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    I’m coming back to The game after a couple of years and I’m curious what a lich BG looks like these days. I know the theme has a reputation for being difficult to pilot and I want the challenge of learning it again. Feel free to post you BGs. Thanks!
  2. themacca

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    Lich BGs will generally now consist of

    2 genesis lich
    2 dark apprentice
    1 bone circle archmage
    1 serkan
    2 brightmoon liches

    These are generally the core champions that the deck revolves around, outside of that it changes based on preference. Generally though lich's kind of want to do the UD thing, just keep dropping spells for favor from apprentice & adaptive on genesis lich. they keep getting more damage while apprentice gives more HP. Basically just continual stat buffs

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  3. Gnomes

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    bone circle for the +1 range
  4. DiCEM0nEY

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    liches are provably THE strongest theme right now for FW, but you need to crutch on 2x elder vampires.

    Id add 2x despoil, and drop 1 - 2 chain lightning, in favor of soul bane. I like tormented priest for the tech choice, and I like the skeleton lich with arctic for detection. Take a fallen draksar for shatter since it can come in handy in a pinch.

    Enervating collar can be useful for dispel, although many times you see better off if you had another soul reaver or loss of life available.

    Bone circle is very strong. Draco lich I wouldn't use, he's better when you are running more curse and disease liches, which isn't what elder vampire does
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