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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chuckaboo, Dec 7, 2021.

  1. Chuckaboo

    Chuckaboo The King of Potatoes

    Hello, I've built a deck builder and rune filtering website to help build and share decks a lot easier.

    The website can be accessed at:

    The website may be unresponsive on smaller devices but should work perfectly fine on any screen thats bigger than a tablet.

    If you would like to suggest any feedback on what could be added/improved upon or find any bugs message me on Discord at lĘŚnu#2429 or you can find me in the official poxnora discord.
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  2. noshua

    noshua The King of Potatoes

    Looks nice, ill try it out.
  3. L33Ch

    L33Ch I need me some PIE!

    Great job! Very fast and responsive, no obvious bugs or glitches. One minor QoL improvement - maybe add a 2nd info box with the ability list displayed by default and remove the flip card option.

    If possible in the future, both editing and display of each runes custom ability path would also be nice.
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  4. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    Really nice. Another feedback. Make the deck viewing a bit smaller. It's a little too large.

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