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Discussion in 'Videos' started by MrBadguy, May 22, 2017.

  1. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    I'm rebooting my YouTube channel taking a more general approach to covering strategy and card games I play soon. I technically already have a little over a hundred videos on the old channel but I'm planning to disassociate myself from this name over time and I don't like the way they were made; I'm going to be trying to increase the video and audio quality as well as work on my discourse. This, of course, means I will be focusing on Pox a lot since it's the game I've been playing more consistently than others even though it makes no sense from a viewer count perspective.

    Like the other thread, leave video requests, feedback or whatever here.

    Alright, we're up. Gonna be using this post for the stuff I got planned for the near future.

    Current Projects

    PoxNora Tutorials

    ! Duel Links

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  2. DukeofDunks

    DukeofDunks I need me some PIE!

    Id like to see something about playing for the late game or even something purely from a font disadvantage. I grew up playing UD and its still hard to wrap my head around the game not being over once i lose the mid font.
  3. GoldTiger

    GoldTiger I need me some PIE!

    Journey/race to BM/2k?
    Deck highlights/building/playstyle.
    Player interviews.
    High ranked gameplay of yourself (live commentary potentially? Also stuff that isn't one player stomping the other in 10 mins).
    High ranked gameplay vod reviews/commentary/spectating (I also dislike when the video starts ~>5 minutes in, opening is often important).
    Leg campaign/other SP related guides/gold farming guides.

    Should hop on discord for a fair few of these or whatever VOIP you choose to get other high ranked players input during the recording.
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  4. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    I've actually finished every single player campaign on all difficulties and have a couple garu rush decks so this is fairly doable. I don't have the decks for every campaign anymore, but it should be simple to re-create them as I go.

    I have example games where I've come back from a font deceit already, I could just do a voice-over comment for those or upload a new one when it happens. Do you mean with UD specifically or just playing when behind on nora in general?

    I could record this and just put it all in one playlist.

    I've done this in the past so it should be easy enough. Main issue is trying to organize all the videos. I haven't actually sat down and come up with a way to make everything easy to access based on what viewers wanna watch.

    I've done this extensively in the past so it should be fine. Stomps are kinda random though. There's not easy way to tell how it ends up until after the recording is done but I'll keep in mind that you don't seem to enjoy one-sided matches going forward with the content I choose to keep and upload.
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  5. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    I don't feel comfortable doing that.

    I've done this in the past, mostly with @Agirgis1 @Gutsa @HardyGames32 and @BurnPyro so it should be simple enough, though I'm not sure either of them are active right now. I want the main focus on the channel to be solo stuff but I could make an exception for PoxNora.
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  6. DukeofDunks

    DukeofDunks I need me some PIE!

    Either really, I dont know your previous channel though so you could also just link your previous games
  7. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead I need me some PIE!

    Personally Id like to see ur approach on positioning (my main weakness really) and what synergy do u try to establish when u make different decks and how u rule out 2 great runes competing for the same spot. Overall mate best of luck with the series and as far as other players on discord are concerned me, ravager, h0spy, regulate, aronxop999 and others are active on there and pretty sure any of em would be up to commentate with u if u give them a shout.

    cheers for the effort mate.
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  8. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    I have an idea thats never been tried before in Pox, how about a circle jerk with about 5 gaiz who know the game really well and you just help the one guy play, explain nothing and then laugh at the guy you all just 5v1'd.

    Oh wait...

    tbh, I haven't seen a videoplay of pox worth watching that hasnt been made by Sep.
  9. bearhugger29

    bearhugger29 Member

    I love this idea. I'm willing to be the person who needs the coaching. Since I'm new to the game and play on PS4. Plus I can also make videos as well for my youtube channel.
  10. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    Previously, the guy whose getting pounded was not in the chat. Just some random person in queue who happens to be fortunate to play 5v1.
  11. GoldTiger

    GoldTiger I need me some PIE!

    I had a similar idea (not recorded) where we have a battle of the noobs and good players all teach new players how to play and then we see who's noobnwas the best in a hilarious tournament.
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  12. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    I don't recall ever doing that. I've never asked for help in my matches and like 90% of my vids were solo stuff since I have a very chaotic sleep pattern. That being said, I'm not really shooting for entertainment since I don't have the whole being funny thing in me like Sep or maybe it's more of a lack in energy/charisma. I dunno. I wanna try and be more informative this time around, if that makes any sense. I have been writing some video ideas the past couple days on basic tutorials which I can hopefully start developing once I get the time to just sit down in my new place and relax once I am done moving and unpacking.
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  13. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    Well that would be helpful if it went down like that because the new PS4 thing might actually attract new players if the dev can increase their competency level to that of a plastic fork and make it work.
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  14. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    Yes. I might even make a separate playlist on the most basics of the basics such as what runes are, how to build a battlegroup and so forth. The kinda small stuff we take for granted but probably takes a day or two if not weeks for people to even fully grasp. Encapsulating all that knowledge in sub 5 minute videos per topic could be a useful tool.
  15. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    That's definitely the kind of thing I look for when I pick up a game.
  16. Regulate

    Regulate I need me some PIE!

    @MrBadguy Please do what no other pox video seems to do - record footage of games, then go back through them and edit down to clips that show interesting talking points or break down pivotal turns/moves rather than just dumping the whole game on youtube.

    If such videos exist, please point me at them, because they'd be the first i'd be interested in watching.
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  17. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    You mean like taking chunks of a game or playing the game and then talking about the highlights? If you mean just taking a chunk out of a game and talking about why x turn was important and decided the game, I believe I have the editing skills to chop those chunks and just replace the original audio track for a voice-over, though I've never actually tried and I may stumble upon some issues with audio-synch, which I've never tried before.
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  18. Regulate

    Regulate I need me some PIE!

    Yeah, the former - so you'd record the whole game, then go back and review the video and find potentially interesting points - chop them up and then overlay an audio track.

    I have no editing skills whatsoever, but I downloaded lightworks the other day to mess around - I managed to do the above fairly easily, I decided against following up and doing anything as I can't stand my voice and listening to it while editing may have driven me mad. It's also a little time consuming.
  19. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    Yeah, it's fairly easy to pull off as far as the video and audio goes assuming I get the times right on the first go. It's basically just drag and drop into the tracks at that point and the only thing that could go wrong would be desynchs between the commentary and the video but that shouldn't be too time consuming if I just record the audio track with something like Audacity that supports quick recording/editing.
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  20. Regulate

    Regulate I need me some PIE!

    I know I'm just talking for myself but I would watch the Bane Shift out of pox content like that, tbh.

    You could definitely take that format and do some a beginner series and a more intermediate/advanced one, too.

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