Darkmarsh Fury stealth nerf

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Saka, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    Hugely disappointed. Darkmarsh fury's damage stacking has now changed to Violent. I see this as a huge nerf. If i have another boghopper melee nearby I'm going to send it upfront to do something instead of spending 60~70 nora just to park it near the fury for the bonus. If i have another ranged 2 squares away from the fury just to get the violent bonus(if i have a tidemaster for example), whatever I'm focusing will die anyway if I have 2 units focusing fire on it. This time I need to dump another 60~70 nora just to have a champ parked beside me to trigger a useless ability.

    First of all I heard of poxnora because of steam launch but I could never play this game even sinking 3 months intermittently because of horrendous inaccessibility. Not until the game died in about December did I come back because my account cumulated about 25k gold from the SOE giveaways was I able to get something going. So I spent 1 month grinding feverenshly to build a basic boghoppers deck, but by the time I was able to grind that out I was already burnt out from playing, there are better games out there. Come back to this relaunch just to find this fury change, really disappointing.

    Now if i want to rebuild a deck I still face the same inaccessibllity problems that caused the old game to die.

    If i want to buy a specific rune, I can't, they are unbuyable. If I want to really trade an arm and a leg for a rune, I'd have to grind X hours for it because it's so expensive. This game right now with the inaccessibility is still the same thing compared to before, except you get to play some pre-made decks that you dont like to play if you dont enjoy it, but you still have new players facing barricades if they want to hunt for specific runes, they STILL need to go through the trade hassle OR spend X hours grinding away, a standard factor that kills all f2p games out there these days.

    Augur's stealth enrfed too and I can't save for an angel of nourishment.

    So i'm done with this game, unless these crippling stealth changes are reverted. I am not ready to spend another 1 month burning out on mindless grinding, just to discover I'm too burned out to play this game. There are way better games out there.

    Like the other thread about the new poor marketing design,I expect flames because of tone of post, I am sorry but I am frustrated and I have no time to put this delicately. Incoming elitist flames about players not deserving to play pox if they dont grind blabla
  2. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    you can forge specific runes, though. which is the same as being able to buy them directly, except better.

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    Almost all of the runes are craft able.

    What runes are you looking for? Perhaps the rune pool can help?
  4. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    You don't seem to understand how OP Fury was before then. Violent isn't even a big nerf. Nobody said you have to keep your a melee unit next to your fury. This means you have to position your units better instead of just keeping fury back and watching him get 20+ damage.

    EDIT: Also everyone was expecting Augur and Fury to get nerfed. They were OP as hell.
  5. TheNidhogg

    TheNidhogg I need me some PIE!

    This nerf was actually supposed to go through roughly a year ago. It was in a patch notes but never actually was reflected in game. If anything you should be happy you got to play with it in this state for longer.

  6. Imba

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    Fury wasn't nerfed hard, he is still highly, highly runnable. That said, before the nerf he was autoinclude x2 in every deck I ever made. Now, I'll have to think about including him over some of the other options in decks that aren't exclusively boghopper.
  7. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    On another news, game is bugged beyond belief.
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  8. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    please look at the cost it takes right now using the market place to forge specific runes, show your calculations, you will see how much gold grinding it takes, I see it as much worse than before.

    Take a budget boghoppers deck, and calculate how many total shards you need from sacrificing and how many packs/boxes you need to buy from the market place in gold, order to forge a specific set. 2 tide masters + 1 slick and buzz = 1000 shards; drown and kartch are another 500. I don't see horn of order on the forge list therefore a new player still has to deal with trading just like before, and still has to grind X weeks to forge a basic custom deck, I see it as a lot worse than before with the same constrictions as the old game and some cheap runes are not buyable. Under the new model calculate how long it takes playing with pre-made decks you may or may not like in order to forge your own deck, this is too long and there are a world of other games out there competing for attention. Too many games these days you spend grinding the game before playing and lose interest or get burned out before you actually have fun.

    Fury if OP by itself in non-BH themes could have been addressed otherwise, I don't see how parking a unit beside fury is 'placing units smarter' except its an arbitrary forcing of playstyle, fury has no other function other than heavy nuker and now you need another body, I dont see triggering violent with the fury as an interesting player choice and I feel like it limits how BH sometimes like to divide & conquer with mini rushes, and a 6 speed 9 base damage fury even with extra attack proc can easily be outdamaged off the bat with a 14 15 damage champ and those arent hard to find these days. If I have to invest another 60~80 nora just to have another body to trigger violent, as I stated in my previous post, if during any point of the game if I have two nukers aiming at the same mob then the fury damage boost don't matter, if I invest another melee body just for the damage boost it just isn't worth it. If I have to slap down another ranged nuker just to 'back up' the fury then why would I run fury to begin with? Violent in this BH theme right now I see it as a 'win more' ability rather than a carry ability. Was boghoppers deck too strong in our previous meta before rework? Was it so broken op it was dominating?

