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Discussion in 'Sundered Lands' started by Alan, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Have been playing SL about a week now have an ok grasp on Skeezick, dragon and Kanen but what other decks come out of this faction other than Drak?

    what are the meta decks now?

    what deck should i be working toward? (assuming decks that fit meta are better)
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    For "complete" themes you also have Draksars, Sand, insects, Myx (really fun for new players) and subthemes in all of them (for example Draksars have a Sand subtheme in them.)
    A good way to make unconventional Decks is to find a couple abilities or mechanics you like and build around that instead of building around a Race or Class.

    A common example of the deck building mental process for a unconventional bg:
    At first you realize there is a spell called "Hatching Season" that summons Eggs that over time become Draksars Broodlings, its not particularly good on its own but you like spamming those little time bombs so you decide to make a bg with that so by searching the rune checklist you find there is another spell "Awaken Brood", it hatches Eggs instantly.
    Now you have a quick way to deliver them but you need MoAr so you keep searching ways to create Eggs, you find there are several champs that lay this eggs in the Draksar theme like "Draksar Broodqueen".
    You dig deeper to realize that some non-draksars champs called Myx also lay eggs like "Myx Matriarch" (Myx Drone eggs) and that Awaken Brood hatches those too so you can build around spamming eggs and if you go deeper in tactics you realize that the broodlings are suicide champs so you build around catapulting them into the enemy or making them explode by other means other than their "Sacrifice" ability (check Wyrmpriest).
    Going deeper you realize that you can augment Fire Damage(from the broodlings death novas) and that the hatched "Myx Drones" cover the ground with sand so you go searching and find champs and equips that work with Sand and Fire (Dune Walker, Dunewalker's Mantle, Dragon Skull, etc.). You are in the right track, if you keep doing this and checking synergy between your runes you could find sub-sub themes you can build around in the same bg to have more options in battle and use spells or relics or whatever to make it into a strategy

    The best advice i can give you is to enjoy yourself making decks and forget about power level of the battlegroup because if "fun" is what you are looking for then Versatility >>>> Power

    I personally am a fan of relics/equips and hate spells so i have built several decks for my gamestyle around blocking enemy spells(Tainted Statues and several other runes) that make them so uneffective that 1/3 of the enemy bg becomes almost useless. The bg is built so the runes cover eachothers weakness somehow and everything in my bg is/becomes annoying to deal with if they dont spend a lot of extra Nora in spells or modify their current strategy (Sunderpede for example) so i gain the ability to force the opponent to waste more resources than me and never letting them build the tactics their bgs are strong with, chocking them slowly and giving me the adventage over time.
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