Bile zombie + worms

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Keku, Sep 27, 2016.

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    please make it stop
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    Yes it needs to be changed probably
  7. Keku

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    on the real tho, shouldn't they get some drawback from summoning non-worm champs? like get their deployment zone reduced back or something, idk.
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  8. Pedeguerra

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    It used to be like that, and I personally liked it better that way.
    The problem is, some (bad) worm players thought the racial was weak, and they lobbied for a changed, which was granted. It was around the same time Endless Devotion was murdered by removing Immortality from it.
    However, worm racial was never weak, it just required a type of gameplay that you had to adjust to. There is a video recorded, I think by @Sepulcher , in which Ryv played against Molecl (or another top SL player I cant recall the name) , who was playing skeezick.
    It was glorious, I was able to catch that game live and it simply blew my mind how actually strong the racial was.
    Nothing we can do now, I suppose.
  9. yobanchi

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    Some bad players will never ever learn. Shame on them.
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    Kalasle is super pro tactic king
  11. kalasle

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    Sok has said he doesn't want to change Necrosis again any time soon. Each of the versions over the last couple years have been strong in one deck or another, whether worms or not.

    If you're having trouble against Bile Zombies, might I recommend

    trying that out, for a start. Those aren't rock-solid tactics, but at least boxing up by default can help minimize damage.
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  12. themacca

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    Note that on half the maps unless you're able to secure an early advantage on mid font then you practically have to give up mid or you'll never expand your dmz up enough for it to be an advantage
  13. themacca

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    By most i mean the mid font maps where mid font is not the closest font.
  14. Netherzen

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    You can protect yourself from bile zombie by deafening aura(distracts and thus prevents self destruct ability) or blockade.
  15. Ballballer

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    -Bile zombie is basically a spell with a cooldown of 3

    -Bile zombie costs 1 more nora than your standard 45 nora aoe.

    -Bile zombie does twice the damage of a standard 45 nora aoe and blinds

    -Bile zombie has a larger radius than a normal aoe, in that it can hit champs more than 3 spaces apart from each other

    Its true that bile zombie bombs take a little bit of time to reach death mode, because the shrine zone takes time to buildup. Its also true that bile zombie can be defended against/mitigated with deafening aura and proper positioning.

    However, deafening aura counters pretty much all activated abilities and shouldnt be used in defense of bile zombies current state. Additionally, while proper positioning can indeed mitigate the effectiveness of a bile zombie bomb, we're talking about literally positioning ALL OF YOUR CHAMPS in an inefficent manner for the ENTIRE FREAKING GAME once it gets to a certain point. Whats more, even if you position "properly," bile zombie is still hitting a minimum of 2 champs and oftentimes more. So thats at least 46 damage and blinding at least 2 champs for 46 nora. Again, this effect has a cooldown of 3 and people run 2 bile zombies.

    But its okay because bile zombie drops a 6 nora globe that the opponent might be able to pick up if the worms player doesnt deploy there.

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  16. Netherzen

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    You make it sound like bile zombie is a a rune that automatically wins the match for however puts 2 in a bg.
    Its like a sale pitch for bile zombie.
  17. yobanchi

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    Dat Faction Bonus yesh
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  18. kalasle

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    Ewwww, Biles at the 46 nora build? Like, I sort of understand an inclination to run one Bile with Explo 4 for the improved damage efficiency and ability to one-shot relics, but both of them at 46? 36/39 is the split I'm running now; keeping both at CD 2 means that there doesn't need to be a gap in the bombing. I could see a case for something like 39/43 for a mobile option at CD 2 and a slightly stronger bomb for relics, but that 46 nora build sounds unappealing. Running 36/36 would let you match the damage efficiency of 46/46, but you get more Blind out of the deal, and the damage rate is higher.

    For reference, here are the damage efficiency charts for each of the builds:

    Pre DoT
    36: 41.66%
    39: 38.46%
    43: 46.51%
    46: 43.47%

    Post Dot
    36: 50.00%
    39: 46.15%
    43: 53.48%
    46: 50.00%

    You know, there's actually some good work to be done testing optimal setups with BZ. I think 46/46 would be a mistake, though, particularly for the cost in CD. 39/43, despite losing a few percentiles of efficiency compared to other options, looks like it could be good for the versatility.
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  19. Pixyrus

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    Can we also do something about Chattering Maw? Literally at 29 nora worm that comes back every 3 turns....
  20. Etherielin

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    2. Every 2 rounds.

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