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Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Sarashu, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Sarashu

    Sarashu The King of Potatoes

    So I don't have the best internet connection, I have a mobile USB type thing, but it's only in PoxNora that I get regular (like every game) minutes-long lag spikes. Also it's only in pvp... I'm not sure if lag would affect single player matches...

    Anyway, anyone have some insight on this?
  2. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    We are constantly working on optimizing performance on our end. Unfortunately without having more information of what is happening there isn't much we can do. I highly encourage other forum users to post any tips they might have.
  3. Theoril

    Theoril Member

    Are these spikes frame or latency related?

    And do they occur at any specific times? (Deploying champions, casting spells, capturing fonts, etc.)

    With a bit more information I could help you out here.
  4. Sarashu

    Sarashu The King of Potatoes

    It's not frame; units become unresponsive. I'm not sure if there's a pattern, I'll try and make note of it. Thanks all.
  5. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    There are some known performance issues we are looking into. This may be a result of one. If that is the case just try to hold tight and we will address it as soon as possible.

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