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  1. skix21

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    here's my current salamanos I've been obsess with the guys.. I like them colors and the art is so cool. Please comment what you think thnx. Help is well appreciated
  2. HardyGames32

    HardyGames32 I need me some PIE!

    Second trapper for a soldier??
    -1 marsh song
    +1 pygmy stampede
  3. Vote Kanye 2020

    Vote Kanye 2020 Better-Known Member

    Your missing commandos
  4. BloodAshes

    BloodAshes The King of Potatoes

    Would defiantly invest in Hospy said.
  5. BansheeX

    BansheeX I need me some PIE!

    Your CAPS LOCK key seem to be broken.
  6. jeeperz2

    jeeperz2 I need me some PIE!

    Honestly I would try to fit a second fire salaman in he is pretty underated.
  7. Skullferno

    Skullferno I need me some PIE!

    Lose the Dervish, they are.....just Bane Shift for atm. 85 nora for a crap. Looks nice but lose it. Second Fire Salaman is needed. Great rune. Commandos x2, you defo need a second trapper, lose the soldier andeven possibly the picket. Spells are looking good, you need a second stampede, relics look nice besides market, so x2 tort and spirit altar would be solid. Equipment drop vitality and possibly throw in Horn of Order and a second Emergency Kit.

    Major drops:
    Soldier, Picket, possibly Reverb? Bog Market, Vitality

    Major Adds: Second Stampede, Another Emergency Kit, x2 Commandos, and Horn of Order

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