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    being the so-called leaders of the mire folk they dont really seem to be all around or that good. so here's an idea

    Caecaelian Royal Minister
    Faction: Folgar swamp
    Race: Mirefolk
    , Class: Knight, Size: 1x1, Rarity: Exo
    : looks similar to Cecealia but with robed garb and a staff
    Flavor-Text:" Although Princess Cathria leads, her strategists contribute just as much to the betterment of the mirefolk.
    Nora Cost:
    70+ - 80+?

    Champion Stats
    8, SPD: 6, RNG: 3-5, DEF: 1, HP: 43

    Champion Abilities
    Attack: Physic
    Revere: Princess Cathria - Princess Cathria costs 10% less nora to play. while Princess Cathria is in play, this champion has +1(2?) range and physic blast.

    Upgrade Ability Set #1
    Telekinetic thrust

    Upgrade Ability Set #2

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