Bok and Hekatian Racial including rework of shoeboxed units.

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    Current state of Bok:
    • Almost every Bok unit has some kind of pseudo-range;
    • Unhinged Bok is terrible. It offers dull stat increase with physical damage that Bok have already to the gills (Bok Warden, Bok Gatekeeper, Korona, Guardian);
    • The Hekatians are pretty efficient units on their own, Voidraker is a bit too slow though;
    • Gatekeeper, Enforcer, Bloodguard, Voidraker to an extent and Korona are all playable and meta worthy units.
    All of the ideas presented here presume that Bok become a unique race that is NOT Demon. This should provide a good start on sorting out the issues with race: Demon.

    Main goals:
    1. Make Bok a strong, independent and unique UD theme in accordance to the faction flavour;
    2. Amalgamate different aspects of the already existing synergies within Bok and improve their synergy;
    3. Get some of the champions out of shoebox;
    4. Ideally, make the theme strongest in early-mid game, rather than early game or late-mid game.
    Bok Aristocracy (4 nora): When there are four or more champions with this abillity in play, this champion gains Bok Ingenuity?: Whenever a champion that shares a race with this one activates an abillity within 5 spaces, this champions cooldowns are reduced by 1. This can only proc once per turn.

    Bok Aristocracy (6 nora): The first time each turn that a friendly Bok activates an ability (excluding basic attacks) the cooldowns on this champion's abilities are reduced by 1.(Kalasle's idea)

    Hekatian Bloodthirst (4 nora?) (inspired by description of Voidraker): This champion loses 15hp, gains Impatient and Lifedrinker for 1 turn when a friendly champion that shares a race (or class?) with this champion within 5 spaces uses a basic attack. If this champion already has Bleed, it gains Hunter: Bloodied instead.

    Hekatian Bloodthirst (6 nora) (stronger version with bigger drawback): This champion loses 8hp and gains Impatient, Bleed and Lifedrinker for 1 turn when a friendly champion that shares a race (or class?) within 5 spaces uses a basic attack. If this champion already has Bleed, it gains Hunter: Bloodied. If this champion doesn't destroy a champion within the duration of the buff, it gains Impatient permanently.

    Hekatian Arbiter(69-72) – . 1. Bleed removed base, added to U2. Removed Fury from U2. Added Bok Aristocracy U2. U1: Hekatian Bloodthirst, Throw Axe, Impaling Strike. U2: Bok Aristocracy, Hunter: Bloodied, Bleed.

    With this build you have 3 options.
    • Go full beater (Bloodthirst + Hunter:Bloodied/Bleed);
    • Go pseudo-range (Throw Axe/Impaling Strike + Bok Aristocracy);
    • Go bleed (Impaling Strike + Hunter: Bloodied/Bleed)
    All options can be viable in different bgs.

    2. Bleed removed base. Counterattack Ranged to U2. Remove Fury from U2. U2: Counterattack Ranged, Hunter: Bloodied, Bok Aristocracy. +1 SPD base?

    3. CA range removed base, Added Bok Aristocracy U2. U1: Throw Axe, Hunter: Bloodied, Hekatian Bloodthirst U2: Counter Attack Range, Bok Aristocracy, Impaling Strike.

    Bok Raider (same nora cost):
    Remove Resistance: Fire 3 from U2. Add Bok Aristocracy.

    Bok Enforcer (same nora cost):
    U1: Battlemaster 2, Defender, Bok Aristocracy

    Bok Warden :
    1. Remove Precision base, Remove Attack Physical base, Add Rain of Arrows 2 base. U1: Vengeful, Detection 2, Stab U2: Bok Aristocracy, Attack: Physical, Declare Target
    2. Remove Precision Base. Remove Pace U1. Add Bok Aristocracy U1.

    Bok Guardian (68-72 nora): U2: Bodyguard, Block 2, Defender U1: Throw Shield, Zeal: Defence, +6hp. +2-4damage -- so it’s not too cheap for its utility.

    Bok Gatekeeper (71 nora): Remove Block 2 base, add Deflect base.

    Imo Gatekeeper becomes too strong with impassioned, especially with PoV. Maybe it's just undercosted( it's 3 nora). Regardless, I think it should be removed, and in fact, I think no UD champion should get impassioned as long as PoV exists.

    U1. Defender of Chaos 2, Bok Aristocracy U2: Logistics: Speed, Provision: Offense, Noble Sacrifice

    Bok Mistress(68-74 nora):
    U1: Blood Knowledge, Soften, Charm
    U2: Blood Dispersal, Absorb, Bok Aristocracy

    Korona Bok Huntress (78-85): U1: Bok Leader (when this unit destroys another champion, friendly champions within 5 spaces that share a race with this champion (including itself) gain Hunter: Walker for 2-4(?) turns(5 nora), Pummel, Lifedrinker. U2: Bloodseeker, Thirst for Battle, Hekatian Bloodthirst (?)

