Bok and Hekatian Racial including rework of shoeboxed units.

Discussion in 'Underdepths' started by Alakhami, Feb 15, 2016.

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    Tbh I kinda agree. Whenever I run her, I never deploy her, and it so happens that I do deploy her, I'm never satisfied. Her abillity set isn't garbage per se, but a a whole it just doesn't work too good. and yeah, counter attack ranged isn't very good in todays meta.

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    she has flying swords, that Bane Shift is dope enough to run
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    Played a game today and yesterday using only ud, their champs have no long term play. If I keep a champ alive longer than 5 of my own turns once the game gets rolling it's a win. Often times I find myself winning and then 2 enemy spells later and i'm almost down to no champs.

    I think the ud bonus as a whole is holding the faction back, every ud rune is pre nerfed for damage for the bonus, but other factions have numerous ways to damage amp while ud doesn't have as many options for damage or options to boost things like defense, health etc. Every demon is just a demon their is no synergy between them like sermon, commander etc. Lacking range used to be a bit of a problem, however it seems to be a much larger problem now than it was before. Ud used to be able to get by with sacrifice and out deploying, however most factions also have cheap champs and at a relatively cheaper cost with better stats.

    Spells, relics like stone trap, and anything in sl that tanks damage becomes a large problem. Ud champs also don't typically win the 1 vs 1 side fonts anymore, their champs don't come off as scary, and when divided with all their relocate ally and what not they play pretty poorly position wise.

    Fundamental ud problems

    no range
    no synergy
    Hard to position when enough relocate champs aren't out, due to limited range options.
    no real power turning capabilities- Battle drum, battle hymn, invigorate, war cry etc.
    no survivability- Which to me seems to be one of the biggest problems in combo with no real synergy
    no reliable cleanse
    no increase in power throughout the game whether it be defense, health, damage etc.
    rush early or lose mentality
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    I've also noticed that even vothsair are kinda meh now, most of them are almost 90 nora for a large melee beater. Arrow eater is nice, but their are so many abilities in pox now that 90% of them don't count as ranged attacks and it's so easy to play around them.

    @Gutsa I'm honestly not to sure where to start here, typically I can look at a faction and see it's strengths and weaknesses, but ud just has so few strengths and so many weaknesses. They have high damage, and that is ultimately it. Unless you get a really small map, it is very difficult to win unless the experience level between two players is that drastic. Every faction now has high damage, but they also have great utility, and great synergy.
  5. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    I think I have a solution but I'm still thinking it through.

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