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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Gnomes, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Gnomes

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    The tribal hut got preordained!!! I dont know why but that helped them a lot! They are a lot of fun! Tribal hut + banner + warwizard(boost) + cyclops drummer gets you +23 hp. Thats 81 hp drudge with multi two and 15+ dmg. It also get you 70 hp maulers that with crit and pummle do 53 dmg in one round because they have 21 dmg plus 9 speed.

    Then you also have wardrummer + cast alacracy for 5 ap a turn.

    Anyway. What other good cyclops bgs are out there?!
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  2. Phynixe

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    If you're playing cyclops with all the siblings champions, you're playing cyclops wrong.
  3. Gnomes

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    first off. that is an opinion, a bad one at that, seeing as it is a game and what ever way is fun for that person means its not wrong. secondly all of the sibling clops when cupled with the hut are not bad, ive beat good players using a cyclops sibling bg. i also have a metta cyclops bg and it does better, but playing a all siblings bg is not bad. so please structure your responses better .
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  4. Phynixe

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    Why're you taking a joke so personally? I already know the game falls under "I'll play whatever I think is fun" because I follow that motto as well. But if you're going to ask me to structure my responses better, you better start off by not bullshitting in your response, because in no way were you ever doing good with that cyclops battlegroup based on what I watched these last few days of you. That's all I'm going to say, and I'm leaving it at that.

    I would also like to mention that you asked "What other good cyclops bg is out there?" And I technically answered the question, and that's the one that isn't based on sibling.
  5. Gnomes

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    I have not played my cyclops siblings in weeks. And if your statment was a joke forgive me for missunderstanding. I thought you were one of the"metta bg is only good bg" people. But i have done ok with the bg. Beat mw, godof and a few others. I just dislike unconstructive comments. Falls under the "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything" category for me.

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