    1) I don't think there should be ANY changes to champs when they are re-launching the game

    2) the re-launch still has accessbility issues the previous game did, so even if I wanted to switch to forging a new deck, goodluck with the grind

    3) The nerf to fury is inappropriate

    4) Once again this is a game advertised under the F2P so elitist flamers should think before posting edit: i wasn't addressing at you newsbuff, i just only quoted you :)

    Thank you.
  9. TheNidhogg

    TheNidhogg I need me some PIE!

    I can see there will be no reasoning with you.

    Darkmarsh Fury's nerf was well deserved and slated to happen a long time ago.
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  10. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    The nerf to fury was needed. I would try to argue with you but you obviously lack experience, therefore it'd be redundant. When Displaced gained Violent, did anyone complain? No because it was needed.
  11. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    The nerf is inappropriate, the timing of the nerf is inappropriate, and the system they promised in which would relieve the old pox's accessibility issue to new players does not work. All of this I have a problem with.

    If fury's damage was way out of control before all they had to do was 1) cap the max damage fury could stack from its ability and/or 2) raise its base damage a bit to compensate or 3) remove damage stacking entirely, up base damage

    boghoppers deck overall was not OP, any of those said nerfs to fury would relieve its OPness if nerfs were necessary at all. Any of those nerfs would not require another champion parked 2 cells away from fury

    As of right now someoe said if you were to shard 1 pack its worth average 52 shards, someone should show some math of expected value of a pack including 5% chance of a LE, the gold cost of a pack, and how much gold a new player must grind before they could legitimately forge a deck of their own if they want to switch decks. Then, compare this gold value/time spent to the old method of saving up for a 150k rune and trade that, how does this compare? Looks pretty much the same model of grind X hours before actual playing, this is pseudo f2p. 5% chance means 20 packs = 1 on average, in which case wouldn't you rather buy a box? Is grinding for a box the expected single best strategy for a new player? And what is the expected farming time for a new player before they are allowed to build their own simple budget deck?
  12. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    1. Is stupid.
    2. Why would they raise it's damage when it still has Violent?

    If you think you have to "park" a champion next to Fury you obviously do not know how to play. SL players seem to work with violent just fine. Quit complaining about a nerf that was much needed. The nerf is inappropriate? Lol that's why 99% of players want it nerfed. Timing inappropriate? How is it bad timing? Poxnora is finally transferred and they role out a balance patch.

    Being a zealot isn't healthy.
  13. TheNidhogg

    TheNidhogg I need me some PIE!

    The timing was poor but unintentional. You are correct. As I continually state, this nerf was initially announced almost a YEAR ago. Is this not getting through to you?
  14. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    1. Why is it stupid? Can you explain why forcing the player to invest in another unit in order to trigger the damage stacking is strictly superior to unconditional damage stacking (with damage cap to avoid it going out of control)? Can you explain why this forced playing is stupid? Is FS is not SL.

    2. I don't get what you mean.

    It's bad timing because they should have relaunched with the new economy system first without nerfs, because now with the new system the old problems still exist and it's still hard to access other runes, still hard to forge an entirely new deck, nothing much changed.

    Reminds me of diablo 3 forums. The zealots might be the players unconditionally defending these new changes when discussions are required?
  15. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    whoa sorry, i guess i didnt browse the old archived forums thoroughly enough and took notes on the metas, since the game was so inaccessible and died guess i deserved that
  16. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    If they cap damage for the ability then they'd be capping damage for all of the runes with Fury, which is a big unnecessary change.

    No discussion is required. Fury was supposed to be nerfed for a year now, just like Nid mentioned. The nerf is justified. If you positioned well it shouldn't even matter.
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  17. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    That's easy, leave the fury ability alone and have another damage cap ability on the fury. edit: example leave the fury ability alone, have Darkmarsh Fury gain an ability that reads: this champion cannot exceed 20 in base damage or whatever.

    The justification of the nerf has nothing to do with the appropriateness of the solution they provided.
  18. soulmilk

    soulmilk I need me some PIE!

    Fury on ranged champion is not okay.
    Violent on ranged champion is okay.
    The Darkmarsh Fury have been in almost all FS BGs for quite a while now because it was too OP.

    By the way, every faction have gotten 2 nerfs for being too good with too little downsides.
  19. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    is Fury on ranged champion with damage cap smoother gameplay than Violent? :) especially in boghoppers

    and fury has 9 base damage
  20. TheNidhogg

    TheNidhogg I need me some PIE!

    Woah sorry people realized it was OP a long time ago and are glad to see the nerf hammer finally come down.

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