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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Senshu, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. NevrGonaGivUup

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    They might still have access to the website version of the trader. They could use poxbox from there.
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    You have too many runes. :(
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    Wut... Teh ehk Is going OHN?!?

    Also if no Microphone Capabilities... You are already slacking.. we gotta talk smack yo. Plz include mute tho.
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    Damn Daniel!

    If any of you know DMR's real name and the meme from youtube. you will laugh.(and give me a like)
  5. Elves Rule

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    Are there actually 2 different hidden spells that cost the same nora, are both good enough to be run, and are conceivable to be used in a situation?
    If else every hidden spell is going to be as obvious as when IS is going to use RD.
  6. Senshu

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    Twitch Streaming on the consoles is done on the console's operating system. Hypothetically it should work on any game without any actual developer support. Because of this feature on the PS4 we shouldn't need to do anything. With that said, we can not at this point guarantee it will be supported just because it is a feature we need to explore further. We do find the value of streaming and just moving to Unity will make it easier for all players to stream.
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    Asking for a like? If only there were a dislike button.
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    Gimme a like.
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    OHGOD i realized a major flaw, PS4 players wont be able to /saxy
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  10. Senshu

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    :eek: We must come up with a solution!
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  11. Kampel

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    A dedicated button from the controller just for /saxy

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  12. Senshu

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    Why not a code like Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X, Start
  13. Kampel

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    Fatality style, i like it
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  14. Hiyashi

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    I think a more "traditional" way to end the turn would be pressing START -> X. Start would be opening a little submenu where "End Turn" would be the default with some other options available... "Turn on/off Grid", "Set those useless field marks", "whatever", "Game Options"...
    I don't really like the way the shoulder and face buttons are used. I'd want to press a shoulder button down for another popup menu to appear. That would have the ability Icons or names listed with the corresponding buttons I have to press to activate them. For example pressing down R1 would popup a menu with "Frost Cone (X), Leap (O)". Releasing R1 would close that menu. Pressing R1 + O would activate Leap. I think that would be a cleaner and prettier way to activate abilities. Especially for the cases where more than 3 abilities are available.
    Cycling enemies/friends could be done with "triggerbuttons" as well. L1+D-PadLeft/Right can cycle enemies. L2+D-PadLeft/Right can cycle friends.
    Having more Shoulder+Something combinations would allow you to pack a lot more functions onto the controller while also freeing up the right analog stick. Basically I'm not even sure what it is supposed to do right now but using the right analog stick for anything other than camera movement (map panning) would feel awkward to me... though I guess there won't be much map that has to be panned on the big screen, huh?
  15. Sokolov

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    Re: Start Button to end turn.

    Unfortunately, there is no Start button. There is Options (which is already slated as a dual function for the Rune Details view as well as showing a button for Options). And we are considering allowing End Turn from that menu.


    The other aspects of the current frontrunner approach has the following goals in mind:
    • minimize the number of button presses to achieve the most common actions
      • we identified the most common actions being movement of champions, selecting of abilities (particularly basics) and targeting of units, thus:
        • X defaults to Move Champion
        • and the other Face buttons defaults to the first 3 abilities for the selected unit
        • and the trigger buttons allow for rapid cycling of targets in range of what you are doing
    • minimize the number of pop-ups and submenus
    • avoid using button combinations
    • maintain consistency where possible
      • such as with X being the most likely action in a given scenario
      • and O to cancel
      • and D-Pad to select things depending on the mode
    Right-Analog stick currently shifts you between the different modes for the game:
    • Up switches to Runedock Mode
    • Down switches to Abilities Mode (which lets you hover over each ability or select an ability not in the first 3 slots)
    • Left switches to the Global Effects Menu (which lets you over each item in the list)
    • Right switches to the Communications Panel (only in 2v2)
    Left-Analog is being used for fast map movement in 8-D, while D-Pad is for more precise map movement on a per tile basis in 4-D.

    We expect a typical turn to consist of L1/R1 and D-Pad to select friendly units for actions, using the Face buttons to activate abilities as needed, and using L2/R2 to target enemies as needed. When the player wants to play a Rune, they would hit R-Up to switch to the Runedock, and use D-Pad and X button to select a rune for deployment as well as target and confirm a location for the rune.

    But yea, we are definitely trying out various schemes and see what feels good, but so far, this feels the best and lets us do the most with the least buttons.

    I would like to clarify something though in your suggestion though, if R1+O activates an ability, what does O do without R1? And why do you think this is better than simply hitting O to activate the ability in the first place?
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  16. themacca

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    are you doing anything with the touchpad. in games like bloodborne pressing in the left side of the touchpad has had a different function to pressing in the right side of the touchpad. so that could open up 2 controls for you
  17. Boozha

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    At any rate, make it rebindable. Not everyone will like your scheme, no matter what kind of scheme you take.
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  18. Hiyashi

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    Sorry, in my days the thing was called START.... guess I'm getting old. \^^/

    I don't know what the O button by itself would do. Though I'm sure you'll find a use for it as the game keeps expanding.
    I think the main benefits would be that you'd be able to combine R1 (or any other shoulder button) with any face button to activate something. You could easily map 8 abilities with R1+ combinations if you include the d-pad into the mix. In my opinion pressing a shoulder button together with a face button is an easy game interaction. Meanwhile having shortcuts for only three abilities on champions that have more than three abilities would feel very clunky. I know it doesn't happen /that/ often anymore these days. But if you want to combine some spells, abilities or just look at very support heavy champions I'm sure you'll find enough cases to warrant having access to more than three shortcut buttons.
    Also I think pressing a button and seeing the combination you have to press to activate something, assuming that you actually program a little pop-up menu like that into the game would be "cool", "modern" and easy.

    (If you really find nothing better for the possibly free face buttons you could use them to switch between modes... using an analog stick would be awkward for me. )
    (I'm not sure if that is actually a point, but not being able to accidentally waste an ability by pressing the wrong button could be a plus?)
    [In all honesty, if you want to be the best developer ever you should make the mapping customizable with the option to assign actions to "combo keys".. R1+ whatever, D-Pad-Up+ whatever, STARTOPTIONS+ whatever. Would be awesome.]
  19. bambino

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    I was thinking the keys were already gonna be re-bindable...if not, I smell trouble.
  20. Willow

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    I didnt go through all the msgs so forgive me if im repeating this question but no xbox one?

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