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    weapons and warriors from the community's imagination in the first strategy card game designed by its players. Create any card you can imagine, and The Collective decides what will show up on the battlefield. Test your skills (not your wallet) in the game that is never beaten, never solved.
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    No Paying for Packs
    Collective is free-to-play. If you choose to spend money, you'll always know exactly what you're getting.

    Popular New Cards Created by Players
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    Create Anything.
    Make any card you can imagine in the Card Editor. Test it out immediately.

    Democratic Design.
    Submit cards to the Collective Subreddit. See everyone's designs and vote on them.

    Make the Meta.
    The most popular cards are automatically added to the game every week.

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    And you enter my Collective side discord server, the collective shogunate!

    You can also join the Main Collective discord server right here!:

    This game could be next home for us, poxnora players!
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    No replys... T_T
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    forums are kinda dead, just give it some time.
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    - I cant get it to load webpage, its like hearthstone or spire?
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    Sorry but I prefer my hearhstone clones on blockchains.

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