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  1. super71

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    This is largely my problem with police, normally I can find a reason why police did what they did, but jaywalking ? ******** with that nonsense, he was beaten up and tazed for jaywalking ?

    They need better mental health screening for cops apparently, and cops should be re evaluated every 6 months or so for dealing with the stresses of the job.

    This also paints the image that all cops are shitty, which simply isn't true.

    When I was around 15 I had 2 cops tell me to go home because I was standing outside a movie theatre, I simply moved around the corner, he then followed me and yelled and then turned on his lights on me and told me to go home. I'm a white male, so let's not pretend this stuff only happens to African Americans.

    It's a cop problem, not a race problem, their are simply cops that are pieces of Bane Shift and on a power trip. Then their are cops who would give you the shirt off their back if you asked.

    I'm tired of seeing cops do dumb Bane Shift like this though, it's inexcusable, she needs to lose her badge forever, and spend time in prison. The sins of the few don't cover the many.
  2. badgerale

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    I don't get why it's a crime over there to walk in the road - surely people need to cross the road sometimes.
  3. Geressen

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    I thought you liked people being THOUGH ON CRIME
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  5. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Well so they don't get hit by a car, because Americans are sue happy.In my neighborhood, their was a couple that sued a guy because their daughter jaywalked across the street because they weren't paying attention, luckily the guy had quick enough reflexes and stopped and barely tapped her. The parents tried suing, they couldn't sue because their daughter jaywalked, she was okay, and it was their fault. Basically most of America lacks common sense and never wants to admit fault.

    It's sort of a law that nobody really folllows, so to see someone tazed for it is insane.
  6. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    I do like when judges are tough on crime, an example of this would be the Florida shooter. I believe he needs put to death immediately, do I think cops need to run around and beat people for jaywalking? No that's just dumb, and I would never think that's okay.

    I just don't understand where you get this idea that I'm for all these insane things all the time, I hope one day I meet you in person, so we can actually have an intellectual conversation without all the nonsense your able to do through the keyboard.

    This is an instance where I could have pointed out your spelling mistake but I understand you were either in a rush or just didn't care
  7. badgerale

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    yeah but surely if you are walking somewhere you'll have to cross the road at some point. Do you just wait until there is a crossing? Are there that many of them?

    I went for a walk in my city earlier, I probably walked across the street a hundred times - maybe one time the road was busy enough to have lights. Would that mean in the US i would be committing a crime 99 times?
  8. Geressen

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    your views are incredibly backwards, tell me more.
  9. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    You only cross at cross walks, sorry forgot to explain that part. It's not really a law that enforced, that's why I don't understand why this happened.
  10. Geressen

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    sound like it got enforced to me.
  11. calisk

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    some cops are dirty, more people are dirty, do you hate all people because some people are dirty, why would you hate all cops because some cops are dirty.

    a racist cop should no longer be a cop, but to assume all cops are the same is a mistake.

    treat the problems don't create new ones
  12. Dagda

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    the police force is one of those job-types that you really shouldn't have bad apples in, though. it's not the sort of thing where you wanna hear "yeah some are good, but we can't tell you which ones necessarily"
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  13. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    I get what your both saying, I think the cops need stricter background checks and mental health checks every few years.
  14. Sokolov

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    It's a cultural problem with police forces. You literally have them being trained by people who tell them to shoot faster and more often, and to see themselves as superheroes:

    You have cops who cavity search people on the street in public and say stuff like, "That's not the worst thing I am going to do to you."

    Sheriffs who thinks the money used for feeding inmates can be kept by him to buy houses.

    Cops who thinks it's ok (well, it's legal) to confiscate all the money you have during a traffic stop (and then use it to buy zambonis and espresso machines).

    Or shoot a kid climbing out of an overturned vehicle.


    No one is saying this is ALL cops, but it's clear that this isn't an isolated problem. And it's hard to stop because there's a large part of America that play identity politics when it comes to cops and assume that if you wear blue you are the good guy instead of examining these situations on their own merits.
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  15. BurnPyro

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    Only an isolated few bad apples
  16. Gaverion

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    The analogy I would use is applying a bandaid to treat HIV. It is a systematic issue that isn't fixed with a small easy solution.
  17. Geressen

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    the apples being isolated would spoil the methaphor. now the apples are not even spoiling the other apples inside the methaphor it is spreading beyond it's boundaries and soon it will be unstopable.

    you've killed us all BurnPyro, you've killed us all.
  18. profhulk

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  19. Geressen

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    @profhulk you contribute to these threads and as far as I am aware you and I and others are not reinforcing eachothers oppinions.

    mostly because you are wrong 99% of the time.

    as again you are now.
  20. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Desert Owl Games

    Yea, that's pretty weird. This place is pretty far from an echo chamber. It's part of the reason I like it.

    I feel like some people's definition of echo chamber is "there are people here who disagree with me" (while ignoring that those people don't even necessarily agree with each other, and that there are other people who do agree with him). There's this prosecution complex that runs amok in American politics and discourse right now where many people feel the need to cast themselves as the minority, oppressed POV, and to misrepresent the discourse as "me against everyone else" when the "everyone else" is not a homogeneous group.

    I guess it's easier to attack people when you pretend they are all a faceless blob who isn't as woke as you are.
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