Cult of Kain Taris (Kanen Guide)

Discussion in 'Split Faction' started by SireofSuns, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Any guide BG ? It would be a great help
  3. nepyonisdead

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    You deserve no less than 1000 likes for the effort you made on this guide ;) salute brother
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  4. nepyonisdead

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    I dont usually share bgs but ur effort was really inspiring and I cant write long guides so Ill post my take on kanen, feel free to ask any questions. One thing Ill say is that the reason for alot of the non kanen stuff is to boost the theme and make the bg more equipped to handle any meta situation rather just making it a ''kanen'' bg, Baller's voil showed us that to make a theme good you have to look beyond the theme and fix any glaring weaknesses they may have and work to strengthen their strength points.

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  5. Tweek516

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    Why rifylord?
  6. nepyonisdead

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    I am not a fan of the free attacks kanen since they mostly suck with their low dmg so I shifted my approach to a fuel rage basis, and the bg needed a decently costed tank
  7. DukeofDunks

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    Is whirlwind actually worth the spot in this deck? Multi attack isnt too great a boon in kanen with how easily they get extra attacks and his damage is miserable. 65 nora is cheap for other bg's but its also a hot spot for runes that tend to have more health and more damage as well as suite of abilities that the whirlwind just doesnt have.

    Sure he can stack up that fury rapidly but even getting the optimal +3 damage a turn its a 39 health melee rune that needs to survive two turns to start doing comparable damage to warmandrils and animus


    Might as well post the bg, see if ive done anything horribly wrong.

    Planned revisions

    Removing rageband for a warbanner

    Removing x1 warmandril for x1 rupture alpha

    Thinking about replacing the stock alpha with a blood howler but subsume is such an excellent ability and keeping nora costs low is what keeps kanen going.

    How do you guys run your lasher? Drive is a great ability but kanen already have unleash rage and shaving 6 nora off is huge
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  8. Tweek516

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    Pretty different to my bg:


    I feel as though there aren't enough good peck mentality guys in kanen. Obviously howler is amazing, and I like scavenger, but lasher isn't really meant for the front lines. Maybe I'll give warmandrils a shot.

    Also, ghern general is worth a look at.
  9. SireofSuns

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    He's generally run because he's seen as very efficient for his cost, but he might not fit into every playstyle. That's one of the nice things about Kanen currently, even their "auto-includes" aren't really needed all the time, leaving you to do whatever you want!

    Lasher's Drive can be dropped for Stab if you feel you don't need Drive and want lower cost. Generally though, Lasher's role is to provide quick AP and damage (with Drive) anywhere you need it, as well as helping get opponents into/out of position via Dragging Attacks. Remember that you can use Drive on the non-Alphas, which can be very helpful sometimes (like for Crones).
  10. Gnomes

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    just read the guide again, might want to come back and play some kanen
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  11. SireofSuns

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    Does anyone have any ideas for any things that need to be updated? I've been out for a bit and I'm not sure what might need changing.
  12. Silent Mind

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    That was a very well written guide, thanks for the effort !
    I tried kaanen a couple of years ago from a friend's account, and now that I'm recently back to pox I'll most certainly try it out again now see where it goes :D
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  13. SireofSuns

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    I'm on Discord a lot more than here these days, so if you see this I am in the Discord group for PoxNora. You can @ me there if you want to let me know about anything. Glad you enjoyed the guide!

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