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Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by poxrevenge, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. poxrevenge

    poxrevenge The King of Potatoes

    hello ,

    i didnt played this game since like 2015 but because i got a huge collection i decided too play again , and well.. this is what happen

    - my game if i dont login on stream dont let me log in (" unable to connect please check your internet bla bla bla " )
    ps : i did that thing " uncheck firewall" and didnt work ...

    if i log on stream i can play but theres a lot of bugs
    1. i cant see effects like paralise , impervious etc.. just dont show
    2. aoe spells froze my game (st spells) , also some fae (kf)
    3. i have to uncheck fullscreen EVERY time i enter on game
    4 . when im watching someones game and game ends i cant leave the game i press esc and leave and nothing happens
    5 . if im on game and i change my deck or create another one its doenst change on game until i close the game and log in again..
    6. i cant see the ranks of the players....
    7. how i remove those ps4 buttons?? ( i dont need that)

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  2. poxrevenge

    poxrevenge The King of Potatoes

  3. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff Well-Known Member

    1. tons of bug reports about it, hope they get time to create some of the missing effects
    2. a few effects freeze the game for a few seconds, thought some where fixed
    3. yeah sucks
    4. yeah sucks
    5. guessing you are using the web, yeah decks are loaded when the game is started, so if you want a new deck make it in the game or restart.
    6. ?
    7. cant do that.
  4. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Desert Owl Games

    The new game client does not have all the features of the original one at the moment. The patch for tomorrow will make several improvements, but we will continue to make improvements based on player feedback.

    For your questions Hierokliff more or less covered the current state of things, but these are all issues we are working on addressing.

    The PlayStation 4 buttons being displayed when player does not have a controller connected to their PC is definitely one we want to address when we are able.
  5. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Desert Owl Games

    For this issue it is likely you have the old stand alone game client. You will need to download the new launcher from
  6. poxrevenge

    poxrevenge The King of Potatoes

    thanks , i play on steam and i can log in ok

    btw , we will have a lobby like old client too see people on line and their ranks that stuff without typo/who?
    because i fell im alone on game when i log in :x

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