Armoured Fesh

Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Vorian, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    This rune is actually really good because of swap and its actually better than the tardigrades. Atm SP has a selection headache. Do you include Armoured Fesh, Cyclops Rockshaper, Whirling Quarry, Chaos Brave or Blastmage. If you have the skills Blastmage is the champ but its difficult getting used to, but it seems like a better champ every game.

    Again everything comes down to what suits your playstyle!

    Including 2 Arroyo Smokeforms is a given though... Also including Arroyo Riftlords if you have them is a given.

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