Blood crest bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by bagoftrick, May 25, 2015.

  1. bagoftrick

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    There are 2 of them.

    Number 1, upon more than 1 unit dying to an aura the relic does not explode at 0 hp and so sustains all champs that die during that turn and then the relic dies. for example. relic at 1hp, all at 1 hp. all get struck by the same aura. all three of them are at -5 hp. the relic doesn't save just 1 of them. no infact it saves all 3 of them and ends at -8 hp.

    Number 2, upon death blood crests apparently bug, and remain in play indefinitely, invisible upon the map constantly reviving the vampires within the aura. yes this is a thing apparently. and is full on firking ********.
  2. truegriff

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    As i was his opponent in this match i will second that blood crest did indeed glitch upon it's death.
    The number (1) is that not working an intended thought?
    I mean the blood crest can't pick who gets saved and who doesn't so why would it not just go to -hp and save all of them?
    Coding it to do any different doesn't sound like it would be easy.
    The number (2) was pure glitched, i noticed the turn before that seeker of blood the champ in ? still had bloodless even after crest had been removed from the field.
    When bag had tried to kill it on his following turn the location of the dead blood crest proc'ed like it was still alive and continued to save the now should be dead seeker of blood.
    I had planed on sacing the seeker the turn before but couldn't do to Bloodless.

    Been playing vamps around a month now and this is the first time i have seen it do this.

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