Armed robbery backfires when women pulls gun on robber

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    You disagreed with him, that makes you snarky.
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    Is this conversation even useful though? Like end of the day, what does it accomplish? You can't change someones mind. You can only present information such that they decide to change it themselves. Clearly the information pressented isn't convincing either parties that their view is wrong. So tldr useless convo 2/10.
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    you, socks, and jazzhands have together with proflunk and soups convinced me that proflunk and soups are dumb for many reasons over many years for example often soups and proflunk have used the word soyboy to mean something unworthy of manly but this term is used 95% of time by people trying to sell manpills the prime active ingredient that is supposed to make you supermanly in these manpills is derived and made from soy.

    perhaps even if you do not change the minds of soups and proflunk you can still change the minds of others who are watching the conversation from a distance by presenting the information to them while informing them of how people are trying to misinterprent the information to fool them?

    people, items and actions in this post are a product of fiction and completely fabricated. any similarity with existing entities is incidentially intentional.
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