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    man, emries is a name I havn't heard in a very long time.
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    Trying out Ascension. It's fun. Working my way up through the various DLC rather than trying to learn it all at once. A few of the 'promos' seem massively OP but haven't really tried them all yet. Also either Im a card game genius or this AI is lacking a bit
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    hrm, seems the AI performs quite differently depending on what dlc youre using. imo those commanders are a rune sink for the ai. don't really see a big pay off for focusing on them. also it seems that the more dlc you use, the more diluted the construct counters are, and so focusing on constructs tend to be a safer bet, but the ai doesn't exploit this very often. haven't tried multiplayer yet, is there a standard dlc load out for mp or does everyone play different stuff?
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    Played Massive Darkness over webcam with my fiancée yesterday.
    It worked out very well and we both enjoyed it a lot.
    I set up the webcam to see the whole board and used facebook cam via phone to show details and such.
    There were many times we faced situations where we thought we would most likely die, however my fiancée had some amazing rolls and killed the hardest monsters with ease.
    We set it up so the last room was a trap that spawned 3 Big Roaming Monsters at once, however we easily defeated them all and won the game.
    We are thinking of playing through it a few more times with normal rules before maybe removing the transformation rule to make it harder.
    Overall, we had a blast!
    (Also, I need to make some custom inserts for the game as having too many different boxes hurt my back a lot.)
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    He was last seen reading a visual novel about underage girls who are actually not underage but 10000000000 million years old or something and never came back.

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    he seemed the type to be into that

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