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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Senshu, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. kalasle

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    Finally, faces to names for those maps.
  2. tazmanpres

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    @Sokolov I've been a long time player of PoxNora (Since Octopii) and never really had much to say on the threads. But this morning i woke up with a idea that i just had to throw in the pot. I was thinking that Desert Owl should throw in a guardian system to help teach new players and reward both new players and their guardians granting new players with enough runes to play decently competitively and another set of rewards to entice experienced players to be willing to one on one teach new players. Maybe being rewarded by advancing ranks or levels. This would give a helping hand to new players and giving them enough experience to have fun playing the game.
  3. Sokolov

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    Thanks for the comment. It is definitely something on our list of "want to do"s.
  4. bambino

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    yea yea...
    anyway,, more pics please :)
    /rubbing my hands together while drooling
  5. Oregreen

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    Will the trading system by changed when the game comes to psn? As in , should we get all of the trading out of our system before the changes?
  6. Gaedel

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    Love all the screenshots! I have my PS4 waiting! Also have XBox1, PS3, Wii, Nintendo 64 and Atari 26oo in case you wanted to build for those too. :p Wish I still had my Commodore 64, though. Now that was a classic! :cool:
  7. Sokolov

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    Shortcuts for activated abilities.
  8. SireofSuns

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    What map is that? It looks like the Ironfist Pass map, but there's no standing stones around the font...
    Also, I notice that there's no faint line around the squares that the champions are occupying (they're there in the pc version), I know it's not a HUGE thing though, just being nit-picky and interested. :)

    Glad to see that things are progressing, good job to you guys.
  9. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    There are currently no plans to alter the way existing trading works. But there might be down the line.
  10. TeaNinja

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    I hope every spell that is used in the combat log has a pop-up to the actual spell. I thought all spells had this feature, but I just noticed Divinity's Touch just says "X champ has been touched by divine powers", with no hoverable pop-up. Hope it's consistent in the new client.
  11. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    That has to be fixed on a case by case basis, unfortunately. I will note that for Divinity's Touch that it doesn't have it.

    Ideally, we get the visual combat log in there after the initial launch of the client - that'd be way better than dealing with these text strings.
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  12. bambino

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    are you still planning to include the vita as part of the rollout for new client and ps4?
    same day?
  13. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    No, it won't be the same day. There are a lot of additional challenges to getting it out on the VITA. Most notably technical ones relating to system memory.
  14. Orubus

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    Maybe re releasing It as poxnora legends would have a positive effect. It is after all a whole new client.
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  15. bambino

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    some kind of rebrand wouldnt be the worst idea,,, I like it..
  16. Garuda51

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    Because some people are actually looking forward to playing this with a PS4 controller? I mean isn't it just a trick to draw casuals into the game? I thought playing with a controller would be 10x harder. Playing some BGs with many units, like skeletons, is already a sport of its own; can't imagine without a mouse and keyboard
  17. Jon

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    This has seriously got to happen for linux and there is likely a HUGE untapped fanbase here. Pox Nora would appeal to players using that OS for exactly the same reason they use linux (i.e. they're likely hardcore technical "nerds" like me and the high learning curve is appealing). Actually, I'm somewhat surprised this game didn't come out for linux first before windows and OSX.

    You could likely double our current active playerbase by putting it on Linux and making it available through the software center. Seriously, this has got to happen (yesterday)!
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  18. Excalibur95

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    not many linux users, maybe more will come after steam finishes their o/s and the number of compatible linux games grow.

    but mobile, android and ios that would be awesome if you could port to them. similar issues but heck of an untapped playerbase.
  19. Oregreen

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    A controller can move just as quickly as a mouse, high sensitivity and free motion would allow for easy movement. I play both pc and ps4 a lot, I understand that in first person pc gets an advantage but that is about as far as the pc PS4 controller goes.
  20. bambino

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