Common and uncommon only Battlegroups.

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    Wrath updated, thread is functional again.
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    I know you already have one, but this is my kf beast c/uc, which I used in c/uc tournament:

    It does have warbanner though.

    The beauty of kf beast c/uc is that it has pretty much everything you need: Shatter. detection, magic damage, tanks, beaters, support, ranged, nora gen (vashal), cleanse, distraction. Could switch out the banner for avenging angel for ap gen/heal. Also can drop 1 cleanse ofr sometihng else. Going with 2 druids + spell + relic is bit overkill, allthough it leaves room to take different upgrade at druids.
    Im prettty sure this bg is good enough to reach high end exo, if not limited.
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    sorry but it's pretty bad.
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    SL beasts are probably the cheapest theme bg possible to make. Apart from snogvie, doombringer and renovator, all beasts are c/uc in SL and the herder is common aswell. Actually 90% of the beasts are common and only cobra spitter and varu howler are uncommon. c3_c1zs6Ls7isjs73s7us1HsHrXr37r2qr2Ie1O

    I like to add 2 skeezick wylders for some magic damage and their hidden sand ability.
    In the example BG i made for you, Ive thrown in every beast 1x, but personally I would likely put 2 sandhunters, 2 rolling shriekers and 2 dunes manticores. as long as your opponent doesnt cleanse, you will lower their damage insanely much with the sonic roars and sand sprays, combined with the SL faction bonus you will take almost 0 damage from counterattacks.
    Skithmaw and varuhowler do your detection and varu howler can also counter perseverance. Bearcat and basilisk are your tanks, while guardian croks, cobra spitter and warmandrils will be your beaters. Try them all out a few games and pick your favourites.
    Adding taint or rageband to sandhunter/skeezick wylder before using sandspray/charged blast can turn them quickly into stealthed 20 damage ranged beaters.

    The main issue with the bg is the noracost of skeezick herder, but this might get patched soon.
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    Not true. Rares worth less than 2000 are worth reforging. If you reforge 10, you can forge a top-tier rare and sell it to poxbox for 21,000. Additionally, any base set epic under 10,000 is worth reforging for the same reason. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy trash epics than buy actual runes lol

    For example, voil glarewing is sold on poxbox for as low as 5k sometimes. When it becomes forgeable, you'll be able to shard it one-a-piece for 20k rares.
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    you are good at this stuff
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    I believe my comment was referring to the runes in which the topic is about (commons and uncommons) and im pretty sure my comment is too old to be valid with the changes to poxbox after the steam relaunch.
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    Gabe, can you update this?
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    EDIT: Sorry wrong thread...
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    I put together a common/uncommons only Spider deck for anyone who wants to make their own.

    K'zlik and Mark of Sheoul (warbanner) help the deck a LOT, and are both given out as rewards for playing games as UD. I'd include those into this deck when you get them. Spiders are a very unique theme, and very fun. Their late-game is scary with x2 Protect the Nest, x2 Mass Web, and x2 Broodmothers. If you have any questions about spiders feel free to contact me.
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    Skeezick should be the strongest here, am i wrong?

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