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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Senshu, Jun 14, 2016.

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    No xbox one kinda stinks but I could see how that would make things a lot more complex and more work. Won't be buying anything from Sony though, so I guess back to the computer for me to play pox.

    @Sokolov Have you thought about putting it on Xbox at all or will this be exclusive for PlayStation ?

    Buff slags
  3. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    There are always possibilities in the future, but right now we are focusing on PlayStation due to several reasons, one of which being their excellent 3rd party Dev support.
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  4. Goett

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    Can your servers handle the floodgates?
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  5. Senshu

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    Pox in regard to server infrastructure was designed to handle thousands of players, but as things grow closer we will review are back-end. But even if it were to hit max load capacity there are contingency options already in place.
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    Sorry for necro-ing this thread a tad but I am late to the discussion. This is some pretty sweet news. I am personally excited about the new client which will hopefully allow bugs be be more quickly addressed. I realize I am not a marketing manager or anything, but please, for the love, give these PS players (and any new people that come in) the option for a ONE TIME purchase that is fairly cheap and awards them with a bundle of runes (such as a faction bundle that guarantees a leg i.e.) and give them a sale that will entice them to buy even more. You guys are doing great but the Steam people never got this as far as I know and we didn't retain hardly any of them.
    Kudos and grats....nice work!
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  7. badgerale

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    I don't know if this is the right answer but there definitely does need to be a change in the way a new player gets their first deck . It is ridiculous for a newbie to be expected to build a 30 rune deck (with all sorts of rules as to what can be used in it) from scratch.

    I've always felt that on completing each of the faction tutorials a free fully modifiable and tradable deck should be awarded. The player then has a good base where they can add the new runes they acquire.

    It's also worth bearing in mind that while this game will attract TCG players who should have a grasp on deck building, it also attracts players coming from the strategy side who may not.
  8. super71

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    Alot of good points besides the whole tradable deck thing. What they should do is allow players to test the premade theme decks and then allow them to pick one and keep it and upgrade however but not allow it to be tradable.

    Too many alt and bug abusers to make free decks ever be a thing.
  9. Bondman007

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    My idea is semi-seperated from the F2P model though. I am referring to the people who want to pay for runes (giving the company $) and who want to get into the game a little more fast paced than free decks or grinding.
    For instance: New player comes in. Plays around with the game. Likes it. Decides that Ironfist is a faction they like. So presto...they go to the store and there is a one time purchase for $5 for X number of runes including a legendary rune from a faction you pick (selectable faction slider). That gives them x number of runes for only their faction (perhaps from all runes available or even from just a the three newest expansions, or perhaps just core w/e) but it certainly gives them something to start with. At any rate, my entire point is that if there are no sales, bundles, one time purchases, etc to give them then most will be discouraged and leave because this game is very difficult to get into. Heck, have a bundle for each faction that gives 1x each of every rune in a faction (while pricey would be something worth buying). When our Steam people came there was....nothing (SOE Steam fail and DOG). When PS comes, have SOMETHING to make getting runes a tad easier and perhaps fairly dollar efficient (i.e. say 15 rune packs for $3 for a limited time). Again, I want the company to make $'s as well as give new players more runes for their bucks to get them started. And if people want to alt to take advantage of these sales....so be it. More $'s for Owls.
  10. badgerale

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    Mah, the free deck doesn't need to be high value cards. I doubt many people would go to the trouble just for a few rares.
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    Haven't posted in an eon or so, but this news has me quite excited. I'd like to play Poxnora but using the computer takes too much effort. You'll be seeing me on there once this is released. Do you guys have any plans on making PSN Trophies for the game?
  12. Karmavore


    Yes it would..
  13. Ralphen

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    I necro this thread just for one unresolved question.

    Reading the docs for Unity 3D, I stumble upon the option to build the code to have a Linux Executable. So, will the Linux client come back?
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  14. FurionEvul

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    @Senshu Could you post any news? How is the work progress? When is the deadline?
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  15. Senshu

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    We will make announcements when the project is further along, and unfortunately we can not reveal any business information regarding the project such as deadlines at this point in time.
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    this might have been asked but will we have to make new accounts or will my pc cards be on the ps4 and vita
  17. fangs13

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    learn your old school codes that's more long the lines as contras code from the old days of nes but would be A , B , START
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    so the name is Arthur, the pally obsession makes sense now. ;]
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  19. Dreadloche

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    This is great news because the lagging game engine has always been my number one issue wih Pox.

    Im still concerned, However, because Unity is notorious for lagging. Although this is only a 2D game so hopefully it will run a lot smoother.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Sok can we get a new UI update

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