Boontoberfest 2017

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    Preparations were well underway for the annual festivities of Poxtoberfest. The casks of brew were being retrieved from the dwarven cellars. Stines were still smoldering from being pulled from the forges. All was well for the Ironfist until the ground began to tremble and a great fissure began to form.

    A Karras was taken aback by this cataclysmic event until a voice he knows all too well emanated from the fissure.

    It shouldn't be possible! The shroud between the realms of life and death has yet to weaken. Karras's heart sank as he came to the realization the Blood Owl has returned more powerful than ever.


    The great one only referred to as the Blood Owl has ruined Poxtoberfest! Use the brew to empower Karras for his looming encounter.

    From September 27th to November 8th the Boon's Eve campaign and Poxtoberfest Pack will be available on the Pox Nora Marketplace. Completing this campaign on Legendary difficulty will result in being rewarded a Limited Edition Blood Owl rune. On November 8th the campaign and pack will be removed from the Marketplace but anyone who purchased it before then will still be able to play and earn the Limited Edition rune.


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