Dark Healing

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Sokolov, Nov 23, 2017.

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    just because I cant read a book doesnt mean i cant read between the lines

    however ur witty remarks always crack me up so you get a pass and a well done cookie
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    Probably 20.

    Giving a 1 health global because someone has regen 1 would be hysterical though.
  4. Varthas

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    I dont think it should work with regen. It should work with activated heals, both spells activated and ability activated. And the Nora cost should perhaps be more than doubled from 4, but 20 is overkill. 12 perhaps.
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    Bestow Tormented
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    Dark Healing is one of my favorite things about the Tormented Priest. I never get to use it, but I love it.
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    If it worked on everything, probably a lot. Even though costing means something different on champions compared to relics, I'm happy to run Skull at 20 nora for the healing cut. If Dark Healing came with all healing reduced and would generally spread a global 1-2 heal for allies as well -- and how do the exact calculations work for that exactly, especially with multiple instances of opposing healing? -- I'd say more like 12 for Dark Healing. Definitely up there. 8 seems low.
  8. Elric

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    If it works on everything, it will just crush any Life Siphon decks.
  9. aseryen

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    Last bump for now cause apparently Octopi thinks @Sokolov has any concern for this game; he sees it as crap and can’t be bothered with the complexity.

    Somehow if we revert fully to the old days of Octopi we will travel down the same road of inconsistencies; except this time led by people who have no excuse moving forward.

    luckily for me I can still make my first game and stumble with that for a while...the greens have their work cut out for them especially when their savior never did much of anything except move numbers around and gut the game.

    I’m definitely not one of those players that thinks this game should be less complex and more accessible; write a narrative and use intuitive mechanics that bound interactions. Otherwise I’m taking the IP...an upright Turtle has always been a Tortun/Tortalleon so with that I say thank you greens for expanding Middle Earth from just Elves Dwarves and Orcs.

    When I read that @Sokolov is going to be pursued as a dev I lost a lot of hope for the future of any/all games under a Poxnora IP...cause somehow he can’t take the time to write out:

    52 Races
    18 classes
    8 factions
    X maps

    and then make them all work coherently. Apparently not enough time on their hands...or the concern and commitment towards excellence was never there...It’s more likely the latter was the common modus operandi

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