Charges to fw as of 10/26

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Bushido, Oct 26, 2021.

  1. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Here's how I would buff ff FW :

    Utter Dark Tendril: additional class wizard or race undead
    Touch of serkan: -10 nora
    Cursed blade: -5 nora
    Fallen hero: remove immunity disease
    Chains of corruption; -5 nora
    Mists of dead: -5 nora and +1 hp, +1 def, regen 2 or 1 to base
    Blight the holy: -10 nora
    Tome of hate: -5 nora
    Arcane intervention -5 nora (or -3, 35 is too high because -15 hp shrine damage is roughly 12% shrine health, also is worse than sl version because you don't want to block cheap spells)
    Plague trap; disease aura 1
    Corpse pile: +4 hp
    Plague: -5n
    Haunt: -5 nora
    Anathema: -5 nora

    Here's how I'd make ff fw (specifically) stronger:

    Statute of xulous -5 nora

    Serkan: u1 vengful, escalation (or soul vitality), leverage lich or comraderie or surge lich
    U2: frost cone , cripple, defensive strike

    u1: grace of dead, vitality creation, favor (or summon skeleton 3)
    U2 : tariff, dark favor 3, summon skeleton 3 (or favor)

    Moragen: lose cackle, gain race zombie, remove race human
    u1 flourish, abash, defender of chaos
    U2: swap 3, cackle, favor

    Lich servitor:
    U1: empowered attack, empowered speed, empowered defense
    U2: defender, dmz aura 2, cull

    Sarinda: death pact replaced with shadestrike or shrine exertion or punish or blockade

    General Korsien: u1: charge, block, divine favor 1 or grace of dead 1
    U2: chain lightning , rabid 2, cripple
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  2. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    I'd also change fw angel, elsari siren, lower cost of haunting spirit lim with deck limit 3.

    Also give aaryo units race undead.
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  3. Pimplepopperhasthejuice

    Pimplepopperhasthejuice The King of Potatoes

    Interesting changes and they might help somewhat. I feel that if an increase in the attack power, +2 across the board, would be a better buff than any changes to be made to runes individually. its hard to compete when you are hitting at 8, 9 when the others are hitting at 12+. with such a large gap between the cheaper fw champs vs the attack power of all the other factions has fw backpedaling and the use of spells and relics, the gimmick stuff as they say, used more in order to contest fonts and attempt to slow the opponents forward motion. Unfortunately for fw a mistake can/will cost you a champ or two where as another faction mistake will just leave them slightly wounded

    but that is just me
  4. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Fw could recieve +2 dmg across the board and not be op so long as a couple of units didn't seem too strong.

    Fw needs two things imo; hero buff and shoe box buffs. Every single rune except for utterdark tendrils, fleshweaver witch, and oblivion hex, boghopper zombie and morgana have been a waste of a rework.

    So many of the reworks have just not been good; angel of death was made notably worse, not that she was great before. I dark seductress also might be worse now as well, to the same level.

    Mists of dead was also made worse. Not to mention straight nerfs to things like bone mine, which were imo over nerfed, but more importantly misguided.

    I could make many changes that would actually help the faction, but that's besides the point. I think that itll only continue to get worse tbh.

    I made this list very low risk, so that the changes might actually be implemented. I could come up with something better , if I thought the changes would be considered.
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  5. Markus422

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    Nobody is ever going to listen to you lmao

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