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Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by Axeraiser, Jan 26, 2016.

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    the ones you think look the coolest. guaranteed wins
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    Pretty sure there hasn't been a patch within the last four months. Look at the last 2 pages on this thread and im sure there's at least one meta BG posted.

    Anyway, there's going to be a temporary ban list to shake things up.
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  5. Axeraiser

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    @givizia asked for it.
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    Heros Reskin?
  8. SireofSuns

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    Nah, Talgar's armor is rusty and Bastion is getting old. That or he's still transforming into the manliest angel in existence.
  9. JaceDragon

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    And now i will buy the packs, ty Rito...wait
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  12. flador

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    This is the current construct deck I'm messing around with. I have slam on the golems, ballistas, and cavaliers, then I flank with animated armor or barricades from builder or the spell and start bashing heads together. Crystal golem is great because he can make his own walls for slam, and his allies can use them. Ballistas have stupid damage output when slamming in assault mode, and silverclan tinkerers combo amazingly with invigorate. The barricades are also fuel for Ruin on cavaliers and valdaci, though that's not as strong as it used to be, and activate relic guardian. I kind of want to replace the armors with rock eaters (think of all the free healing!), but I'm scared to lose detection, and the faultbreaker might turn into another valdaci guardian, but I also really want to try bolters. I'm running the cavaliers with hinder movement so they're only 69 nora, but with the way slam tends to bunch up enemies, corrosive grenade might be worth the nora.
  13. DonK101st

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    What upgrades are you running your rovers with? I started a slam deck before this last patch but frankly I don't like anything done with IS and am a bit frustrated. Haven't given up all hope just yet though...
  14. flador

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    Relocate: Ally because it lets you reposition the ballistas without breaking assault mode, and electricity aura 1 because I don't tend to use them too aggressively (just threatening fonts and stuff). I also decided that rock eaters were better than animated armor because they're more useful in combat, but now guard tower is my only hard answer to stealth.
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    Oh that is cool.
  16. flador

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    Just realized I haven't tested that with the new patch and it doesn't work anymore. :( May have to bump him down to one. They also seem to have broken Faultbreaker because massive/seismic leap no longer works, period. I think because it's now explicitly a relocate and he has planar bound it's just a useless ability.
  17. Markoth

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    It is because it has Planar Bound from Titan. It is getting Leap swapped for Throw Boulder next patch.
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    Barbs any update to the bg
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    Hello! Been gone a very long time, been playing some SP and snaptooths to get back into things, but I'd like to transfer my resources to IS now. I love literally all of the IS themes. I was super psyched when trolls were first introduced but couldn't make them work at all , really. Are they pretty decent now? I'd love to see a troll deck, and a griffin one! Any tips would also be appreciated. :)
  20. Hierokliff

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    Think they are our weakest themes, or atleast less played then holy/barb/dwarfs
    Tried wings/griffins, and i like it alot, except for that sigil seems too shortlasting for my ability to use it correctly, compaired to so many other buffs that are permanent.
    And its kinda easy to get runes and gold from doing the daily skirmish and some skirmish-goldfarming PvE games, so unless you are in a hurry or want very specific runes there is no must to transfer your resources, just get mooooooore :)

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