    Unhinged Bok – Since Bok lack alt damage and Unhinged Bok looks proper mad, I thought it could get Attack: Psychic. The rune doesn't seem to be good in any particular setup and doesn’t offer anything new to any theme, so I decided to go for a full rework inspired by the art.
    Remove Tormented base, remove Psychotic Break base, -1 Damage. U1: Protective, Enrage 3 U2: Stat:Bonus Speed, Ready 2, Bok Aristocracy
    Add base: Sweep/Throw Table – This champions throws a freakin’ table at 2-5 range.
    (It'll probably be fine with sweep :D)

    Hekatian Voidraker(72-82)Remove Void Shield base, Add Punish base.
    U1: Unstoppable, Void Shield, Hekatian Bloodthirst U2: Bleed, Logistics:Life Siphon, Life Siphon

    Hekatian Bloodguard(67-82 nora)U1: Bok Aristocracy, Bleed, Pet: Blood Imp U2: Hekatian Bloodthirst, Dictate, Drive.

    She will then have 3 multifarious builds

    • DD (Hekatian Bloodthirst + Bleed)
    • Abillities (Bok Aristocracy + Dictate) making it possible to become a pseudo 8 spd champion which constantly gains more and more damage.
    • Classic (Pet: Blood Imp + Dictate/Drive)

    Hekatian Fleshgrinder (25 nora)
    Fleshgrind (CD 5): target real champion is destroyed. All Bok become enraged 1 and gain Charge 3 for 1 turn and the closest opposing champion to the sacrificed champion is dispelled.

    Hekatian Blood Draught (30 nora): Equipped champion gains Bleed, Melee Specialist 3. If equipped on a Bok or/and a champion with Bleed, it gains Kill Sense. (Just suits the bloody specialty of Bok). After this champion has made 4 attacks, it also gains Short Lived 1 and this equipment's owner is refunded 10 nora.

    Some of my own rune ideas:

    Arcane Sword (relic)
    ~20 - When an enemy champion within 5 spaces is destroyed, friendly Bok within 2 spaces have their cooldowns reduced by 1. This does not stack and can only proc once per turn.

    Spell: Bok Supremacy – AoE 3: friendly Bok have their abillity cooldowns reset/set to zero and lose 12hp. If an enemy champion is destroyed during the turn, the effected Bok recover 6HP. (not sure about the last clause)

    Lilian, The Enthraller
    Race: Bok Class: Priest
    ATK: 0
    DEF: 1
    SPD: 6
    RNG: 1
    HP: 42
    Psychic Nova 3: This unit deals 9 damage to each unit within 2 spaces. This damage ignores DEF. Champions damaged by Psychic Nova become Soultapped for 4 turns.
    Soul Sucker: For each champion that becomes Charmed or Soultapped, this champion heals 4Hp and gains 2 Max Hp. When 5 or more champions become Charmed or Soultapped, this unit gains Dread and Mastermind permanently.
    Egregore of the Dark Goddess (AP 4, CD 5): While this buff is active, this champion gains Psychic Ping 1 and friendly champions that share a race with this champion gain Charm 1, +1 DEF and cannot be attacked by charmed units if this champion is within 5 spaces. If this champion moves, the buff is removed. If this champion is destroyed while the buff is active, friendly champions gain Depression and Liability permanently. The abillity comes on cooldown.
    U1: Boost, Bok Aristocracy, +6 HP
    U2: Transfer Life 2, Mindwipe Aura 2/3, Flourish

    Hekatian Arcanist
    Race: Bok Class: Wizard
    ATK: 9
    DEF: 2
    SPD: 7
    RNG: 1
    HP: 46

    Attack Physical
    Blood Spear
    Hekatian Bloodthirst
    Running Start

    U1: Bleed, Teleport: Blood Ball
    U2: Bok Aristocracy, Blood Magic

    Corrupted Bok
    Race: Bok Class: Warrior, Wizard
    Atk: 10
    Def: 1
    Spd: 6
    Rng: 1
    HP: 49

    Attack: Fire
    Enrage 2

    U1: Ready 2, Hekatian Bloodthirst, Unstoppable
    U2: Horiffic Aura, Kill Sense, Fearsome Hunter
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    Bump. How come no one commented on this?
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    wall of text in annoying colour?

    (too tired to read all that, sorry.
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    Changed colour.
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    Bumped and updated.
  6. Boks are bat winged chicks with helmets and armor.

