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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Bushido, May 23, 2021.

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    Inserting this deck because a lot of new players don't understand how to play FW .

    I strongly prefer this style to Macca's / Bonegar's personally. It will straight up lose to a few things (for example, i don't think it is as strong as stitched combo, or ff ud, and FS / SP / KF meta can win vs it), but overall you should be able to get some games out of it.

    Theres a few bugs I abuse which makes this deck strong. First is the death harvester bug; it procs off of clones, so aaryo eye and broken bones can provide a lot of nora.

    Second bug I abuse is the flanking (eye of serkan) + reapers blade bug. There is a bug where flanking is proced twice with repapers blade (it's not 100% consistent, but it is very abusable). This allows a sub part equipmennt like reapers blade to become strong.

    This deck has become much stronger with oblivion hex; use the spell frequently whenever you have 20 nora available that you wont need next turn, and then, plan to kill those units once the effect wears off (and you net 10 nora) with eternal lich + rite of regen / throw bones combo, or xulous dark favor.

    I use 1x augment creation in this deck; since most of the damage comes from reapers blade eye of serkan + soul vitality, and summoning an extra skeleton can be nice occasionally. I run death harvester at 53, and bone slaves with stun + phstical death nova. Utterdark tendril with hex.

    The easiest rune to get rid of is Moragan. You don't need her, i just use her for style mostly. Great exchanges for morg are skeletal excavator with punishing or blockade, skeletal bezerker at 29 nora, or bloodbinder count with commander and blood bind. You can also run some more utility such as Elsari Night, Altar of Scarfice, Statue of Xulous (mainly for preordianed bugged rune draw), death guard, grim well, cull the weak, lich king,

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  2. Bushido

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    I swapped morg for gravewatcher btw. He is decent defensively and counts towards flanking.

    Also great for resetting eternal lich / xulous cd. Reanimate always good with death harvester.
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    It just doesn't seem efficent. Does demoralizing decent 4 give -8 damage or -2? Body jumper seems very weak as well. If I wanted POSSESS I'd probably run dark enchantress, or the common 59 haunting spirit thing, or the spell. But honestly I usually just run doom and shank, as they seem to do the same thing but better.

    I also have no room for niche picks, its incredibly compact deck as it is; I took out soul bane for obelus for example. The key power to this deck is oblivion hex, dark favor, and grace of dead. I run Phoenix with grace of dead, and throw bones on him right away to proc the 12+6+4 heal, it's very efficent. Healing is overpowered. I actually have another version of this deck with graveyard removed and a second throw bones added in.
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