Republican
    16-Indianapolis, Indiana- Republican
    15-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- Democrat, until Trump.
    14-Tulsa, Oklahoma- Republican
    13- Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Republican, border with Canada.
    12- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- Democrat, until Trump.
    11- Cincinnati, Ohio- Republican
    10- Chicago, Illinois- Democrat
    9- Newark, New Jersey- Democrat
    8- Memphis, Tennessee-Republican
    7- Kansas City, Missouri- Republican
    6- Las Vegas, Nevada- Democrat
    5- Cleveland, Ohio- Democrat
    4- Detroit, Michigan- Democrat
    3- New Orleans, Louisiana- Republican
    2- Baltimore, Maryland- Democrat
    1- St. Louis, Missouri- Republican

    33 were democrat, 28 were republican, 10 of the republican cities were border states with Mexico, and a couple were on the border with Canada ? Coincidence, I highly doubt that one folks. This proves multiple things, illegals are raising crime rates by coming through the borders, and it's primarily Democratic sanctuary cities, and no gun zones with high crime. Them Repubs and their nasty guns.

    If you can't understand how this works, then most likely your one of the people hoping for the downfall of the west, or spreading misinformation for nefarious purposes.
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  14. Geressen

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    Oh dear.

    sokolov can probably make some giant posts about your other things, I decided not to read most of it. probably read it before.
  15. super71

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    Why are you watching hitler videos man, sorta racist, don’t you think ?

    I’ll sum up what I wrote though for you, out of the 60+ cities with the highest homicide rates, 38 of them are democratic, 28 were republican, 10 of the republican cities were bordered with Mexico. It’s not a coincidence, and I figured you wouldn’t read it because then you might have to accept the truth, sanctuary cities, bad, gun free zones, bad, law abiding citizens with guns, good. Your welcome
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  16. profhulk

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    Hey snarky guy I can pull statistics too. Looks like majority of gun deaths are from suicide. Gangs will always have guns so whatever. Better to have guns than not to have guns. Verdict is in guns are good and most people kill themselves with them. Disarming the public only serves to weaken society and strengthen tyranny and a population full of incels and liberal soyboys. I live in the country where the po po won't save your ass from methheads by the time they get in your house and shank you for your tools so they can sell them to make more meth. Go out and get ganked once and I guarantee after you been robbed your gonna start thinking about getting some mace or some type of security.
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  17. super71

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    America has always had gangs, yet why is it progressively getting worse ? Maybe gangs are enlisting illegals with no identification in the United States to commit crimes, and they are helping illegals across the border, getting paid for it, and then forcing said illegals to join said gang.

    Almost if we had a wall, and better border security this might not happen as much.

    Also, you ever hear “decade of death”, it started in 1988 and ended in 1998, a thousand people a year were killed in that decade from gangs, it was in California of course, wonder where they got all those gang members from.

    Hint hint the border
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    Im not watching hitler videos. though I suppose you'd know what Hitler vids look like.
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    First off: snarky? I fail to see where in my post I was snarky in any sense of the word.

    Secondly: There's so many irrelevant buzzwords in this post that I don't believe I can take it seriously. Making firearms illegal would hardly turn America into a population of "incel soyboys". Unless you also think Russia, Japan, Germany, Brazil, etc. are also nations of soyboys.

    And the fact that you say "gangs will always have guns so whatever" means you've already given up on solving one of the REAL problems with America. Dysfunctional family environments, mental health problems, corrupt police departments, flawed education systems..........these are all far more serious issues than "hurr durr da govn'ment tryna take 'way muh gunz". These issues also heavily contribute to the size and influence of gangs; solve them and gangs all but disappear, which would eliminate the primary need for armed citizenry (and I use "need" here VERY loosely).
  20. JazzMan1221

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    Arguing with someone who thinks the wall is a good idea is like arguing with a flat-earther. You can show them as much proof to the contrary as you want, they'll stick to their position no matter how many times you prove them wrong. It's a waste of time.

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