    The definition is too strict, and limits the range of art/rune/growth. Compare it to goblins. They're not hot chicks. But there is wiggle room as to what they look like. Size, color, armor-ments. Facial expressions (Bok's are concealed by helmets). They also got synergy runes with Imps. So there's racial crossover potential.

    Unless the devs decide to broaden the definition of a Bok. I don't see them expanding any time soon.
  7. Alakhami

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    Could you elaborate on that and provide some examples?

    MEATMAN Forum Royalty

    despite only being chicks with wings and in armor, they can get some cool stuff too. elves are just pointed eared humans but we got a Bane Shift ton of those things running around and a boatload of synergy.

    why not make some boks that synergies with imps or the vothsairs?
  9. Silveraine

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    I honestly like the ideas. Would love to see boks/heks become more fleshed out as a theme.
  10. super71

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    Don't like the idea behind bok aristocracy, number of ways the theme could go, but bleed and lowering their cool downs doesn't make any sense. Also most of the bok are pretty dang good, arbiter is garbage, unhinged is also pretty bad, korona is bad, bloodguard and voidraker bother aren't bad.

    I'd start with changing those couple that really don't fit and were hit with inadvertent nerfs and go from there. They need some ap gen, and some defining abilities to make them work together.

    I love bok warden, bok gatekeeper, and bok guardian are all pretty good, high damage, some defensive abilities, ranged attacks, and flight.
  11. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    I thought it'd be an intersting way of maintaining threat range with pseudo-range. If you've got any ideas, you're free to share them.
    UD has Price of Victory, Hekatian Bloodthirst is a way of generating AP.
    Bok Warden is okayish, Guardian is subpar. Gatekeeper is great, love her too.
  12. super71

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    Bok warden- Is one of my favorite ud units, detection, vengeful, precision, flight, a ranged attack and 16 damage. I'd like to see here get commander instead of detection 2 though, and dodge 2 instead of detection 3.

    Bok guardian- Counter to melee and a fairly cheap champ, I agree she could get something else to put her in the low 70's or mid 70's. I'd like to see her get defender, and the health boost. I'm hesitant to say bodyguard as in ud that would get quite gimmicky with sacrifice and the ability itself breaks every rune it gets put on.

    Gatekeeper- So efficient, I always wanna try other units but she's just too good for her cost.

    Bok enforcer- I run her with battle master 1, command: dodge, with disbelief, a ranged attack, flight, and 14 damage she does quite a lot for her price tag.

    Bok mistress- If she lost bleed, she'd be a pretty good and cheap soften champ with that extra range.

    Price of victory is nice, but it doesn't generate enough ap since they are primarily melee units and they gotta move a lot to engage.

    Bok leadership- When a friendly bok is deployed the closest friendly bok gains dodge 1 or evasive 1, and masochist. When a friendly bok dies within 5 spaces, all bok champions heal 5 health.

    Demon flight- This unit has flying, the next bok you deploy from the rune dock gains 2 ap. When this effect triggers, this champion gains hunter:walker for 4 turns. The next bok deployed gets initiative 1.

    Demon Brood- When a friendly bok dies, all bok heal for 6, and gain masochist for 6 turns.

    Demon brood 2- When a friendly bok is deployed, the closest bok champion gains assault, when a friendly bok dies the closest friendly bok gains manic for 4 turns.

    Just some random thoughts, I believer their biggest problem is lack of defensive capabilities and that is the problem with most of ud as a whole. The bok theme is fine ranged wise as long as they can stay on the field a bit longer.
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    im sorry, what?
  14. themacca

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    Bok Provocation: When a friendly demon dies within 5 spaces this champion gains berserker 2, unstoppable & manic for 3 turns. This ability is removed after it triggers
  15. Alakhami

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    Bok Leadership isn't too bad but Demon Flight is basically like the Skywing racial and that's not interesting.

    The problem with such racial is that it triggers only on deploy, thus making the theme another one of the only early-mid game type of themes (which UD has a bunch of), whilst my idea could actually make them formidable in mid-to-late as well.
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  16. Alakhami

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    too strong, no drawback.
  17. themacca

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    Price no control over activation
  18. Alakhami

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    sacrifice, retri and all the other stuff that makes stuff die
  19. super71

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    Both demon broods actually activate on death also, demon flight is exactly the same as the skywing racial except for the initiative part. Changed bok leadership a bit, my only intent is really to make ud champs have a little more survivability.
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  20. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    It's a typical melee beater that's in the mid 70's, it has all bleed abilities when the bleed theme in ud is pretty garbage, it's upside is counter range, and high damage. All ud units have high damage, demon shield is a thing, and nobody is going to attack him from range unless they have heals on standby. Counter anything is very easy to play around, just avoid it, until you can one shot it.

    It's a one trick pony, sadly the one trick isn't even that good.

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