Buying PoxNora...The (NOT SO) Final Post->Read!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jul 22, 2018.

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    I’ll never regret my time with Pox, the joys I had playing it between working and the rest of life.

    It was a sweet getaway with a great community that has lasted despite every Up and down that came with it.

    Best of luck guys let’s hope for a saving grace for the title, can’t let the world of Pox vanish for good with all the lore and stories behind it.
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  3. 0ryuk0

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    I started with SP, I will die with SP.
    Ryuk signing off.. Thanks for the memories..
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  5. Bondman007

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    Thanks for adding the link. Apparently Daggan (Original owner and designer of Pox) has formed Ocotpiv4? Not sure if its the same or different company. Regardless, according to the discord channel, they have three "big" announcements "coming soon" TM
    A rumor is that they are making Pox Nora the board game. Guess we'll see...

    So perhaps Pox might, maybe have a shot at some life after all? Who knows?
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  6. Axeraiser

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    There might be hope yet boys
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  7. darklord48

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    That's an Ironfist Colossus I saw in the art, isn't it?
  8. Fentum

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    There’s a Brazilian ( I think) chap who has created a Pox board game using card assets with Pox images.

    Or just play Mage Wars.
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    [QUOTE = "Axeraiser, post: 411239, membro: 43"] [ATTACH = full] 7601 [/ ATTACH]

    Pode haver esperança ainda meninos [/ QUOTE]
    That's me ☝
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    Hopefully good news
  12. Bondman007

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    Well, it IS good news. Considering the current state of the game it couldn't possibly be any thing otherwise...
  13. Axeraiser

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    Yeah they are continuing to post Pox Art daily on their Instagram as well which is interesting.
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  14. poxrooster

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    So who is this? What's their angle? Is it legit? I don't want my hopes up for something fake.
  15. soulmilk

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    Just the fact that this is the first hope for the game we have seen in a very, very long time is making me all teary. ; u ;
  16. Bondman007

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    He is Daggan. The original owner and creator of Pox Nora. Who knows what they have planned? Because OF COURSE they can't reveal any of their plans because maybe they fear they will fall thru. Whatever... :rolleyes:

    FYI, Daggan created a game called Conquest of Champions and was PR'd by @HawkFain.
    Unfortunately, it was pretty much a failure and didn't get off the ground.
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  18. soulmilk

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    Kinda funny, Conquest of Champions was marketed as Poxnora 2, but mostly only non-Poxnora players liked it.
    It had some potential, however it seemed more like a smartphone game than a pc game, had lots of abusable bugs and the strategy levels were somewhat low.
    The game was also a "play the most, level up champions the most, win the most" type of game.
    If you wanted to be the top player in the game, you would need the highest level champions of all players.
    It also lacked a proper player base. I remember HawkFain setting up dates and times for big group chats and I would be the only other one person showing up.
    It seems the servers have been shut down for the game based on reading steam comments.
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  19. JazzMan1221

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    I'm kinda excited about what a modern version of Poxnora might look like (if that is indeed what's being planned behind the scenes). The graphics of the game haven't really changed since its inception in 2007, and although graphics was never an important aspect of the game, it'll be interesting to see it all cleaned up.

    As for the reason this is being done at all, I reckon Daggan was like "Hey, every game I've made has been crap except for Poxnora, maybe instead of taking another risk on something new I should modernize the only thing that has succeeded."
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  20. poxrooster

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    Yeah, I played Conquest. It was flub. Daggan better "daggun" make a new Poxnora. Please! Thanks for the update.
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