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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jul 22, 2018.

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    Man, now I'm curious: how would Poxnora look as an RTS game, similar to the Warhammer - Total War series? We'd have to severely trim down the number of runes, but you could keep some of the same mechanics. You'd have a starting shrine where you'd create your first units, maybe throw in some city-builder aspects drawing on the relatively untouched Poxnora lore, and play out combat on an open field rather than a strict grid, fighting over fonts you come across on the map selected at game start. There would be potential for multiplayer, not just a 1v1, which is an idea Pox fans have brought up now and then. Or you could play through versions of the campaigns that are currently on the client. And if speeding things up is necessary, you could always use smaller maps, or even allow for modding of the maps yourself. The deckbuilding aspect could still be there via a pre-game menu where you would select whichever units you'd want your shrine to produce, and those units could be upgraded with pre-selected skills, in addition to their natural skills, which they would utilize in real-time combat, cooldowns and all.
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    Definitely looking in the same direction here; the Gambit system in FFXII has been a favorite of mine - so many great mechanics that in some form would play a huge role in a modern Pox.

    Yes, here we go. Looks like we are getting into a similar head space here. Just made some videos explaining some of the basic template systems; definitely agree some of that fat needs to be trimmed in a sense.
    52 Races
    18 Classes
    8 of 2 Factions (Wrath/Protectorate)

    My friends have told me what I'm mostly explaining is a Soulslike system (it's not, maybe kinda, they aren't familiar with PoE) super imposed on some of the dungeon builders and various game modes. Dynasty Heroes in the sense you can play a champion and actively progress the storyline but at the same time stay in one area and just kill wave after wave of respawning enemies.

    First Dungeon builder I played was Dungeon Empires which shut down years ago; but that is a basic system I'm coming from.

    Well, I will upload those videos this weekend, very abstract but I wanted to get some thoughts down on video specifically for those of you that want to discuss game loops and how we can all develop the game. Let me know, I'd like to keep the community involved rather than sniping your good ideas.
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    I would never play such a game.

    The turn based nature of Pox is a key differentiator in a world full of poor RTS games.
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    That assumes the Pox RTS would be poor by default. What if it was a well-made RTS?
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    Good to see you're involving the community so much in your development process. I'll probably watch the videos today or tomorrow at some point when I have time. Keep plugging away!
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    I don't think my comment assumed that. 'NewPox' could be a well designed RTS but I still wouldn't fancy it as I really enjoy turn based strategy.
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    I think @Fentum is like me. I prefer TBS vs RTS. I like LoL but am not an avid fan. The turn based nature of games is a big draw for me also...

    Now, that being said, I could handle a "hybrid" TBS/RTS like what a lot of the RPG genre games use for combat. Like Baldur's Gate and such. The new Pathfinder: Kingmaker is also one such game that uses the TBS "pause" system in its combat. Now, I could probably handle that...
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    Turn based is still going to be a driving economy/stratagem however there are different subsets of genres that are permitted. Stadia is a good example of what to expect; although this has been feasible with Unreal Engine for some time, just not iterated upon from what I've seen.

    I've been told over the years to check these games out and because of the overlap I have kept my eye out of their development path although, I've certainly heard a lot about them; I have only seen a little bit of gameplay but I agree the pacing and certain elements have a nice touch to them. Stadia imo hasn't been taken into consideration with a lot of the gaming industry; it's new and novel but a lot of what the industry standard lately has been is to excessively bound a loop imo to distill the best argument for IP and any kind of legal jargon you want to throw around. That being said, the fly on the wall/hole in the wall game loop is going to get over done in a lot of genres and this is where Pox has a time to shine. Think Epcot and the whole of Orlando, Florida and greater rather than - "I paid for my ticket to Disneyworld and the fun stops when I stand in line or leave this place."

    Trying to do my best, always good to get my head out of prototyping and involved; however I usually feel like I'm slighting the design process by interacting. Maybe this is a common feeling when it's a passion project which is why I've tried to put content together in some context rather than staying silent.
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    I would buy the PoxNora Board Game! I saved all the runes and sprites and have included it in a personal Fantasy Grounds ( module to use in a future D&D campaign. I thought something like this would be fun.
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    Some smart person could probably create an online Pox Board Game using the artwork and TableTopSimulator.
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    What the heck, wanted to make the 400th post! :D
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    - this also is starting to have a heroes of might and magic feel which is ok if we went to a AutoChess style... which is actually a sky rocketing genre now.
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    Been a while since i said anything here, nice to see that some pox works are coming up, well, with games like Shardbound and duelyst around, the turn by turn grid TCC games are expanding. Just that none of them has ever caught my eye with the art, style and overall feel of the game like pox, if a modern version drops, i'll be willing to drop some dough.
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    Edit: Ok I have fully understood what's going on.

    Hello! Can someone tell me briefly what is the current status of this project to revive Pox Nora? Is this for real? I've joined the discord server and looked around: It seems like something is being developed. Can it be tested in anyway?

    I would love to be of some help in this. I think one of the many problems of Pox Nora is that the only language available is English. There are many potential players in Spanish-speaking countries who (and I know it in good faith, because some have told me personally) have not gotten hooked by the game because of the added difficulty of translating what they read, as if its learning curve wasn't steep enough. Not everyone's English level allows to be comfortable as it requires constant and focused reading.

    That said, I'd be happy to help translate the game from a to z in an altruistic way. Thanks for reading and long life to Pox Nora!
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    Honestly it's cool that they have done stuff on Instagram but they have really given us any updates about the game for several months , I'm wondering if we will get something to happen
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    It was stated that Poxnora (the Unity game) will be put on hold (kept under wraps) barring any significant investment (projected at $5mill)

    Currently gears are being refocused towards Unreal Engine 4/5 (which allows OctopiV to apply for UEDevGrants) for the next foreseeable future.

    They’re looking for a Poxnora(Unity) dev once funding comes through; as well as possibly opening the IP to capable studios.

    Slow and steady wins the race. We missed out on the “classic” era of gaming but at least the core game has been playable and servers are still up. Overall OctopiV is in better shape than most devs/studios imo.
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    Any update ?
  19. Capitulator

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    Still ticking over but development slowed to a crawl during the lockdown.
    You can keep track of it on
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    Thank you

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