Cyclopalypse Cannon + State of Confusion= unlimited range

Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by RoachKing, Feb 26, 2016.

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    I discovered this trick when I accidently cast SoC on cannon. What happens is when you remove preparation from a champ the added range becomes the new permanent range. Wait until preparation increases cannon's range to 10 then cast SoC on it. 10 range becomes permanent. After SoC wears off you can repeat the process. Wait until range increases to 14, cast SoC, and 14 becomes the new permanent. This can be done with any champ that has preparation as an upgrade and as long as you have access to confuse. Have fun. :)
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    I tried to replicate this with garu hurler and cyclopalypse cannon, but didn't get the same results. When i cast state of confusion or used the confuse ability on voil jester, the range just reset to the base value. There must be some other factor that causes this to happen. Maybe you have to attack on the turn you confuse or something.
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    This is a known issue and has been fixed internally.

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