Current Official FF FW tier list.

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  1. Bushido

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    Here is the official FW tier list, please request if you want me to place your favorite rune not on list in the below catergories:

    • Utility / Support :

    Tier 1): Death Harvester, Cleric of Unrest, Fleshweaver Witch, Xulous, Gravewatcher, BCA, blood phoenix, Eternal lich, netherwraith
    Tier 2). Morgana, DarkApprentice, collection of souls, Shadowshank, toll taker, aaryo eye
    Tier 3). Elsari Voltray, Phantasmal Creeper,

    • Ranged Scalers:

    Tier 1). Tomblord, Eye of Serkan, genesis lich

    Tier 1.5) (top three are by far the best ranged options for fw)

    Tier 2.5). whisper ghast , Lich King, Xulous, Sarinda, Eternal Lich, tormented priest

    Tier 3) Corruptor, Rotwrapper Zombie, Serkan

    • Tanks:

    Tier 1) Coragh, BCA, death guard, BogHopper Zombie, Moragan

    Tier 2) Boneshredder, BoneElemental, Skeletal Escavator, Utterdark Leviathan, Polluted Martyr, Skeletal Bezerker, bloodbinder count, broken bones, boneslave, Risen Yeti, blighted zombie (the manic one, forgett the name)
    Tier 3). , Aaryo Riftlord, Blinking Creeper, Festering Corpse, wandering zombie
    Tier 4 ) Elderblood Vampyre

    • Instant Utility -

    Tier 1). absorb magic, Mobilization, Despoil, throw bones, Elsari Bazaar, Elsari Vex, Eternal Lich, Tome of Hate, Bone Circle Staff, Vendetta, Statue of Xulous, oblivon hex, , arcane inteverention
    Tier 2) Essense Drain, Doom, Glimpse of Death, Goresplosion, Depths of Despair, Bracelet of Mirrors, soul reaver, Soulbane, Sacrifical Altar, Crown of Corruption, Mind Shackle, Blight Ring, Whispers of the Veil, Dark Rising, Eslari Night, altar of bones, mason spire, skull of decay, festering wounds, pestilence
    Tier 3) Enervating Collar, Soulreave, Phantasmal Creeper, General Korseian, bile zombie

    • Long Term Support (relics equips) -

    Tier 1) : absorb magic, oblvion hex, Tome Of Hate, Elsari Bazaar, Skull of Decay, Graveyard, Vendetta ,boghopper zombie (hes only 30 nora so u can spam)
    Tier 2) Bone Circle Staff, Bone Cloak, Mindflayer, Tempest Crown, Ark of Elsari, unholy tomb
    Tier 3) Reaper's Blade, BoneCircle
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  2. GabrielQ

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    why don't you add a list of in-faction combos?
  3. themacca

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    Are you broken in the head
  4. JazzMan1221

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  5. GabrielQ

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    hey guys, don't ruin the fun
  6. Bushido

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    Im sorry, I just don't see a reason to run wandering zombie with fleshweaver witch being the same price! Now, I'm more than willing to put your death guard as a tier two tank...
  7. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Yeah, will do, that's a very good idea. I'll just do two tiers on it.
  8. XFurionsX

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    Good job man, where's the fleshweaver witch now? she seems cool now.
  9. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Literal top tier support, the only reason not to play her is because COU and her kind of overlap a bit, and COU is a great rune.
  10. Bushido

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    Moved death guard to t1 tank @themacca , what really made the difference was morgana having good synergy with knockback (ss counts as a wall).

    Wz pretty weak rn. Still pretty good in fw / sp but ff fw there's really no point.
  11. BrokenNeck

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    Utility support - Crypt Guardian
    Tank - Elsarin Reaper
  12. Bushido

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    I haven't played crypt guardian much. He seems like a tank tho more than support; stitched first seems like the better support version of this rune.

    Elsari reaper; I'll have to think carefully about where to place him.

    Thanks for contributing!
  13. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Im going to potentially move death guard down 1 tier once the morg changes go through.
  14. Bushido

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    @PoxBot this is a good topic you should peak at; it's done from a ff fw perspective
  15. Bushido

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    Liches are overrated honestly. I'd put basic meta abuse over them, although I honestly don't believe fw meta to be particularly strong, despite being "good".

    We also run into the problem of low player base; many decks can perform deceivingly well despite not actually being viable. For example, everyone should have been playing shrine rush this entire time; almost anything else wasn't viable by default because shrine rush op. And there are other examples too; I personally proved that stitched combo invalidates fw spirit decks, as it's "strictly better" when it comes to playing long. Spirit rush decks are "ok" but honestly still lesser compared to kf, fs, ud rush decks.

    This tier list is mainly for fun; I don't even think SKELETONS are good enough to be a top tier deck if players played agaisnt optimal decks with a large player base (they'd lose to shrine rush for example) There's just like 2 players that are good still playing the game tbh.

    That being said, I do like to talk about fw decks. I recently revisited witches for example, and had a lot of fun trying to play them as a worse version of crystals / grintmaw.

    I'd suspect that zombies are potentially the second strongest fw deck honestly. Not a single qualified player has tried out zombies since fleshweaver buff and morgana rework, which I think might have been enough.

    Then again, it might not have been enough, they have some substantial problems.

    Worms are a draw win gimmick. Still fun though. If fw had a couple of specific buffs to their toolkit, I could see them being the defacto way to play fffw. Or if other factions had nerfs to theirs to bring them more in line (example cleansing mist).
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  16. Bushido

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    Beginning to think if you don't run 2x oblivion hex you aren't playing fw meta right... @themacca pls thank me for giving fw a marsh song that also lowers speed and stops opponent healing and defiles.

    Edit: macca, my largest critique of your gameplay is undervaluing nora gen (generally) and the cost of things. So im giving you a softball here that you can hit a homerun with on ur own ("just try it"). Conversely, I see myself as someone who doesn't strech the value of units far enough, something I think you value too much, but also focus your gameplay on.

    Don't really see a reason to run skull with this spell, you basically are always going for tempo with fw, and this thing helps focus down a single target while also returning 30 nora in 3 turns (net ten). Marsh song, one of best nora gen in game nets at 3 full turns, gains value at 4, and full at 5. So you actually gain arguably more tempo with oblivion hex with nora gen alone. Not to mention the actual defile curse and inhibit.

    @PoxBot you should read this in case you ever run a db in future as you know how strong healing is, and how fickle relics are.

    @Varthas this spell really good
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  17. GabrielQ

    GabrielQ I need me some PIE!

    and why would people thank you for wolffleet's idea of buffing oblivion hex?
  18. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    I was specifically talking to macca and dmr, because I actually like to hear what they say when it comes to game theory.

    I personally wrote the oblivion hex buff into the Google sheet, along with a bunch of other cost reductions that Beth deleted, but if you want to say it was wolffleets idea go ahead.
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  19. Bushido

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    Updated tier list; major changes ; genesis list t1 ranged, oblivion hex t1 spell / utility, throw bones tier 1, blood phoenix with grace of dead tier 1, broken bones down to tier 3, bone slave down to tier 2, bog hopper zombie tier 1. I think zombies in general will all go up due to bog hopper zombie. Fleshblight, risen yeti, zombie behomth, muted stalker are by far the bet right now. Abomination is a close second, and dont play wandering zombie, he isnt very good.
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  20. XFurionsX

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    But the boghopper is limited :( if you don't have what would you put in its place?

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