Bowie, Goblin Lord

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    Bowie, Goblin Lord
    Race: Human, Goblin
    Class: Rogue, Wizard
    Range: 1
    DMG: 10
    DEF: 1
    SPD: 6
    HP: 50
    Cost: ~72 base

    A tall, slender humanoid with light skin and blonde, wild hair. He wears tight, black clothing contrasted by a ruffled, white cummerbund. He holds a shimmering, spherical ball in his hand and bears a confident, almost mocking expression.

    Flavor Text:
    "I ask for so little... just love me, fear me. Do as I say, before it's too late..." -- Bowie, the Goblin Lord

    Upgrade 1:
    Teleport 1
    Reckless Teleport 3
    Possess 2

    Upgrade 2:
    Charm 3
    Conduit: Upgrade

    Attack: Magic
    Downfall: Charm

    Regardless of any immunities, if this unit would become Charmed, it is returned to its owner's rune dock with a 6-turn cooldown.​
    Go, Goblin! (AP: 2, CD: 3)
    Target other friendly Goblin within 4 spaces gains the Goblin Thievery ability. If the target already has the Goblin Thievery Ability, it gains 4 AP, instead.​
    Owl Form (AP: 1, CD: 3)
    For 2 turns, this unit becomes stealthed and cannot activate abilities (including basic attacks). It becomes an Unassuming Owl (Race: Beast, with Flight, Evasive 2, and Detection 3). When this effect ends, the unit loses Stealthed.​
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    Does Downfall have a special animation that plays when it gets triggered?
  3. allyorbase

    allyorbase I need me some PIE!

    I'm not going to say his clothing inexplicably becomes white and he throws his orb into the air, where it pops like a bubble, but I'm not going say that doesn't happen, either.

    In all seriousness:
    For any "Downfall" effects, I would imagine a slicing "X" animation stamping over the unit before it simply poofs away (as if stealthing or perhaps exploding).
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