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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Baskitkase, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Baskitkase

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    Anyone trying this game out? I really like it. Some similarities with Pox, though not many. Still really fun.
  2. aseryen

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    Havent played it but I like what theyre doing as well, I see it as an iteration on Clash of Clans/Minion Masters.

    I have a game loop that implements a similar game mode but is more tied to the main game so that similar to the old Pox runes, you may have custom loadouts. I like the pacing of Auto Chess though, definitely want to keep that but develop it further into a narrative.
  3. MovnTarget

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    I've been playing it a bit. It's moderately entertaining but has been unable to hold my interest for long before I get bored and move onto something else for a time.
  4. aseryen

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    The game still seems to be in early form; I would imagine that AutoChess is proof of concept and that shortly (3-5years) another iteration will be released by the creators or another development team. Seems like the main loop and the pacing they've found is a solid one that can get dropped in fairly seamlessly into several other genres. Even a 3-5 year projection seems too long for the pacing of the game in general. I've watched a few streams and the thought process going on with some of the streamers is similar to that of most rpgs, I can't tell if this was an intention or just a default when commentating.

    All that being said, whether or not AutoChess becomes a main loop in PoxNora is part of the large hierarchy of systems I have placed in. I'd enjoy Autochess here and there too but I think most of the appeal is the cathartic action of arranging pieces on a board. This is more of a perspective discussion for me being, "should the pacing of said perspective be accessible here or there, and what can enter the game space from these points"
  5. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    Would you say there are systems available to try and keep your attention but they are missing their mark, or is it that whatever the case may be the game as a whole cannot hold your interest? Any specific feature that consistently decreases your playtime & appeal, and if that's the case do you avoid that feature/is an option for another 'playstyle' there?

    Using League of Legends as an example: Other than playing a new champion for replayability, would you be inclined to play 3v3/5v5/Dominion/ARAM - or other game modes to try and peak your interest in the same gaming session. Same question for when returning to the game after days or weeks.
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    Holy Bane Shift, PoxNora auto chess make it Firking happen

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